It packs some good features. Good quality features for an affordable price, the source target for the the mid range market and comes in about just under 300.. So um. Is it a good phone to buy? Is it worth the hype were going to be checking out that now shortly so lets dive straight into the unboxing experience? Okay, so um yeah, the unboxing, basically is straightforward – were gon na go go into that now? This is the six gigabyte 128 gigs of onboard storage, which i received and its onyx clay variant, which we saw earlier um, but yeah. This does cost under 300 dollars. You can get it on special um. The result costs maybe 279. It all depends. Okay, so um stay in the box. What youll notice that youll be seeing a sim ejector tool? Okay and youll also be receiving your user manuals. Your quick start guides just an overall view how to to use the phone and stuff like it in the software. Then you get your transparent silicon case, which is always nice to have a nice 3b flexible one extra protection and on the phone you do get your the display of the specifications at the bottom of the box. You do get your type c cable and your 33 watt charger um. The 33 watt charger has a nice red essent in the chart. There we go in the charge itself, so yeah charges quite reasonably fast and on the phone itself it is onyx clay and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

It has a nice shimmery effect to it. It has a glossy effect and it shines different, its very, very unique in that perspective, so now diving into the screen, which is a six point, six seven inch hundred and twentieths amoled um display, which is quite vibrant and very very bright at the bottom. You get your usb c port, your bottom firing speaker there as well, okay and then also on the side of the phone um. You hit your power button and your fingerprint scenes, and one and your volume rockers up and down there as well. On top of your firing speaker there as well, and your headphone jack and um yeah overall, its a nice screen, um, nice and bright and well just go into the display just to see if its been set to 120 hertz and as you can see there, you Can adjust 60 hertz or 120 hours all depends on your preference for battery life? Okay. So now we come to the camera department. This is megapixel main hm2 lens um, so this has quite a premium flagship camera sensor built in this phone, so lets just check up the selfie camera as well. The 16 megapixel selfie camera and you can see the exposure. The details, everything looks great um. You can zoom in there. You can see enough detail this sharpen um sections here and there so overall, from my opinion, good looking picture, let me know what you guys think about that, though um and then we go on to the main camera were gon na.

Go to the pro section and then were gon na click on the 108 megapixel um sensor there and were going to take this little grape ornament just to see how good it actually takes photos of and were just going to snap. That lets just see how that came out and, as you can see quite an impressive looking photo, i must add very very much detailed. It got all the light. Colors uh the background blur. Even if you zoom in i mean you can see ill zoom in a bit more, you can see quite substantial amount of details there as well, so overall im very impressed with the comes to the camera department. Okay, so lets just take. Another picture lets just focus on this little boy, or, should i say, a medium sized wall. Um theres a two times lens there, so were just gon na take a picture of that and lets just make that a bit bigger to see how the details and the overall pictures looking yeah, not bad, hey, look overall, the details of the sharpen display is there Um contrast could have been a bit better, but its a very looking very good, looking camera, so it comes to gaming. This is where you all would like to know how this phone performs. This is a snapdragon 732 chip and um some of the doji job, and i can tell you it plays games quite well. Um. You can set the settings at very high.

I didnt notice any frame skips it plays smoothly. I actually enjoyed this game while i played it to be honest, um, so its very, very nice experience. Graphics are looking good, theres lots of responsiveness, but overall i enjoyed this game graphics. Looking quite awesome here and theres no flame skips. I never experienced any issues with flame skips so overall, very happy with gameplay when it comes to battery life. This has a 5020 battery level, 33 watt fast charging. So um you have a very good battery. It will last you more than a day, so you have sufficient battery life and also the amoled screen just for power efficiency as well. When it comes to display, like i said before, its 120 hertz amoled, hdr, 10 plus display and as you can see its quite crisp and vibrant and the exposure is quite well balanced, so um even the contrast, everything is just very good on this display redmi isnt, Cheap out on this display, because this is a very, very good display, im overall, very very happy – you will watch movies very clearly, um sharpened images and overall, the good theyll be very good experience watching this um the display. So no issues here and well done read me on this. So overall um. What can i say about this phone? To be honest, um look im quite happy with regards to this phone um. The video quality is 4k 30 frames per second. So i wish and then we could have added uh 60 frames per second 4k video recording on you would have been much more nicer to be honest, but overall the screen is very responsive.

The software is quite good. Um camera department is very, very nice as well. Brightness levels is great uh battery life is great, and i can clearly see now why this phone has been selling so well to be honest, so yeah, just because um yeah i like video quality uh to be good, so it is quite good. On the 4k 30 frames per second but ill show the show you that now shortly, but overall, my experience on the phone very, very good, well priced has a great screen battery life, camera and also gaming performance as well. I wish it had 5g, but unfortunately, you cant get everything in a phone, but um yeah, xiaomi did and readme did a very, very good job on this one. Let me show you the video and you go to settings and you can see the 4k so its 4k 30 frames per second, but overall good looking phone. Let me know what you guys think of this phone and would you buy it um? Would i buy it? Yeah, i will for the price its definitely worth it for a mid range phone thanks.