I know its been a while, since i last featured an oppo smartphone, it was actually the reno series and yup this time, its from their a series and the toy on kanelang bagong, mid range device, which is the oppo a 95. before anything else is setting expectations. 6.43, inches of full hd plus amoled display 48 megapixels, three polarity cameras gigaframe with five gig of extended ram, so with all those specs. Actually, this oppo a95 retails for 15 999 that you are actually planning on buying one. They are having their joyful oppo sale. This upcoming, of course, december actually december 9, were in among freebies and discounts if you will be buying an oppo smartphone that is worth 9500 pesos and above, which includes a tongan topic. Nangating video, which is the oppo a95 happen if worthy shows oppression yeah. But for now lets do a very quick unboxing. The box is very straight to the point again merengue color blue, the packaging, which is what we usually get from the a series lets remove the sleeve and, of course, merpatang is unboxed at neither man, marantayan smaller box, of course inside this is the jelly keys and You adding paper works. This is how the jelly case looks like for reference its your typical, clear jelly case, underneath that is, of course, of course, power, brick cha and its not that heavy in a man for a 33 watt, fast charging power, brick usb type c, not charging keyboard its.

This one flashy colors available in this colorway, this one i and actually, but this one is called the glowing starry black, actually young black guys, its quite similar dont, say black nagatang or perino phones, but then voila glitter effect its actually maro, no guys. But right now i like it its matte black, its very clean and young canyon. Gold, opal dont you lower right, is actually a very nice touch. If i were to describe young design oppo a95, guys its on the simple side, its not complicated its. Definitely what youd expect on the midrange device from oppo and major reminiscent shadow, also opporino 6 zena. So, yes, it has a matte finish: numeron, sparkly, Music, so again design wise its very simple. But then again, why make it complicated its not too protruding, which is good and okay? And i have no problem at it at all anyway guys but on the right side, um power button and then on the left, nitin, canyon, sim, 3 and then of course, expand the button via macro sd card and then say young volume, rockers and below. Of course, me headphone jack foreign, usb type c port and the speaker grille. What i like about the oppo a95 is your placement. Now volume rockers, i like it guys because instead of you know placing it on the right side and isa padito, they are two separate buttons and not one long bar now, usually the nakakita net and some mid range to budget devices design wise overall guys, its indeed A really solid device and its not too heavy, then considering the 5 000 milliamp hour yunkanyan battery capacity Music display actually guys some may find it disappointing.

Some naman may not find it disappointing and actually appreciate it. Meijos objective young display nothing, but yes to be exact. That 6.43 inches full hd plus amoled display jung, merenti oppo, a 95 and guys scratch resistant glass, nothing at all, which is why como papa senor kanina guys when we discuss side mounted fingerprint sensor, casing and display fingerprint sensor, young ibn against, which is kind of surprising. For me, most of the time, although im letting display in the bini bay satin among devices fingerprint sensor on the side – and you know offering brands paranorman its fast and consistent most of the time when it comes to the placement balance Music regardless. If you guys are a fan of amulet display appreciate it renders 480 nits nah brightness guys among a normal condition long, and this can go up to 800 nits. So there are four guys even outdoors: okay, oppo a95. If you are obsessed when it comes to watching videos, smartphones, viewing experience is very good. That has 1080p resolution and of course, the super amoled display even 20 by 9 aspect ratio. It can really provide you a great viewing experience, unfortunately high refresh rate, so it stays at 60 hertz all the time experiencing accounting problems when it comes to motion blur and playing high end games refresh rate before camera at 2 megapixels depth sensor, and then, lastly, guys You can young selfie camera. Man has 16 megapixels before we talk about the sample photos, lets go muna and camera application, so opening the camera app.

Of course, we have your usual one times, two times and five times: camera toggles and then second and detonated padding access, ai, beautification and sakaliwan, and we also have the ability to shoot night mode photos support rate mode. We have different filters like film, black and white tokyo and more and, of course, some more menu. We have your usual slo mo time lapse, pro expert extra hd mode panorama, text, scanner, macro mode and young canyon sticker. The photos turned out: okay, magandang quality, guys the hell again, 48 megapixel main camera. If we were to compare it to smartphones number one 15 megapixels direct 48 megapixels, i think oppo, a95 and theres no need now to access it or click it manually. What i didnt like lang guys is young lack of ultra wide camera shampoo case. We have to consider the price point and young cameras useful for everyday task. Hi guys. I think i think sample video footage from the front camera of the oppo e95 and again we are shooting in 1080p resolution so for okay, but its probably because i have so many lights that nakaturin on right now, but so far its looking good and the yin Galang, its not the most stabilized, the video footage, but again if we were to look at yunkan and pinaka main camera and 48 megapixels quality, although as sharp as youd expect compared to other phones, especially if we zoom in Music but on the brighter side.

Young oppo. A95 demand now provena manana worthich when it comes to internal features. What i mean by this is a phone that is because of its security issue. Android 11 os responsive then on performance, guys that helps customized interface now caller os 11.1. So yes experience the issue when it comes to opening multiple browsers and doing multitasking simultaneously, and kaliningrad is an 8 gig of ram and 128 gig of internal storage, guys enough sha for heavier usage. Considering ram expansion, oppo e95 performance side of things tamangas, i have to say hindisha young people and guys it is still using the qualcomm snapdragon 662, which is again nasa nanga, tainan 2021 and papas 2022.. So guys at this point measurement. But then again we cannot always depend. Of course you also have to have an efficient chipset parameter fully utilized. So when it comes to gaming, guys made sonic struggles impact Music, but on the brighter side, kumejo important is battery capacity and charging speed when it comes to buying smartphones, automatically good news, naman meron, shank, 5 000 milliamp hour of battery capacity, which lasted minaman guys for 13 hours and isapaki pablo naman charging oppo a95 up to 33 watt of charging speed, which only took 70 minutes to charge from 15 to 100. So, yes, when it comes to the battery life, the oppo a95 guys can last you for the whole day, static, wise, good, looking oppo a95 again, just like what i mentioned kanyes a first partner, nothing video! Then it can be something worth considering the man anyway.

Let me know guys, then, about the oppo a95 sort of wrap it up again, higher refresh rate smartphone display and, of course, design. This is something you might want to consider, but again alternatives market.