Again there are almost two completely different phones, so what kind of phone is the real me? Tt neo2t lets take a look, although its called neo2t, but the design is completely different from neo2. Instead of the new design of neo2, the lens module in the upper left corner is back to the usual normal square design of the previous gt series. That makes it look almost identical to the other realme gt series. Phones, the functionality of the real realm is still as good as ever. The headphone jack dual stereo speakers and nfc are fully equipped. Even the glass back panel has been made to weigh 186 grams. I can understand that the neo2t is limited by cos, so perhaps not very attractive in appearance, but it gives you all the features you need and thats enough for a phone at this price point. The gt neo2t has a smaller screen than the neo2 6.43 inches fhd plus resolution 120hz refreshing rate and tight sampling rate of 200 360 hertz. There will be a rainbow line when viewing it from the side and the fingerprint recognition is located slightly downwards, like the design of the phone, the screen has been used on many previous models of the gt series. Colors have been very vibrant and was bringing no problem. My thought on this one is the same. The gt neo2t screen is worth its price. Most of the cost of gt neo2t is spent on this dimensi 1200 ai processor.

The name also tells you that this is an ai, enhanced version of dimension, and it will be stronger in terms of ai processing performance. The memory chip is ufc 3.1, which is very rare in low end phones, its much faster than the ufc 2.2, using the same price range and in terms of data reading and writing. Antutu bench score is so high 3d mark geekbench, and there are the all. These scores are very impressive. The gaming performance of gt neo2t is still very satisfying. The frame rate fluctuation is very small, except for pubg, where extreme frame rate can only be selected under smooth graphics, which is a bit consumed confusing even in heavy load games like ganshin impact. The gaming experience is very good, with an average of 53 frames per second bright rage is frame rate locked at 36 frames per second, so we couldnt get how top performance in non optimized games. But what is certain is that the gt neo2t performs very well in gaming, whether its frame locked or not its one of the best in its price range. The three lenses on the gt – neo 2t – are a 64 megapixel main camera and 8 megapixel low drive, light camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera ramis colors are as bright as before, with colors that are on the warmer side. The sharpening algorithm is also the same as the previous model. Sometimes it doesnt look natural enough, but at night, even though the main camera sensor size is not large, it still performs pretty well in dark environments and the image does not become blurry, but the ultra wide camera is very average.

Although the color performance during the day is similar to that of the main camera at night, its not that good with the night mode off, there is more noise and the image looks hazy with the night mode on. There is a lot of improvements, but the sharpening trace is very obvious. The macro is the same as usual: it works but not very necessary. In general, the color is more pleasing to the eye as long as you do not zoom in for a closer look, sending the photos to instagram, twitter and other social platforms are perfectly fine. Video main camera supports up to 4k 60 frames per second ultraviolet. Camera supports up to 1080p 30 frames per second, but in normal mode, shooting 1080p 30 frames per second with ultraviolet camera. Doesnt have any image stabilization and in ultra steady max mode, it crops out a lot of scenes from the video. So there is no point using the ultra wide lens to shoot videos. The speakers performance in the neo2t is a little bit behind in the o2. It can still get very loud and the sound quality is pretty acceptable. As long as you dont play anything serious, it works just fine and it can be very loud, very clear, Music Applause, Music, yeah. Everybody knows that im breaking down. Everybody knows i aint faking. Now everybody knows my hearts breaking now yeah. She hates me easier to break it off as friends. I dont really understand myself.

I dont really understand Music im, all right, its so cold, outside okay, Applause, Applause, Applause, Music, the gt neo2t comes with the charger in the box. It supports a maximum charging speed of 65 watts. Five minutes of charging can up to 16 15 minutes to 53 and 32 minutes to fill 20 minutes of pubg playing only cost five percent gangshin impact, twelve percent price range, eleven percent. The battery life performance is considered. Pretty average after spending some time with it, although the gt neo2t and its big brother gt neo2 has completely different specs. The core experience is the same: a great performance release, while making sure other aspects are qualified. They both have a powerful chip. That makes sure you can fully enjoy your games while not being held back in daily use, because the rest of the hardware is lagging behind its a good phone, especially for users who demand actual performance. Well. Thats.