They also have it for the 12 pro max and a variety of other cell phones. As you can see here, uh, it is 9 h hardness that is basically uh when you put a pencil into something before it. Cracks is nine times um theres shadow resistant, uh, nano coating on it ultra thin and uh anti scratches states so were gon na have to check this out im gon na post down a link in the description down below. If you like to purchase this item, i purchased a very cheap from amazon, and basically this is what it comes with. It has this little pouch that comes with a wet wipe, looks like a glide sticker and um. A dust observer used to clear the dust on the screen: okay and uh. These are the it comes in a two pack, so one of the packs im gon na hold it take it out for you. I know if you guys can tell, but this is a privacy screen, one that i got for the front and, of course the back is just a regular piece and pretty sturdy pretty flexible. This is the edges that come with it. So what im going to do is im going to first clean the iphone place, the uh, basically the privacy screen, as you can see right here, if you can change the light, it basically darkens it. So this is the way the angle works out. So, quite quite nice uh were going to go ahead and test that out and clean this up and see where it goes.

So, as you can see here, i have one basically one piece of lint or dust on it, but the phone itself is very clean. I cleaned it with this wet wipe and im going to apply this screen protector to this, so i just went ahead and installed it. The only issue is with this, as you can see on the edge of it. It is uh, not cracked, but um basically looks like the quality of it is kind of chipped away. I dont know what had happened to it um but, as you could see, it definitely caused that and looks like there is also a scratch or or some kind of indentation of the the plastic or whatnot right there. So kind of surprised about that im gon na have to check around it uh. But another thing is: it does not fully uh cover the screen itself, um edge to edge, and that might primarily be to uh due to the. If you have a case iphone case or protector, uh, thats prob thats, probably the primary reason why it doesnt go all the way to the edge uh, but with this one it comes with the back protector. So if somebody wants to use the iphone without a case, they they you most likely use it uh with this and its the front so kind of surprised on that theres also, some mini scratches, as i dont know, if you guys can see in the film right There a lot of mini scratches.

Let me see if i can build to zoom out here and then zoom back in so you guys can see but um yeah. It was its been its kind of interesting that to see this product uh be like that when, when first purchasing it so im, not too keen on the product itself, um, the cost was great youre looking at about six dollars, seven dollars depending on the cost, but The quality is, is uh, probably not the best im for sure compared to other competitors out there. So with that said, im going to leave it, as is, if you guys, are interested to purchase this, i will post a link down below but uh. If you guys, i think, is maybe the cost of it is a little bit too high uh feel free to not purchase it, but overall im pretty happy with the product. I dont think its a bad product and um hopefully well see how things go moving forward.