If you are a vlogger or someone who is involved in a similar kind of profession, then you need a few basic things to get you going. Among other things, you will be needing an audio recording device to point towards the source of sound meaning. You need a good quality broadcast great variable microphone, thats easy to carry around and even hide away when capturing the sounds, while concentrating on the main topic of discussion itself without getting distracted. One such microphone is the rode smartlav plus lavalier microphone, and we will be providing a long term review of it in this video disclaimer alert. We bought this microphone with our own money and was not sent to us for review by rode. We have used this same microphone to record the entire audio that you are able to hear. None of the audio has been edited in any way. Also in this video we will be testing this microphone both indoors and outdoors. We will keep a fan and the air conditioning on during the entire recording so that you can have a fair idea of the ambient noises in the background before we begin. If you are new here, then please do consider, subscribing to the channel and sharing this video with someone whos looking for a new broadcast, great wearable microphone or a replacement for a better one. Having said that, lets get started with the long term review of the rode, smartlav plus lavalier microphone, Music, the rode smartlav plus level ear microphone is a broadcast quality professional grade, wearable lavalier microphone, a lavalier mic or a lav mic is a small microphone used for television.

Theater and public speaking applications in order to allow for hands free operation and can be clipped or taped to your collar neck or body. It has a high quality omnidirectional condenser capsule, a condenser capsule, delivers the rich, detailed audio that you typically find in studio recordings. The omni directional pattern allows you to capture sound from all directions of the microphone and does not reject any sound on any side. As of today, it is available in india at a price of rupees 5799. However, we had purchased this one two years ago, in the month of april for rupees 5499 link for the mic is in the description. If you would like to check out the latest price straight out of the box, we get the smart left plus microphone a windshield and durable mounting clip a wire, strap an owners manual and a leather pouch to keep it all in. This mic can be connected to a smartphone, a laptop, a dslr or even a dedicated audio recorder like the zoom h1 Music. In terms of smartphones, this mic can be connected directly to an ios or an android devices, headphone jack. It records, via the rode rec app for ios, while the most suitable app for android seems to be the rec forge 2 app. Ironically, rode has developed an app for ios. However, it is yet to make a similar app for android devices. As you may already know, apple has removed its headphone jack from its mobile devices.

However, you can still connect the microphone using any lightning to 3.5 millimeter jack adapter. A few android devices also no longer have a 3.5 millimeter jack such as this oneplus flagship phone. So you can use a similar type of adapter depending on the port of that android device, which in this case is the c type port for all other devices. That is a laptop, a dslr or a dedicated audio recorder. We would require another attachment to make it work, since they support trs jacks, and this mic has a trrs jack, which is incompatible. Hence we need a trrs to trs adapter like this one, which we got from rode and its called rode. Sc3 link for this attachment can be found in the description below if you are looking to buy. One do keep in mind that the cable of the microphone is only about 1.5 meters long. So if you require a longer cable, then you might want to check out the trrs extension cable developed by rode itself called the sc1, which is 6 meters. Long link, as always in the description below the microphone, is quite light, weighing only about 6 grams. So you will hardly notice it on your shirt or collar. The provided windshield is pretty amazing, as it effectively blocks out the wind noise, which is the usual hissing sound that you tend to get as the wind kind of moves over the microphone. Now that we have all the basics covered its time for us to test the mic till now, you have been listening to the audio captured indoors, using this mic while connected to a dslr in all of the tests that follow, i will be keeping quiet for a Few seconds so that you can get an idea of the ambient noises from the background we are now testing the audio captured indoors, using this rode, smartlav plus lavalier microphone while connected to a smartphone.

We will now test this mic outdoors, so do keep in mind all of the noise around you, including wind, burst chirping, sitting noise and the noise generated from running traffic Music. We are now testing the audio captured outdoors using this rode, smartlav plus lavalier microphone while connected to a dslr. We are now testing the audio captured outdoors using this vote. Smart left plus level ear microphone while connected to a smartphone. Well guys, this was our video on the long term review of the rode, smartlav plus lavalier microphone.