This is bill and all that stuff so lets open this and see. How is the phone lets unbox? It so well open from this side, so here it is like lets open this, so that this is the phone. As you can see, this is the phone. The whole configuration and everything is written over here, and this is the charger that they have given with this. This is the charger. This is the cable and thats it, and this is the phone ill. Just show you quickly. How is the phone phone looks a bit heavy to be honest, and while you can see the cameras, three cameras are there and it has like 48 megapixel game of cameras, and you can see that 348 megapixel cameras. Three cameras are there for different range and you have the selfie camera in front of it. This is a 128 gb with 6 gb ram version, 128 gb of storage with 6 gb ram, and it has 6000 mah battery. This is what makes this phone very interesting. So we are going to just use this and let you know how it is by inserting our sim card and everything, but before that lets start the phone. So here you can see it is just started build. It is like good um bit heavy, but the build is good. You can see. Battery is half there, so lets start the phone, so lets connect our phone to our wi fi yeah.

So you can bring your old data for quicker setup, but we will skip it for now, as we want to show you the phone, so we will just connect it to our wi fi. That is the rockstar lets. Do it. So we are just going to connect to work telling mistake. The 6000 image of battery is like really good connected, so here it is checking for updates. Any new updates is available for the new devices. It might take some time so the 6000 image is what makes this phone very interesting along with the 48 maker pixel cameras, and there are three cameras over there. Along with you can say, flash and i think front is supported with 16 megapixel of camera. So that is what makes this phone very interesting. So lets start with some basic settings of the phone. It is its a bit heavy, but it is good hold on lets. Do it lets do it? How is it continue and we are in inside this form? No, i dont want that theres such apps, so here it is heres the phone. Finally, so this is a phone and how does it feel like it feels very good itll just check its camera quality and all that stuff thats, the camera, the camera quality, how it is so not bad. So this is the flag of burma. Lets see how the selfie camera works so lets see the selfie its quite good, its quite good.

Actually, so i can say this very confidently that the phone is very quick im just gon na. So after that we are going with the face recognition.