The problem with that camera bump, though, is that it might provide the theoretical dotted line for the phone to snap along during the durability test. Xiaomi phones dont have the best track record for surviving. You know what does have a great track record, though ive been using for the last year to ship out all of my shirts and my jerry rig everything knives got some new colors. By the way we have the regular blue. We also have red and metal this new batch of knives does have upgraded paint and should arrive just in time for christmas, thanks again to Stamps.Com makes it easy for me to do everything from my computer without leaving my house from buying postage to printing labels to even scheduling pickups plus i get exclusive discounts like up to 40 percent from usps and up to 76 percent from ups. So if you have your own office, business or side, hustle can save you a lot of time and money. This holiday season to get your four week trial, free postage and free digital scale, just head to jerryrig. There are no long term commitments or contracts. So if you spend more than a few minutes a week, dealing with shipping and postage is a real time. Saver jerryrig now lets see how durable the xiaomi mi 11 ultra really is. Lets get started. Applause Music in the past xiaomi might have been known as more of a budget brand of smartphones, but thats not the case with this mi 11 ultra its an ultra phone with an ultra one thousand dollar price tag inside the box.

Well get our usual clear plastic. Silicone case, i think mine might be defective since its missing the whole top half. The phones got his tender resume on the protective plastic, with a 50 megapixel main camera 120 hertz display and 67 watts of fast charging, but out of the box holy cow. Is this the mother ship of all camera bombs? The rest of the box has the 67 watt fast charging, brick and usbc cable, but ill come back to that Music, because this camera bump is nuts when compared to the pixel 6 pro and the iphone 13 pro max, which we all thought were already large camera Bumps this mi 11 ultra is a giant its a camera attached to a phone instead of a phone attached to a camera for reference. The pixel 6 pro is one whole spaghetti, noodle thick, while the me11 ultra has two whopping noodles of clearance. If you arent fluent in noodle its three and a half millimeters pretty crazy other than that, though, this phone does look pretty normal curved screen, glass on all four edges and a shade of black, so dark on the back that my camera struggles to even pick it Up there is a cool rear display, though inside that camera bump, apparently xiaomi took one of their little watch, displays and plopped it next to the camera. Lenses itll be a pretty fun teardown, but first the scratch test. As we know, plastic phones start scratching at a level two or three like the soft, flexible screens on samsungs folding phones and this mi 11 ultra screen protector that i forgot to take off continuing on ill, be honest, its nice that this phone isnt rocking since the Camera extends across the whole back its basically thick enough to almost act as a kickstand glass scratches at a five or six sapphire would be an eight or nine.

This mi 11 ultra is using gorilla glass victus. So we start seeing scratches at level six with deeper grooves at a level seven. So far, so good the hole, punch, 20 megapixel front facing 1080p camera is also protected under that victus glass. With the super thin earpiece slit up at the top. The sides are made from aluminum, along with the singular power button and volume rocker both metal. The top of the phone is where things get interesting, it doesnt sound the same, and the razer blade of truth discovers that this mi 11 ultra has a plastic top very similar to the plastic top on the pixel 6 pro, except for this plastic peels away. It covers the top loudspeaker, as well as the infrared channel, changing remote led, which is a pretty cool feature and yeah. Realistically, this probably wont be ever falling off on its own, since the adhesive is extremely strong, but it is good to know what the phone is made of. The left side is back to metal again, and the bottom of the phone has our second stereo loudspeaker with that 67 watt fast charging, usb c port and the ip68 water resistant dual sim card tray with its rubber ring around the opening. Another interesting thing, besides the tiny display on the back, is that the back panel of this mi 11 ultra is supposedly made from ceramic weve, seen ceramic on a few phones in the past, like the essential phone a few years ago.

May it rest in peace. Ceramics are inorganic materials that are heated up or fired at high temperatures to harden them, usually landing somewhere between a level 7 or 8 on most scale of hardness ceramic floor or wall. Tiles are very scratch resistant and the same goes for this back panel. Looking closely, i do see faint markings at a level six and seven, but that might just be the ceramic acting like sandpaper to my pigs. The only actual damage happens at a level eight with deeper grooves at a level nine. So this back panel is indeed ceramic and stronger than tempered glass thumbs up for that nice work xiaomi. Finally, the camera lens this behemoth is the largest camera sensor ever in a smartphone, well have to measure it from the inside. When we take it apart, we have the 50 megapixel main sensor, a 48 megapixel ultra wide at 128 degrees and a 48 megapixel 120 times digital zoom periscoping, telephoto, camera xiaomi went all out with this thing and at two noodles thick there is definitely plenty of room For all that hardware, the front screen on the mi 11 ultra is a 10 bit 1 billion color hdr 10 plus 120 hertz 1700 nits 6.8 inch 1440p amoled, as we can tell from the pixels going white after about 20 seconds. I almost needed to burn a little longer there just to get through all the phone specs, but surprisingly, the pixels did recover last thing before the bin test is testing the fingerprint scanner xiaomi plopped, this optical boy under the screen, which is fine, a lot of people Like it there, i find myself just giving up on my note 10 pluses scanner more often than not, though than just typing in my code, so to each their own.

But it does look like this. Scanner can still scan through an unrealistic amount of level 7 deeper grooves on the class. So that is good news and now its time to see if this mi 11 ultra will snap in half the same way we snapped in half the me five to be fair. It has been a few years since weve had a xiaomi phone break, but someone does have to keep them on their toes when bin from the front we get the smallest of flexes and when bent from the back, we get the exact same results. The quad curved gorilla, glass, victus and the dual curve ceramic combined with the metal frame, make this mi 11 ultra a super solid camera bump of his smartphone. The mi 11 ultra survives my durability test, its a big phone with a big price and big results. You know it: doesnt have a big price, though my red, metal and blue jerry rig everything knives plus. If you order today, they should still arrive by christmas if youre in the usa ill leave a link down next to the free trial from hit that subscribe button.