Hes built a smartphone yay. I mean you also built a rocket, but i think the smartphone is way more interesting and way more. You know emotionally fulfilling because kaiju has been asking for that ever since senku first woke him up and senko laughed at him. We all laughed at him theres, no way they get a smartphone working in the stone age, but they did. I mean it does weigh 40 kilograms, but still its a freaking smartphone with an lcd screen, injured access games, phone and a stone world database. That is impressive. That is seriously seriously impressive. I mean, obviously it would have game since cy was involved in its creation, but still being able to access the end of being able to call and text and email anyone in the world. That is such a huge, huge step, and i cannot believe how far weve freaking come. I mean seriously lets not forget. We actually saw this chapter the entire diagram, the entire journey theyve taken from stones to fire to iron, to gears to water, wheels electricity to oil, to electromagnetic waves, to the computers, the smartphone to the spacesuits, to the spaceship to the rocket engine. All the way to the freaking god dang moon, that is how far theyve come and weve seen every single step of the process. Oh i love it. I freaking love it and you know science. This is a big point of series. Science builds on itself. Science evolves once you manage to make you know a stone or stone tools.

You can use that to cut down trees and use that to make fire and then use that to make earth and wear and alcohol and alcohol. That is the process of science thats. You know a big thing with the whole. You know mission to the moon, i mean so many of our modern day inventions were created because we needed them to actually get to space. We actually needed them in space and now sanchos doing the same thing here as hes doing a mad dash to invent as many things as he can all at once and first step on the list. We have the microwave, probably the most useful invention. Humanity has ever made, and it just blows mind of everyone that gets so hot so quickly without using fire and seriously theyve waited this long to make the microwave theyve been cooking with fire. This entire time, i feel like at the very least they could have been useful. You know on the ship, they were piloting from uh. You know across the freaking ocean. I feel like that would have been very, very helpful to be able to cook their food without needing to you know, actually start a fire on a very small ship that was made at least partially of wood, so yeah they have microwave now, yay as well as Plastic wraps make sure the food doesnt go bad so quickly and a washing machine which again you were just now inventing the washing machine i feel like they could have been so very, very helpful.

So many times before i mean there are theres a fairly large community up at this point, theyve all just been washing their clothes by hand this entire time. How is the first time anyones thoughts, make a washing machine im? Sure yuzu would have asked about this beforehand. I mean she looks so excited to get it. She was in charge of the clothes, so yeah senko feels, like kind of could have done that you know for a bit earlier and then, of course, for a lovely reporter. She wants film, she wants a camera. She wants to be able to actually you know record all these events in history record the first rocket launch of the new era, and then just so many many more things i mean they have a lot of requests. They have a lot of requests. Obviously ryu the greatest man in the world wants a wine cellar, a jacuzzi, a microwave oven and a slot machine im. Pretty sure senko only makes him the microwave oven, but still thats a big step forward. A jacuzzi, though, oh i would love to see everyone get a jacuzzi in this world. Oh god, imagine just the people you got in village, realizing, oh, my god, this water, its warm and its bubbly, and it feels so good. I didnt know we would be able to feel this good in this world. The one guy asked for a robot made so clearly hes a man of culture and does seem like senko, actually builds him one.

I mean shes a little smaller than the guy probably expects, but she does seem to be a robot thats able to do tasks so interesting, very, very interesting. He also makes protein powder and a playstation 5, which yeah obviously psy, would have very very much wanted to make a gaming console for the masses, so, of course think would make it. I just want to listen with im, seeing a lot of debate about this online. From what i can see. The playstation 5 was actually announced before everyone is petrified, but the images of it werent actually shown to like a year after they were petrified so yeah. The guy would have known what ps5 is, but he wouldnt have actually known what it looked like so small issue. There, but whatever its, not that big a deal and then of course, seizure comes up again says: hey senku. Can i guess emporium finish, the sentence sank was like. Oh, i know what you want. I know what you want buddy and everyone else is like wait. A minute senko: are you being serious right now? Can you actually make this? Can you actually make a smartphone in the stone age and he can he actually freaking? Can i love it? I love it and really the only thing they were missing for making the smartphone was the actual screen. The liquid crystal display and zenko is able to actually make it work this time through an explanation.

I kind of sort of understand not that much i mean like jen, says here: nothings really easy about this example. Nothings really easy about the explanation theyre giving here, but tank is able to make it work and theres actually able to you know, make the numbers appear correctly, which im actually amazed its taken. This long to do considering, i guess the computer works slightly differently, but that would definitely make i think, computers a lot easier, a lot more manageable and they could have just said. Oh were making the lcd screen for side make his computer screen easier to see to make his computer screen able to more accurately depict data, but no, they decided to fill taijus big wish. They decided to make taiju a freaking smartphone, because hes been asking for one for so very very long, and you know what he deserves it. He absolutely freaking deserves it, because i mean lets not forget how much this dude has been through ever since he was first woken up. I mean there was a full year of him. You know just living the stone age with senku by himself working tirelessly to actually get things done, to be senkus muscle, and then he watched his best friend get murdered. And then he became a spy for a good year and then just a whole bunch of other madness happened, and you know finally, finally hes back in japan with the woman, he loves hes got a smartphone and he deserves to be happy.

He deserves this. Happily, ever after and you know now, they actually has a smartphone. That does raise a fairly good question because he said you know he wouldnt actually propose to use. He wouldnt actually officially declare his love to her until they were back in. You know the modern age and he has a smartphone now that feels as close as you can get to the modern age, while still being in the stone age. So i think you know all the requirements ive met, i think taiju can actually professors love to use it and if he doesnt, i feel like she might be able to punch. I feel like she might now profess her love to him first, which i would not hate. I would not hate if she was the one that posed to him and said taiji. Will you marry me? Oh thatd, be amazing, thatd, be absolutely freaking, amazing and im sure were going to see a whole bunch of posts, a whole bunch of marriages before their series comes to an end and we have chrome and ruri. We have senko and kohaku. We have senko and luna. We have luna in general, at least one of those couples will be canon, uh, weve, nikki and magma. I have a lot of faith in those two. We have sukasa and the reporter girl, whose name i can never remember and well other couples. We have thats all the ones i can currently think of im.

Just gon na assume you know were gon na epilogue this series, thats gon na, show everyone happily married with kids nikki. You know keeping magma in line uh kwaku keeping senku from working himself to death. Uh for you with a hundred women, 100 women, 100 wives, because of course ryu would have more than one wife i mean its ria were talking about. Of course he would freaking do that, but before we actually get to the epilogue, we still need to. Actually, you know launch this freaking rocket into space, which is gon na, be a hassle, its definitely gon na be a hassle. I mean they have the whole rocket built up, but you know lets not forget. There is still the trader in their midst. Probably i mean that whole thing hasnt really been answered, yet the medusa activated cell, which means either one the medusa, has some reason to activate itself when its in a vacuum its in space. For some reason, in which case sank, when the gang wont actually be able to bring medusa with them, will actually be able to petrify themselves for the launch, the moon or, secondly, there was a traitor in their midst who managed to you know, activate the deuce about Anybody noticing – and if so they could seriously sabotage his rocket break it down cause it a crash cause. Something happened so that the astronauts dont actually make it to space and honestly moose being activated is just this huge mystery that has not really been addressed, since it happened and its so so weird that it hasnt, i mean chronologically.

I think years have passed since that point so has senko and the rest of them been looking for a trader this entire time. Are they on their own little hunt? I mean: are there details in these last few chapters, ive just missed of senko, you know actually being able to track down the trader senko picking up clues senko trying to hunt them down. I mean nothing i can really think of, but please let me know what you think: do you think theyre still a traitor in their midst? Do you think theyre going to sabotage rocket launch? What exactly is their goal in acting medusa all those months ago? All those years ago, and what are they going to do next and then we have the three astronauts and it seems fairly set in stone. The astronauts are going to be senku, kohaku and stanley, and i mean ive been saying for a long time. I thought it would be. You know, chrome, i really thought sync would give up a seat to chrome, but that doesnt actually seem to be the case. Thats actually impossible, because they, actually you know, measured everyone for rocket suits at the very start of this chapter. So yeah i mean the suits have been made. The soups been measured. Unless thank you said, okay, you know what i actually did all the math. I know chromes measurements perfectly, so i made my suit in his exact size. I didnt tell him about it.

It seems rather unlikely that you know saying to be able to give up a seat to chrome without them having to make a whole new spacesuit, which will take. You know a rather long time. You know, senkou and chrome are rather similar. You know size wise, but dont think theyre close enough where you know perfectly sized space, it would fit both of them. So very curious about that. Also, while were talking about spacesuits is kohaku naked. Here i mean im fairly certain. She is which i find rather weird, because you know stanley and sengku were in the background i mean if its just you thatd be fine, even maybe sank, would be fine for her, but stanley stanley is literally right there and you know neither yuzu or were bothered By that thats thats, weird thats kind of weird to me, but anyway, please everything else down below be sure to like and subscribe.