And you can watch our Infinix Note. 11 video that was unboxed yesterday. Today were going to unbox the Infinix Note 11s, its very different from the Infinix Note: 11.. Its a big screen phone well talk about it. Later. Lets check the box contents. Theres a 33W fast charger, a USB type C cable. You also get the Free Fire scratch card as its focused towards gamers., And if you play Free Fire, then you can use it as there are some assured gifts on it.. You get some documentation, a good quality, clear case: Oh theres, also, a scratch guard a sim card. Tool. Lets, keep everything aside. Look at the phone. Helio G96, A 120Hz fast refresh rate, so theres no AMOLED screen, but theres a fast refresh rate on the big screen.. So 120Hz fast refresh rate 33W fast charging a 50MP camera. Wow thats, a big display.. This too has a frosty design, thats anti fingerprint.. The Note 11 was flat from the sides. While this is curved., The design looks good. In fact, the Note 11 11s are quite good in terms of design. Lets. Put on the case. Do a drop test.. The case fits very well Drop Test, Absolutely nothing. The phone cases build quality is good, but its a big phone. In Hand Feel If you have big hands, then itll be ok as its a tall phone itll feel big for smallaverage hands. Weight Its going to cross 200g, so it must be around 205 210g.

Lets. Test. Its 208.4g, like I guessed its slightly on the heavier side. Ports, Buttons Below theres, a speaker grill a USB type C, a mic: a 3.5mm jack. On the left, theres a sim card tray, theres, no noise, cancelling mic., Remember its priced at Rs; 12999. The noise cancelling mics are generally present on such phones. On the right. You get a volume rocker, a fingerprint sensor below that also acts as a power. Onoff button. Its time to start the phone. If youre enjoying the unboxing then do hit LIKE SUBSCRIBE As usual. I forgot to show the sim card tray. whooooppss, I thought its a hybrid sim slot, but you can use 2 sim cards on 1 side, an SD card on the other, so its a dedicated, sim tray.. Ok, it doesnt have a water drop notch, theres a punch hole with a big display, Its a 6.95 FHD display with 120Hz fast refresh rate. It gets quite bright. The IPS screen shows good colours.. It has a 91 screen to body ratio. It comes with NEG Dinorex glass, which is equivalent to Gorilla Glass 3.. To tell you, the base variant is 6GB 64GB, with another variant, theres a Free Fire variant, which has a different design. Performance. This phone would appeal to gamers the Helio G96 SoC is a 4G SoC that scores more than 3.20L. On AnTuTu. We tried playing BGMI on this big screen. You can easily play it on Mid High settings with a smooth frame.

Rate. PUBG New State can be played on Ultra High settings, its fun to play on the big screen.. An AMOLED screen, wouldve been great, but the 120Hz IPS LCD is smooth. Theres. Another reason for good performance, you dont get UFS 2.2 at this price range. So read: write speeds are great, So the performance in this Rs 13K phone has exceeded my expectations.. The haptic feedback during gaming was also noticed to be good, which isnt available at this price range. OS UI. I already talked about it in the Infinix. Note 11 video. Its based on XOS 10, which is much cleaner compared to XOS 7.6., But it has some bloatware, you wont be able to uninstall some apps. And, like I mentioned, the updates should be regular.. The security update on this phone is from October thats, based on Android 11. Battery. It has a 5000mAh battery with 33W fast charging itll last you, through the day with ease. Multimedia Youll, obviously have fun on an AMOLED panel, but this also has a good big. 6.95 screen. There were 7 tablets before now you get smartphones which are manageable, thats ok.. You also get stereo speakers, so the big screen stereo speakers are a big plus, But you dont get the L1 certification to watch NetflixHotstar. Just like the Infinix Note 11.. Despite being FHD, it has L3, but overall for YouTubeother videos, youll ave, fun, Sensors. You get all sensors on this phone with a side mounted fingerprint sensor as well as face unlock that work.

Well. Connectivity, You get dual 4G VoLTE WiFi, calling support dual band WiFi, Bluetooth. 5.1 Features It supports. Widevine L3 has FM Radio no notification light. The SAR value is within limits. Camera, Its exactly similar to Note 11 theres, a 16MP punch hole, selfie sensor that clicks good photos. Im, showing some samples on the screen. So you can see. On the rear. It looks like a quad camera setup, but ones fake, theres, a 50MP primary sensor that clicks good photos under normal conditions.. The colours look good. The clarity. Sharpness quality is good too, but its Rs 1K. More than the Note 11, and if it had an 8MP5MP ultrawide sensor, that would be great but thats what it is. Variants. The base variant is 6GB 64GB, so thats good for gaming theres, an 8GB 128GB variant for Rs 15K., So under Rs 15K youre getting an 8GB RAM smartphone. So the Infinix Note 11 11s pricing is great. So if youre looking for a multimediagaming phone with an under Rs 15K budget, then look at theInfinix Note: 11s Thats all for this video.