It comes with quite handy 6.4 inch, oled display stock, android, 5000 mah battery and all of it for 13 000 rupees, and a lot of you were asking for phone comparison to, let you guys know the best phone under 13 000 so to find out the closest Contender we head out to youtube search and it seems like moto, g31 vs. Redmi. Note 10 is what you guys want, so we bought it. So we have also bought samsung f22 and a couple of other phones that comparison would be on the hindi channel. So watch out for that and make sure you subscribe, so you can have the best idea on what phone to buy under 13 000, but but but but before you begin here, have a look at these two photos: a and b, depending on what photo you choose There you have the phone that you have to buy. Guess in the comments and ill tell you the answer in the video. This is pradeep youre already watching techwiser and moto g31 redmi note 10. There you go now. There are a few basic things that you already know, but there is something interesting see both of them have a plastic bag. But moto has this texture finish and a matte back, so you dont see any fingerprints. Even the thickness and weight of the device is more or less the same. The moto g31 weighs around 181 gram, while the redmi note 10 weighs like 181 182 gram, more or less the same.

One thing i would like to add is the buttons on the moto. G31 are placed quite high, so its very difficult to reach with one hand they could have placed it a bit at the bottom. But overall, in terms of look and in hand feel of the devices, both the devices are pretty much the same. Now, both the phones have 60hz oled or amoled, which is great in this range. If you see side by side, both of the display are good. You will like watching video on both the phones. Moto has panda glass protection, whereas redmi note 10 has scoring gorilla glass 3, but two really important things number one redmi note 10 has stereo speakers heres the audio sample moto single speaker is also good. You wont face any problem in day to day use, but yeah redmi, note 10 is definitely louder. Number two moto g31 cannot play amazon, prime in full hd. As of now see, both the devices have widevine l1, but on amazon prime, i couldnt find moto g31 play full hd video. However, most of the time it is fixed with a software update, but as of now it is what it is a bit of extra things. Moto g31 also comes with think shield security, which is like samsung knox, so that is missing in redmi note 10.. Now the most interesting thing is performance, see redmi note 10 has snapdragon 678 and moto g31 has mediatek helio g85, and here are the geekbench scores.

Now the funny thing is: moto g31 has lpddr4x ram and emcp storage. This is fair because g85 maximum supports emmc, whereas redmi note 10 has lpddr4x ram and ufs 2.2 storage. Now you would be like pratik thats mind blowing, but the funny thing is snapdragon. 678 only supports ufs 2.1. So why would you put ufs 2.2 anyways when it comes to games like call of duty here? Have a look redmi note. 10. Has better game support? It can do high graphics at medium frame rates in bgmi, both of them give you smooth, graphics and ultra frame rates, and both processors have the same frame rate and even the same heating. In the same time, redmi note 10 would be slightly better overall. Both phones do well in day to day usage like browsing and little to medium gaming, but you cant expect heavy gaming at this price. No gain chain impact, but now that slightly better performance in redmi note 10 comes with quite an inferior software experience. Miui has reduced the ad kudos to them its hard to find the ads. Now you will get the occasional get apps notification and even in the settings app, but here look at this bug. The control center is transparent, now same theres, glitches in day to day usage, while using the gestures. The new control center. On the other hand, moto, has that clean bloat free ad free android experience the chop chop to start flashlight damn.

This has become my life gesture. Whenever in trouble chop chop, these all work really well, as of now, both phones comes with android 11 moto is promising sure one year of android update to android 12 and two years of security updates. On the other hand, theres no software update, promised from redmi note 10. overall for software experience. Moto is a clear winner. Now the camera is the most important thing to see see both of the phones have more or less the same megapixel main sensor and the photo. I showed you at the intro. A was moto g31 and b was redmi, note, 10 and thats. The entire story: moto g31 takes less saturated and close to real life photos, whereas redmi note 10. Has that more saturated look now. One thing i noticed, let me show you because its a one poster now in normal photo mode. You see it looks good as soon as i switch to portrait mode. The whole face looks soft blurred and if you look at the photo its normal like it, does it sometime with the portrait mode photo and sometimes it just doesnt theres some work with moto g31 portrait mode, which needs to be fixed with a software update and then The ultra wide angle, camera are more or less the same, like 8 megapixel ultra wide angle. Camera in this range is just good to have also selfies are the same, like moto has that natural, real life look and rainy.

Has that boosted, saturated look like look at this exact photo? My hoodie looks exactly what moto g31 is showing, whereas redmi note 10 has made it some different color, but most of the people might prefer redmi note 10s photo for videos. Redmi note 10 lets you shoot. 4K, video from the rear camera – and i was like what 4k video in this price range and the video quality is good. However, the stabilization goes off in 4k in terms of battery both of them have a 5000 mah battery, but redmi note 10 gives you a 33 watt charger, while moto g31 gives a 20 watt charger interesting thing. I tried charging both the phones from 15 to 100. Moto g31 went like 74 in 1 hour, 30 minutes and redmi. Note 10 was fully charged now funny thing in the next five minutes. Redmi note 10 just went from 100 to 92 percent and even in my daily usage, ive noticed moto g31 has better standby time. The battery lasts longer, maybe due to stock android. Redmi. Note 10 also has that same 5000 mah battery, but it gets really used up its like one day or a bit more, whereas moto g31 goes on for like minimum 1.5 days to two days. Oh one more thing: a lot of you people ask about the proximity sensor during the call. So here you see the redmi note. 10 has some bugs or slow proximity sensor so see at times it gets off.

When you put your phone over here like normally, it works fine. If you do this, but on some occasions now you see it doesnt turn off and yes, both of them have google dialer. So its now being recorded, call recording, has now ended so thats there. The proximity sensor issue is not there on the moto g31. I had no experience during calls. Also theres no carrier aggregation now on the moto g31 redmi note 10 pro has carrier aggregations so funny thing. We are trying to do the speed test, but theres no 4g, plus over here, its only 4g. So guess, where did we find carrier aggregation in my bathroom? Let me show you: we took a screen recording see when we have carrier aggregation. The speed goes upwards of 20 22 mbps per second and its the small b, its mega bits. Rest, you get wi fi, five compass gyroscope, all the important sensors in both the phones, so thats, not an issue so finally, which phone to buy the newly launched moto, g31 or redmi. Note 10. Well, if you need an amoled display in the budget with decent performance and add free stock android experience, moto g31 is a good option. Its for people who wanted clean stock free android for a long time, whereas if you want a more camera, centric phone or a phone to just flash custom, rom redmi note 10 is better in those aspects. But the biggest problem of all is redmi.

Note 10 availability: redmi note. 10 is amazon exclusive if you check on amazon not available, if you go to flipkart its 15 500, which is 2 000 2500 higher than its original price on, you dont have the base 4gb plus 64gb variant available, and i understand how important it is to Have the base variant in 13, 000 phone like people cannot extend their budget. It has happened to me as well. We even checked offline me stores and they asked us to buy redmi note 10 lite. Instead, the offline store is a weird story. Now, if parts availability or supply chain is a problem which i understand its pandemic, and there is chip shortage, then how come xiaomi is releasing redmi note 11t. Will that phone be in stock? Think about it? Xiaomi should really fix this stock issue. It happens every year with redmi note 10 series also motorola is on fire this month, so wait for the g51 coverage, make sure you hit the bell icon.