They are a smartphone maker and it comes preloaded with apps that are supposed to pay you, when you use them and uh its a little bit complicated, but were gon na get into all of that in this video, so disclaimer. This phone right here was given to me for free to do a honest review on um everything about this phone and uh. This video is not sponsored. Second disclaimer. I had this phone for a couple of months now. I honestly forgot when i got this phone, but ive been putting off doing this review because i figured it was gon na, be a big review and a lot to talk about. So i kept putting it off, but now im getting to it, and my final disclaimer is that zimbazi actually has a new phone called the z2. That phone has a higher price tag, but also it looks like it has a lot of improvements that this phone is lacking. So keep in mind, i dont have the z2. This is the z1 phone and the z2 is noticeably better. So, as i mentioned before, zambezi, they make android phones that come pre loaded with these pretty weird apps that you never heard of. But these apps theyre supposed to pay you when you use them theyre like shopping apps, so like video apps and i got ta, give you guys another disclaimer. I did not use any of these apps because i care about my privacy just a little bit.

So as a viewer, i do got to be cautious when i get a new device to review, because i dont want to just sign in and uh. I dont know where that data is going. You have to be mindful of that. So i dont know how much money you actually get paid for using these apps. I dont know if they actually work, but i do want to say it is a little bit sketchy. It sounds like a great idea on paper, especially if youre a teenager with no job hes like oh yeah. I want that phone. This phone right here is going to pay me to use it, and i can use that money to i dont know go do whatever. Basically, when you download certain apps only do certain challenges, you get points as you can see right here. I have 100 points when you download certain apps from their app store or when you do certain challenges, you get more points and then you can redeem those points, but i would take microsoft bing over this anytime. Another thing that is concerning about this phone is that it is stuck on android version 9 and there are no security updates available. I always tell people when you get a phone. You want to make sure that its going to get the latest updates and this one doesnt have it theres, also some bitcoin apps, which again i do not mess with that. I dont know anything about that.

Thats, not my field of interest at all. The preload apps are not that bad, because you can just uninstall them and just move on, but thats kind of the main point of this phone. There is another cool feature that zambezi is trying to do with their phones. This phone has it and their new phone has it, and the funny thing is its a feature that i would like to use, but i cant use it. This phone and the new phone has the ability to take card payments, but you have to sign up for it and you have to get approved. I signed up for it a few months ago. I never heard back from them. I never got declined or whatever. I think i probably got to try again. I never heard back from them. You got to like apply, i guess as a not really as a business owner, but i guess you got to tell them uh what your, what your business is. You cant just put like im just a person. I just want to take card payments, so thats a really cool idea, thats, something that you cant do natively on iphone or android devices. I mean yeah. They have little devices where you can plug in and you can take this up a card and yeah. We got cash app and zell, but some people they prefer to tap with their card. You take their card, you tap it approved. I guess they sign it on your phone, and that was the one feature i was really looking forward to trying on this phone and i could not try it out.

I think its also why i waited so long to review this phone, because i really wanted to try that feature. So i tried to activate the tap and pay again and i got an activation error this time i dont know if i did something wrong or its the phone or if the service is not ready or if its deactivated, but at least i could say, i tried The most notable feature of the phone is that the back is transparent, so you can see some of the insides on the back of the phone. It gives a really cool look. The z2 smartphone is also see through, but that one is purple that one does a little bit better, but this one looks cool too on the bottom. You can see the usbc port and the dual speakers, which actually is pretty impressive. The funny thing about this phone is that every time you turn it on, it has a very loud startup sound and you cant turn down the volume, so you have to listen to it. This is what i mean so yeah that startup sound is really annoying, and i wish i could change that, but you can on the top of the phone, you got a headphone jack. I know some people they still care about it me personally, i moved on its not that big of a deal anymore. I actually dont even have white headphones anymore, so its a little bit weird to see a headphone jack on a device.

The cameras on this phone feel outdated. It feels like a phone from probably like five years ago, theres not much to talk about. It is really not that great. This is definitely not the phone to get if you want a decent camera. Ever since i started using this phone a few months ago, i had mixed feelings about it and what i was going to say in my review, because it cost 300 and thats a great price. There are plenty of other great phones out there for around 300 400. Like the google pixel 4a or the oneplus nord, just because this phone is affordable at 300, that doesnt mean that they should cut back on important features like important security updates. I like some of the ideas to have especially the ability to use card payments on your phone. I think thats, really cool im going to continue to follow and see whats new from busy. I hope they continue to make affordable phones for creators and entrepreneurs. Theres. Probably only a handful of good phones that are around 400, so i hope they continue at it. Okay, so that is it for my review on the zimbazi z1 smartphone all right, so that is it for my review on the zen busy z1 smartphone. If you have any questions feel free to leave in the comments below, and you can also follow me on instagram or on twitter.