You can blow with this or you can blow with that. Well, it was only a matter of time before someone came along with the best of both worlds, a foldable that would deliver the utility of the tablet inside the compact footprint of the clamshell im michael fisher, and this is the oppo find n Music all right, its, Not coming to the u.s at least not yet and granted its not the most original foldable ive ever seen, but the fine den isnt just a galaxy fold, knockoff. In fact it tries to address several of the major issues. Many of you have called out about the foldable segment in general. That starts with the physicality of the thing, probably the most common complaint. I see in the comments about samsungs galaxy fold 3. Is that its too narrow when closed, which makes typing tough? Well, when i first freed the find n from its box, i couldnt help, but laugh because of how directly it addressed that concern god its almost funny. Well, folks, you wanted a wider external screen. Oppos got you covered, oppo says it modeled the find n. After a wallet which, if youre talking about your dads overstuffed wallet from the 80s yeah sure that tracks, i said its as compact as a clamshell, but that only goes for two dimensions. This thing is a bruiser its twice as thick as any slab wobbly on a table thanks to its big camera bump and even heavier than the ponderous fold.

Three, but i got ta say oppo leverages that bulk. Well, almost the entire face of the fine den is taken up by the cover display a five and a half inch 60 hertz amoled, whose 18 by nine aspect ratio, is much more finger friendly than the 24×9 plank of the fold. Most apps will also scale well to this panel unless of course, youre talking about instagram, which long ago abandoned any pretense of caring about any phone that didnt come out of cupertino. The point is: youve got your full sized outer screen folks, a screen covered in gorilla glass victus, just like the back plate. So, even if you drop it like a – and you then have to peel the ruined factory screen protector off its more likely to survive than the gorilla glass 5 on older folding phones like the razer. As with all foldables, though, the real story is inside and here oppo takes the path less traveled in two very important ways. First, the fine dense main display unfolds to a canvas thats, a thousand nits 120 hertz and landscape in orientation yeah its a horizontal tablet better for videos and side by side multitasking, which oppo makes easier with a quick two finger gesture its also until amazon updates. The kindle app the only e reader besides the surface duo, whose columns line up sensibly with the gutter and thats the other difference here, the seam, the display material is ultra thin glass with a pet top layer, just like on the samsung foldables.

In fact, the displays are made by samsung, but the way it folds is more reminiscent of motorolas approach. When you close the phone, the screen curls itself into a broad fat teardrop inside the hinge. That means the crease is nowhere near as visible as it is on narrow radius devices like samsungs and theres, less stress on the material which might mean fewer spontaneous failures out in the wild. Now look im sure the screen will get lumpier over time, as it tends to do on devices like this, but all things being equal. I think this is the better way to fold a screen. The rest of the hardware is very similar to stuff weve. Seen before the semi. Rigid hinge means you can prop the phone open like a laptop to type on, and you have a little more space to spread out than you do on the fold and the influencers. Among you can combine freestanding mode with the cover screen preview, so you can tell your photographer to take the day off, but as convenient as that. Tripod mode can be. When you look at the stills alongside something like the galaxy fold 3, you start to see some familiar foldable failings. Sadly, the find n continues the practice of fitting foldables with forgettable cameras, theyre, not dreadful, with the exception of that 2x telephoto, which but theyre also not outstanding, in any sense in side by side testing with the fold 3, the samsungs main camera always brought in more Light check out this particular example where that meant the oppo phone couldnt even see the subject well enough to get focus now.

Sometimes the find n gave me the shot. I preferred particularly on the inner selfie shooter, definitely the fold, threes least capable camera, but the folds inner camera can be hidden when not in use a calculated sacrifice on samsungs part that at first i didnt agree with. But now i got ta admit by comparison. The find ends, big hole, punch in the corner just looks a bit goofy. If you dont care about cameras, then this phone packs more than youll ever really need. But personally i dont like any compromises on a device that costs as much as this one. Does that cost and more compromises right after this? This video is sponsored by surfsharkvpn, cheap, simple, reliable. Usually you have to pick two, but my sponsor surfshark has consistently been ranked all three by sites like toms guide. Surfshark is a virtual private network or vpn that gives you private access to the open internet. What does that mean? Well, for one thing, it can prevent your internet service provider from giving special treatment to certain types of content like throttling your video streaming speeds. Speaking of video ever try to watch a show, but its not available in your region well surf shark can help there too, and if your travels take you to a country with internet censorship, laws surfshark can help keep you connected, whether youre on your smartphone tablet or Laptop get the vpn that eats other deals alive, hit up surfshark at the link below and pay as little as 2.

49 a month when you sign up for two years, using the code below thanks to surfshark for sponsoring this video compromises still go hand in hand with Foldables and the find n has some familiar ones, while oppo says it can handle sweat and light. Drizzle theres, no official ip rating for water or dust resistance. Wireless charging is here, but because the phone is so compact, it doesnt work well on every qi charger. Unless, of course, you happen to be pointing a camera at it, in which case itll behave very well. Just trust me on that one, and as weve seen time and time again, android apps really dont expect to be run in landscape mode. Google calendar crunches itself into overlapping columns, venmo and google weather force you to portrait while apps like instagram. Yes, hello, again refuse to run in portrait, even if you want them to its something you can adapt to and theres an option to force apps to run. In specific aspect ratios, but its still a mess, walk without rhythm and you wont attract the worm. The other troubles i had were mostly side effects of trying to use a phone not built for north america. Weve been over all these a billion times aggressive power management. So i could never kill this battery in a single day, but also i never got my emails or telegrams on time, even when i specifically changed settings to let those apps run in the background so frustrating but, like i say i wont dwell on those issues because Im confident theyd be corrected.

If the phone ever came to the u.s now oppo says it has no current plans to bring it our way, but its sister brand oneplus has enjoyed a lot of success in the states, and i probably dont need to remind you that oneplus frequently rebadges oppo phone Designs as its own, i mean id love to see a device like this running, a lighter weight os whose compromises would be a bit easier to swallow if it kept its price of under fifteen hundred dollars after conversion. Personally, my preference is still a fold for the weekdays and a flip for the weekends but theres a lot to be said for blending the capability and convenience of each. I think oppo has done just that with the find n and after years of frankly, forgettable installments in the find family, its nice to see oppo back on the bleeding edge again and, more importantly, call me a broken record. But ive got to say it again in the foldable world, particularly in the united states. We need more competition. More than anything else. This video was produced following one week with a find in review sample provided by oppo button. As always, the company was given no editorial input, copy approval rights or early preview of this content. They didnt pay for a thing and theyre, seeing it for the first time right. Alongside you check out my series into the fold on the mr mobile youtube channel to see more videos on every foldable, i can get my hands on until next time.

Ive been michael fisher thanks for watching and stay mobile.