Here you get the date and the weather which you can set to fahrenheit. Fortunately, then near the bottom, there youve got the normal thing where youd have the permanently on features and then finally, right at the bottom, is the google tool which again you cant, move or remove. So here is the home screen as it was when the phone was delivered, but with my apps organized and one of the things you can do with android is you can um? For example, if youve got a load of navigation that apps, you can pop them all together, as ive done here, um so lets take a quick look at the power button menu. You get some extra choices on this. The only extra one thats appearing on mine is this emergency contacts, one when you click on that you can enter a number if you want to, or if you use the emergency contacts entry at the top there itll show any contacts youve set up, and here is The set of the quick access pane, you get all the normal choices, including a screen cast button, which is quite handy. There should be a screen recorder, but its not showing them, and here is a quick run through of the various wallpapers that you can choose for the home screen and the lock screen. Or, of course, you can always go into the gallery and choose one of your own photos. I just went and picked one you can select which bit of the photo you use, and then you can use that again for the home screen or the lock screen.

So thats quite nice you can personalize the phone to a large degree, as you always big thing that i use my phones for is as an e reader. So in the bible, or in a kindle, you tend to have to either touch the side of the screen or swipe sideways to change pages so thats. Why im using the three button? Not the swipe navigation, so im just going to um set up my phone to connect to my car, so just looking for toyota touch to become visible there we go just click on tire to touch and its pairing, so its as simple as that when i have To do anything else, yeah, it just displays a code, so i say yes and yes and off we go so yes, we can allow it to do that and were done simple as that. So what ive done here is ive taken some footage from my dash cam and ive synced, the audio with the dis, with the display i recorded on my phone from the phone using waze just so that you can see how well it tracks the position im in In the car, as im coming off, the roundabout here, incidentally, im also using the phone to play some music. At the same time, youll have to forgive my taste in music, so photos are important too heres a sample from the front and back camera together. I do love the fact that this is a ruggedized phone, so it can be used under water.

Ive turned the sound, it was recording off because it picked up a lot of background noise, but there we are in my pond. You can see some golden orth there and the blue off as well, probably and various other things under the water. You get the normal toys like night, shot and panorama and face beauty and so on. This is a panorama shot and here are just a few more random shots that ive taken. Since i had this particular device. The camera seems to work pretty well really. There doesnt seem to be a telephoto or wide angle, although there are two lenses on the front of the camera, so im not quite sure, maybe the second ones, just a depth lens to improve the quality of the photos um. So there we are quite good photos. 12 phone uh comes like all of the kits phones, one of these nice presentation cases. If i can get it open its really nice to see it wrapped in this uh, its not too difficult to get off im, not sure how environmentally friendly it is, but still so nice packing piece here: heres the phone, its corning gorilla glass, so they dont supply A screen protector, they claim you dont need one. I havent decided yet without getting fit when you can get screen protectors for it. So some information about it on the front here so taking a first look at the phone. Youve got the cameras on the back and the flash leds on the back then, on this side, youve got volume, switches and so on on the top youve got a socket, then on the front, youve got a printed screen.

Take that off carefully, because underneath it is a clear plastic screen protector, i pulled that off as well accidentally and obviously couldnt put it back on. So that was a bit of a shame. My mistake, its all really quite nice, youve got the sim tray on the side and you get one of those little uh hooked tools that you use to pull the um pull the sim tray out in order to get at the sim and then, of course, you Get supplied with other accessories like a charge plug and a charging lead as well. Here we are weve got a plug here, one of these uk ones that sort of falls flat, so thats, quite nice when youre traveling. It takes a bit less room and it comes with a charger lead its a micro b charger lead. Now i do prefer the micro b charger leads to the um c ones because they do latch in better, so heres the cover at the bottom for charging it and at the top here youve got a cover for a three mil jack, so you can use plug In headphones, as well as bluetooth, so there are the instructions, theyre all nice and clear.