Today we are going to check out this wireless microphone system uh. This is about 90 bucks on amazon um, its aimed mostly towards uh cell phone use, so lets open the box and check out what it comes with really quick uh. Then well do a quick, sound check and a quick distance check and well wrap it up all right. So lets take a quick look at the box uh, so its a wireless microphone system, professional film and television microphone, uh series, but, like i said this is really aimed more towards uh cell phones. Um transmitted type is 2.4 gigahertz network uh pickup mode is omnidirectional. Charging power is 5 volts um. It says it lasts about six hours and service distance, uh 50 meters – all right, so it comes in this hard case – lets check out whats inside all right. We have a wire. This one is for your phone, whatever rip it open. This one is for your phone. We have charger usbc, another wire im, assuming this is for your camera, yep, camera, cable and a lavalier mic and two dead cats, so its an extra one, because this only comes with one receiver comes with a tripod. This is for a phone like i said this is more based for a phone phone holder, an adapter all right. This is the receiver headphone jack uh, mic jack charging slot um power button volume up volume down so thats the receiver. This is the transmitter uh built in microphone, so this is, you can plug the lavalier in oh and i actually messed up.

I actually said something wrong: this is the receiver. This is for so this. This slot goes into your either your camera, your phone and then obviously your headphone jack, like i said, built in microphone, um Music, the adapter i mean the adapter, the plug for the lavalier mic. This is your usbc charging, and this is your power, a mute button and a link button, so you can link the receiver and the transmitter together. All right so well do a quick, sound test. So um lets see well turn these on. There should be lights right here, so this is the transmitter. You can see that thats on and the receiver there you go theyre on. I dont know if theyre im, assuming they should be connected already, but im, not sure but um. We will give this a quick, sound test all right, so i have my camera right above so im holding the im holding the receiver um. This is the transmitter lets. Do a quick, sound check. This is, with the volume all the way up on the receiver. So this is a test one two one, two im going to lower the volume and keep talking. So this is a test test test test test test. I think thats as low as i can get it on the actual uh receiver. So lets go back up, so this is a microphone test of the new microphone system um. I dont know how it sounds right now, but when i put it into my editing software, i will see how it sounds.

Um right now, im going to plug in the lavalier mic that it came with all right. This is the lavalier mic. I dont know if it sounds any better, it might. May not. Um well have to just wait and see, but this is the lavalier microphone um. So hopefully that sounds good and then i guess now we will do a distance test, so im going to go outside and well do the distance test from out there all right so really quick before we go outside for my distance test. This is what im going to do: im going to be plugging the transmitter into my phone and transmitting um a tone sound. So like a beep, sound um, you cant hear it now, but this is what lets see. This is what youll hear so that plays constantly. So, if theres any break in the connection, you will hear the tone stop um, so lets go outside and lets test it out.