They are a bit short, though so make sure you have an outlet nearby for the hub plus it works with alexa siri, google assistant and smartthings, which is a nice table of smart home services. However, while the next does have a good built in geofencing feature, the rest of its software falls just a bit flat number two genie: alkt one are aladdin, connect, smart garage door, opener the genie aladdin connect is a solid door. Opener that strikes a nice balance between features and ease of use, unlike the chamber in my q hub, it does require a wired connection to your motor, but its just one double wire, going from your motor to the aladdin hub itself, the hub mounts to your wall, Replacing your existing garage door button with a three button panel that can control multiple doors, each one requiring its own wire to the corresponding motor number three tailwind iq3 premium featured smart wi fi garage door opener for one. It has a robust, geofencing feature that allows you to automatically open the garage door when you arrive home instead of merely relying on your location, the iq3 monitors the location of your android phone and its connection to your cars bluetooth system. So if someone were to steal your phone, if you use an ios device or have a car without bluetooth, tailwind also offers a hardware sensor. You can stick inside your car for auto, open functionality works with google, home google assistant, amazon, alexa, siri shortcuts and ifttt number.

Four garage, it wi fi, smart garage door, controller, the garage it is unique in that its an open source door controller that is run by more of a startup than the larger companies on this list garage. It offers a wide range of client and integration options, including a web interface, amazon, alexa, google, home ifttt options for automating your garage with smartthings. We go the extra mile to ensure your garage door. Controller is secure by using banking level encrypted and mutually authenticated network communication. At all times, number five, a smart gate pro smart wi fee garage door, opener ismartgate offers a few different garage opener models, depending on how many doors you have and if you also have a gate in front of your home, the ismart gate light should suffice. For most people, but the ismart gate pro is ideal for more complex setups. You can also get cameras to integrate with the system that said, setup felt more difficult than it needed to be. Not only did the hardware require extra steps and screw driving compared to competitors, but the app is also a bit unintuitive for more details.