Today we have the zhiyun smooth 5 for review. Smooth 5 is the newest smartphone gimbal, with a 3 axis stable structure, with a brand new motor algorithm for wider filming angle and range optimized. Motor structure and thicker phone clamp to fit all kinds of smartphones, supports movements in all positions, even low and wide angles. The sea on smooth 5 has a professional and the shape performance differs from the anti shake solution by cropping and surprising image quality and the solution that is limited by the camera module structure, Music. The smartphone gimbal offers undisturbed performance with high definition, preserving the original video quality of the smartphone Music, enable cinematic and creative movements for the video providing users, an experience to make smartphone films like the cinema films, the upgraded algorithm of smooth5 and its motor turkey performance support. Smartphone filming with wide angle, telephoto, fish eye and micro lenses providing wider and clearer vision for smartphone with all focal length. Music, upgraded foam, clamp, supports installation of 5500k stateless dimming fill light on both sides. Fill light can be installed on both sides of the phone, clamp and mobile phone, creating better filming environment and avoid improper lighting situations. Music can be used with multiple colors. You can see. We have blue, yellow orange and red of light. Filters now make smooth five. Incredibly, easy to continue shooting top quality video even in low light scenes Music painted by 2 600 milliampere battery and smooth file can work up to 12 hours tested with the default fully balanced.

The charging time is at least 2 hours, measured with a 15 buck charger. Smooth 5 can be charged by a portable power bank. Your phone can be charged by the gimbal via type c port on field axis smooth 5 supports all kinds of advanced shooting techniques. It can release features such as vortex. Smart follow super wide angles: zoom dolly zoom magic, clone panel time lapse, slow motion panorama and live stream, with facial tracking in native phone cameras or on a third third party platform; Music, a hip, dolly zoom and reverse shots by switching between zoom and focus focus and Focal length control at ease with control wheel, you can also achieve dolly zoom via z. Coming follow the instructions to have the cinematic effect generated for you without complex operations, Music, the all in one control panel of the smooth 5, makes it easy to switch things up and adjust settings with just one hand, without the need to fire up the app. Of course, the zyun app does offer a few extra features like face tracking, but it means you can still access a lot of the settings and easily switch modes while recording in apps such as filmic pro when in use all recording with the xu smooth 5 is Funneled through the z coming up, there is a great emphasis on community here science, you are immediately presented with an array of video created by other users, Music, even through the videos of offered to feel high quality.

They at least provide some solid ideas for you. How you can make the most of your own z, unity, mod Music? The smooth 5 is a very good stabilizer and could be exactly what youre. After if you just want to add a bit of polish to videos, you shoot of yourself, especially because the fill light is a useful addition not found on other brands. Music stabilization is very decent. Overall, you will need to learn how to use the various modes to get the best from zhiyun smooth 5 gimbal Music. Precision smooth 5 is available to buy in two package one on its own arena combo package. That also includes a mini tripod carrying case and the magnetic field light. Thank you for watching. If you liked todays video hit the subscribe button to see a video like this, and if you have any question, please let me know down on the comments.