It is the fine fine k669b, and the question i have is: will it work with my smartphone so lets get into it? Music, all right so first off im not going to do an unboxing because theres dozens of unboxing videos for this microphone on youtube and im still dealing with my post op arm, so unboxings are probably not going to be happening anytime soon. So this is the fine fine k669b and yes, its pronounced fine fine. I have it on very good authority, uh that being the company itself. I know it says five fine, but its pronounced fine, fine, so um. When i was doing some research, i wanted to get a uh a better bit. I want to get better sound quality for my videos and i was looking for usb mics and i saw a lot of good things about uh this. This particular fine fine mic, but there werent um there werent any videos that uh showed if it worked with uh with the smartphone right all the uh, the videos uh show them plugged into their laptop or their or their um desktop, and they all had. You know audio editing software and i dont have any of that right. Im recording all my videos, including this one, on a a samsung note, 9.. So a little bit older phone too, and that was one of my one of my concerns was you know, was going to work with a phone thats a couple years old and again i didnt see any any videos saying that it would even the um the product Page on on amazon, ive read one comment and said: no: it doesnt work with uh with your smartphone, so i bought it, hoping that would work and i figured if it doesnt work on my phone at least itll work um on my laptop.

You know and it works, you know it works. It works really. Well. You can hear the quality of it right now now when i first got it um. I had it uh placed on on my uh on my desk and it was pretty far away from my mouth. It was about maybe two feet and on those videos, if you go back and listen to them theres, you can hear the background hiss pretty bad. So obviously i raise it up and its maybe what four or five inches away from my mouth – and i think it sounds great you guys – can be the judge of that. But uh yeah, im im really really happy with this uh with this purchase. So now that weve uh established that it works with your smartphone lets talk about price and the whole setup that i have here now. The mic itself was 29.99, so 30 bucks on amazon. Now the cable itself is a usb a plug. So i had to get one of these things and this is a usbc adapter, and i got two of these on amazon for uh, for 10 bucks right and then later on. I got this pop filter and ill show it to you right now. I think it looks pretty cool and yes, i know when i set it down its going to make a noise, and i was thinking about getting a um a boom arm right for it. But my desk is pretty small.

This whole room is kind of small, so i kind of like this minimalist uh setup here. I just raised it up and seems to be doing fine im, not planning on moving it around when i record videos, so this works perfectly for me now the pop filter was, i believe, nine dollars also on amazon ill, put links to everything uh in the in The description below so this whole setup was approximately 50 bucks and i think thats a great deal so for for fifty dollars. I got this whole setup and again i think it sounds uh. I think it sounds great um. I am incredibly uh happy with this purchase. Um, what else can i say it works with the smartphone. That was the one thing that that i was really concerned about works fine, just plug it in not gon na download any. You know drivers or anything like that. It recognizes the um the mic right away when i start recording a little uh message comes up and said: audio will be recorded by um external usb mic or something like that so plug and play no problem. Fifty dollars total for um. What i think is a great sounding mic. You be the judge of that. So, if you are looking for a really good budget, usb condenser mic, this fine fine is amazing and definitely worth it so thats. All i got for uh today like and share this video subscribe to the channel, because im gon na be reviewing um a lot of cool purchases uh in the coming months ahead.

So uh keep an eye out for that anyway.