Today, we will be checking out the hot wave cyber 8 rugged smartphone. It is an affordable feature, packed rugged smartphone that was recently made available in the market. The product retail box looks sleek and professional lets check out what is included in the retail packing inside the box. You will find one hot wave: cyber 8 smartphone packed snugly in a foam slot also included as a usbc charging cable, along with a headphone jack usbc. Adapter in case you want to jam to beats on a wired headphone. You can use this to plug it in a user guide is also provided for users to refer to it during setup, along with a pin and a wall charging adapter all packed neatly in the retail packaging. First lets peel off the protective film that is covering the screen. This is one of the part i find satisfying when i am using a new device for the first time looks really sleek. The body of the phone is relatively slim, not overly heavy or bulky, which is a plus point on first impression at the back, the phone has a stylish back plate which looks really modern and elegant with smooth curvatures engraved at the back at the side of the Device users can find the sim tray slot where they can slot their sim card and sd card for expandable storage protected from water with the rubber gasket. There is also a custom button which people can use to program it for it to launch to an app or feature they want when they need it.

On the other side, there is a fingerprint scanner conveniently located for users to unlock their device when in use a power button and volume buttons are conveniently located at the side too. So users can control the device at their convenience at the base. There is a usbc charging port, so users can recharge the device when they need to an 8 megapixel front. Camera is located nicely on the front of the device, so users can capture selfie shots as and when they like. There are triple cameras located at the back of the device: a 16 megapixel main rear, samsung camera, along with a 5 megapixel macro lens and 2 megapixel portrait lens all fitted nicely, so users can capture shots in a wider variety of styles. Lets power it up the device boots up with the hot wave logo on first use. The user interface looks really smooth and simple, not overly bloated and complexed. Unlike some other devices, it runs on android 11, which is one of the newest version. At the time of filming lets check out the camera interface, it is neat and has an easy and straightforward user interface, where users can simply point and shoot. It focuses pretty quickly and images are captured, promptly. Lets check out some shots. Images captured, look clear and crisp. Now lets test out the video mode on the camera simply point and capture. It has auto focus, so images stay clear during videography check out the test footage Music.

Both videos are captured in clear high definition. Great. There are multiple other modes of photography like bokeh macro night mode and more it has play store installed on the device, so users have access to the wide range of apps available on the play store now lets try playing a game on the hot wave smartphone gameplay Is smooth? There is no lag experienced when i am running the game on the device thanks to the mediatek cortex a53 processor, that works together with the four gigabyte ram and reasonably sized 64 gigabyte storage to ensure a smooth and efficient usage experience. A handy, flashlight application is included to enable users to illuminate their pathway during darkness. There is a handy toolbox which contains a compass for navigation, along with a sound meter to measure noise, amongst other different handy tools that people who go camping, hiking or traveling can use. Lets check out the video quality on the device. The video quality is pretty good. It uses a 6.3 inch hd plus water drop display, which is good for streaming. Videos or gaming lets proceed to test its rugged rating. It is rated ip68 and ip69k rugged waterproof. I have dropped it several times in this test, along with making it wet underwater. I also used a hammer to test its durability with a few knocks to the screen. There are no cracks on the screen after a few wipes, it still works great overall. The wide range of features the hotwave cyber8 rugged smartphone offers is pretty decent.

It is not overly expensive, and yet it comes with a super huge battery pack of 8280 milliamps, which allows for longer usage time on a single full charge. The camera also works great. During my use, the design and aesthetics of the device is great too. If you want to know more about the hotwave cyber8 find out more with the link in description. Thank you for watching.