You got the oneplus note 2, the galaxy a52 s5g a bit of pixel action. There are so many good mid range blowers that ive done a whole video on the best ones. You can grab right now for your cash and it is proper good and you should definitely go watch that little cracker. If i do see this one myself and so into this phrase, staggers the motorola moto g200 5g, if you absolutely have to put a 5g on the end, the most expensive, moto g handset at ‘9, of your great british pounds and one of the most powerful phones At this price, with its snapdragon 888 plus chipset, so yeah theres, no denying that the motorola motor g200 5g has got some serious grunt. But what about the rest of the overall experience? Well, ive had my sims slapped inside of this bad boy for the last week, or so says by full in depth the motorola moto g200 review and for more on the latest, the greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so the moto g200 may have some impressive innards, but the exterior isnt, quite as snazzy motorolas design, doesnt feel as premium as some of those big mid range rivals with a plastic frame rather than glass. Thankfully, after a week of misadventure, there are no scratches or scuffs anywhere on that plastic frame, and the display is still in perfect nick as well. Even though theres no pre installed screen protector uh, the only bad thing is the back end does get rather mucky.

After just a wee bit of handling, but once you give it a bit of spit and polish, this stellar blue motor blower looks smart enough and i like the way that that distinctive camera housing slopes subtly away from the surface, definitely helps to give the moto g200 A little bit character and set it apart from the more basic budget friendly motorolas. But despite the plastic frame, the motorola moto g200 still weighs over 200 grams, and yet it is a serious handful at 6.8 inches its one of the biggest mobiles of 2021, especially with a bit of proper fat lip action down below. So you most definitely want to tackle this thing with two hands as far as the water resistance goes, its ip52 water repellent so at least the moto g200 could get a bit moist no worries at all, but if you want full on water resistance at this price Point youll have to look at something like samsungs galaxy, a52, 5g. Now the software experience of the moto g200 has its good and its bad points. So though, overall it is very enjoyable. Bad point number one is that, even though android 12 is now a thing, weve still got the creaky old android version 11 here on the moto g 200 out of the box and as for when its actually going to get that upgrade to android 12, while not Even mystic, friggin meg would be able to tell you that one and then looking even further into the future, assuming that human civilization hasnt collapsed by then, and the subject of android 13 theres no guarantee this motor roller blower is gon na get that update.

Motorola says it will consider it in the future uh but yeah. You dont get the same sort of reassurance that you do with the likes of a google blower or a nokia or a oneplus, but they guarantee at least two os updates and also as far as security updates go. Motorola tends to be not quite as quick again as some of its rivals, so definitely worth bearing in mind still. I do adore the stock android vibes here enhanced by a few bonus bits of mod rollers own concoction. Youve got loads of helpful gesture controls to speed up simple tasks like opening up that camera and switching on the torch and theres lots of other useful tools. Bund on this thing as well, including mod rollers, ready for feature which allows you to hook up to likes. For a computer or a television either using a cable or wirelessly as well, so you get all your apps up there on a big display if youre fan of your pub gs or your call of dutys, whatever youve got the motorola game. Time feature as well, which i will bang on about in a bit. Youve got an edge mounted fingerprint sensor, which does struggle a bit when your fingers are even a little greasy or moist, but you do have the option of face unlock as well as long as you arent all masked up. Obviously, another minor grumble is the fact that youve got that dedicated google assistant key shoved over there on the left.

Edge cant be remapped to any other apple feature annoyingly, but it can just be completely ignored. I found it was shunted far enough up that edge that i didnt accidentally push it when i was trying to shove my phone back in my pocket. Anything like that now, as well as that whole update situation, another area where the moto g200 falls a little short of the competition is that epic sized 6.8 inch display. This is an ips screen rather than the oled tech that most drivers serve up. So contrast isnt quite as eye pleasing and colours arent as bold while you still have hdr10 support and on the default saturated modes, more vivid images, still pack a respectable punch plus, while most oled displays peak at 90 hertz refresh rate here on the moto g200. It goes all the way up to 144 hertz good for your supported games and other content might knack at all guys. Cant tell the difference between 1944, but regardless its a silky smooth experience on the audio front. Things look quite bleak to begin with, on the moto g200 youve got a basic mono speaker setup that isnt exactly super powered, plus on top of that theres bugger, all headphone jack action, but thankfully, that bluetooth 5.2 wireless connectivity worked a charm ive been streaming to a Lot of headphones and speakers over the past week or so and absolutely you know, jedizor stumbles decent range on it as well, and youve got the full dolby atmos support as well.

So i can again just uh tweak the audio performers just to suit whatever youre up to at the time. Be it streaming a bit of music, better podcast action kick about some netflix whatever. Now. One of the key advantages of the moto g200 is the snapdragon 888 plus system on a chip which runs the show backed by eight gigs of ram everyday running is smoother than my increasingly baldy bones, especially with the display jacked all the way up to that 144hz Mode full time, while games such as gentian impact play on boosted, detail settings without chugging much at all, i did see the occasional jitter and paws here and there, but nothing too horrific. Thankfully, motorolas game time feature is steadily grown as well, so it now offers a solid range of tools to help keep you focused and even stream your session online. If you like, however, the horse end of the moto g200 does get a little bit toasty if youve been gaming for a while. So if gaming is one of your major priorities, i would say maybe look to a dedicated device like the black shark or the red magic with built in coolant and the moto g200s mighty frame hides away. A 5 000 milliamp capacity battery definitely good size for sure. But my first couple of days with the moto g200 that battery knife was shonky. At best i found the phone was running desperately dry uh. Before i staggered to bed in the evenings, i had to really limit what i was doing with the thing in case it just completely keeled over, but thankfully, after those first two days, the moto g200 sorted itself out and then the battery life was fine.

I found i generally had about a quarter of the tank remaining and by the time i finally did stagger into beds and thats with plenty of skyping plenty of audio and video streaming. Camera play all that good stuff and when it is time to recharge weve, got 33 watts fast charging uh, which isnt particularly nippy, but at least you do actually get a 33 watt charger. Bundled in the box. Now lets take a proper peep at the camera tech, which is headed here by a mighty 108 megapixel sensor. I, although the auto modes 91 pixel binner, means that you end up with 12 megapixel photos and theyre pretty bloody good 12 meg picks on the whole. My test shots came back with sharp detail and accurate skin tones in medium to good lighting. I did see some saturation when i was shooting against tougher conditions, but only a little and the moto g200 occasionally returned a blurry shot when moving subjects were involved, but thats. The limit of my complaints in more ambient light, the moto g200 holds up pretty well often respectable detail levels compared with some of the competition and if things get proper, dark, well, modbullers night mode can help out by brightening things up, although with the usual grainy caveats, As for the 13 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter well its one of the better efforts at this price, capturing images that arent starkly different in terms of tone, but it does a pretty good job in strong light and, finally, the last lens slapped on the back end Of the moto g200 is your basic 2 megapixel depth sensor, theres no telephoto shenanigans here, but thats pretty rare at this price point now, while you can shoot 8k resolution video on the moto g200, i stuck with 4k for most of my test clips.

So i didnt absolutely annihilate my available storage plus. The stabilization is pretty to that maximum res. Overall, video can look a bit flat and grainy and more ambient light, but the moto g200 did well with these lit up night scenes as well as everyday shenanigans with strong and clean audio capture, decent stabilization of that ultra hd level, and no focal issues. And last up the moto g200 sports, a 16 megapixel selfie shooter, which makes me look very gammony in bright daylight. But apart from that, its okay, unless the light it can cook pretty well as long as things arent too dim, and that right there is what i think of the motorola moto g200 after used as my full time smartphone for just over a week, and as you Can see its quite an interesting proposition at this sort of price point? The strengths are definitely the performance for that snapdragon, 888 plus chipset and while full on hardcore gamers are probably gon na, be better served by an actual, dedicated gaming machine. This thing will definitely do the job and everyday users will be very, very satisfied by the super smooth performance and also, of course, the camera tech as well. I found was very good at this price point too. As for the weaknesses, well, the media chops on quite as strong here on the moto g200 as some rivals you dont have any oled tech. You dont have a stereo speaker, setup and no headphone jack and, of course, theres.

The android update situation too so thats. What i think, anyway, but what about you, find folk at home be great to your thoughts down in the comments below as well and for more on the lipstick and greatest tech.