The tech industry is very slow in december, but its fine were getting back there getting back there. Slowly, hey guys harsh here and welcome back to technology. Today were talking about the poco f3 gt. Poco f3 gt has been one of the most exciting smartphones this year and ive used it for a long period of time. I did not make a full review of it before, but i thought lets make a long term review of the poco f3 gt and thats exactly what we are doing today: Music, all right right off the bat lets talk about the design and build quality of this Smartphone, the poco f3 gt definitely stands out from the other smartphones out there like. As soon as you look at the smartphone, you will instantly realize that it is a very different and unique looking smartphone. It has that gaming vibe, but in a very subtle way, thats. The main thing about it, like its very subtle in terms of the gamer vibe, i really like the camera module and the led ring around it. The led ring can be customized and used as a notification led thats. A very smart use of that led ring love that feature apart from that, the phone itself is very comfortable in your hand, its not a bulky phone, despite of having a five thousand milliamp hour battery now, as far as the build goes, it is not the best Out there in this price range, because it comes with a metal frame, so glass on the front and back with a metal frame and thats.

A very good thing over here. Metal is definitely more premium than plastic and you can instantly feel the difference with the poco f3 gt. Also, the back does not attract a lot of fingerprints, its not a fingerprint magnet its a matte back panel, and i do appreciate that design wise. This phone is so good that you wont feel like using a case with it. Like trust me on that all in one in terms of design and build quality, i am very happy with the poco f3 gt moving on lets more attention towards the front of the phone with that display. This phone comes with a full hd plus 120 hertz amoled display. The amoled display is very good in terms of colors viewing angles and the brightness levels as well. It does not disappoint at all. Also, if you like to consume media on your smartphone, like movies, on netflix, videos on youtube, instagram reels or any form of content, then youre going to enjoy on this smartphone. The display is top notch and works like a charm. The cherry on the cake over here is that 120 hertz refresh rate 120 hertz, makes everything very smooth. Now this phone comes with a dimensional 1200 processor and that processor is easily able to handle the 120 hertz refresh rate. But with that being said, i have noticed a couple of frame drops here and there its not like the 120 hertz is perfect. I have noticed a couple of frame drops here and there, but all in all the display is top notch without a notch.

It comes with a hole punch, but you get my point. This gets me to the main thing with this smartphone and that is performance under the hood. This smartphone comes with the mediatek diamond city 1200 processor. This is a beast of a processor and works really well. If you want to play bjmi for a couple of hours, no problem whatsoever, if you want to watch netflix for 4 hours, no problem whatsoever, the performance on this phone has been really amazing. In 2021, mediatek has done a very good job, with their processors and diamond 3. 1200 is a prime example of that, its a very capable processor and everything works like a charm. If youre checking your emails, youre planning to whatsapp messages watching movies playing games or whatever you want to do, everything works very smoothly. Now a big part of performance is also software. This phone comes with me. Ui me ui for poco f3 gt is very well optimized like in the beginning. It was rough around the edges, but as and when it got software updates, it did get better and right now it is actually very good in terms of performance. Poco has done a good job over here in terms of the software optimization. Apart from the software, optimization miui is miui some people like it some people dont like it, some people really dont like it. I belong to the first category. I do like me ui and all its features with me: ui 12.

5. You can also uninstall some system applications, so that is just excellent. Xiaomi is listening, poco is listening and they are improving their software so thumbs up. For that. Also, none of the poco phones out there comes with ad poco has made that promise, and that is excellent. Now, if we compare the performance of the smartphone with oneplus note, 2 oneplus not 2 has a slight edge over there because of software optimization. So software optimization is definitely better on the oneplus note 2 and please make a note of that. But yeah oneplus not two might just blast off jokes apart. There have been some cases of blast with the oneplus note 2. So please read about them before you buy that smartphone, like please next point that comes in is battery life and charging. This phone comes with a 5000mah battery with 67 watt fast charging battery life on this smartphone has been amazing. It will easily last you throughout the day and some part of the next day as well. If youre a light user, then it might last you for a couple of days as well. Battery life has been awesome, even with 120 hertz. If you drop the refresh rate down to 60 hertz, then you will get even more battery life out of this smartphone on the charging side of things. It comes with a 67 watt fast charger inside the box itself, and this is the best part about this smartphone. Very fast charging, like literally you, can plug it in for five to ten minutes, and you will get a lot of juice to last you for like five to six hours.

That is just excellent. I really appreciate the 67 watt fast charging over here. Also, if you lose your charger, make sure to buy the same charger from xiaomi, because the cable is 1.6 amperes. You will require that cable for the full 67 watt fast charging. Please make a note of that all right. It is now time to talk about my favorite thing with any smartphone, and that is them cameras. So, on the right side there is a triple camera setup: a 64 megapixel primary camera, an 8 megapixel ultrawide angle, camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera. The primary camera does a very good job in terms of daylighting conditions. The photos are detailed, they are sharp and they have very good dynamic range as well. The shadows and highlights are exposed in a good way and the colors are not unnatural. Its not like the colors are too over saturated or undersaturated. The colors are natural and thats, exactly how i like them. The primary camera on the smartphone actually does a very good job, but if we compare it to one plus, not two oneplus, not twos primary camera is definitely better. Oneplus has done a very good job with the not two in terms of the primary camera. In fact, ive done a dedicated comparison between both of these phones and, if you want to watch that ill make sure to drop a link to it in the description box below now. What about the ultra wide angle, camera? The ultraviolet camera is actually good on the poco f3 gt.

The photos turn out to be awesome with a very good perspective. Good amount of detail, decent dynamic range and the colors are natural as well. It is better than the oneplus note 2 in terms of the ultra wide angle, camera. Now, as far as low light photography goes, you do get a dedicated night mode and night mode is kind of okayish. It definitely could have been better now. Dont get me wrong. You can shoot some awesome photos with night mode, but it could have been better like poco can improve it. With software updates on the front side of things. Theres, a 16 megapixel, selfie camera and selfies from the smartphones are awesome. The selfies are detailed. The skin tones are natural and you will get a very pleasing image to the eye thats. What matters you do get a pleasing, selfie out of the poco f3 gt. I have no complaint with the selfie camera. It works really well all in all. In terms of the cameras, the poco f5 gt is up there with the competition like one plus, not two might beat the poco f3 gt in terms of the main camera, but the ultra wide and front camera are better on the poco f3 gt. If you want the best camera smartphone in this price range, then do not look at both of these phones. You should go for the ico 7, because that is the best camera smartphone in this price range.

This gets me to other little things. The speakers on poco f3 gt are amazing, theyre very loud and clear as well. They do not distort they. Give you a very clear sound, and i really appreciate that the speakers are amazing. Now this phone also comes with two physical triggers for gaming. These are called as maglev triggers and you can map them to specific buttons in your game. These triggers are of very high quality and work really well, you kind of have an advantage with the smartphone because of the physical triggers. The physical triggers are very satisfying and clicky and you can take the full advantage of them. I really appreciate the physical maglev triggers as far as biometric authentication goes. You do get a physical fingerprint sensor on the power button itself, its fast accurate and works really. Well. I have no complaints with the fingerprint sensor. All in all, the foco f3 gt is a complete package. I really like this smartphone, especially because of the design and build quality. It is something different stands out while giving you very good performance battery life charging and cameras. As well its a complete package – and you should definitely check it out – i will make sure to drop a link to it in the description box below so anyway. This was my long term review of the poco f3 gt. Do let me know how you like this video in the comment section down below if you like this content, go ahead that like button, if you havent already please subscribe to the channel, it would mean the world to me.