If youre tight on a budget or simply is just looking for a decent smartphone for the coming holidays, so lets do this Music, okay, so first things first lets talk about the display. The display on the narso 50i is a 6.5 inch ips lcd display. This actually fits the bill in terms of what is considered standard in 2020 to 2021.. This basically means youre not missing out on screen in real estate, allowing you to see more content without spending way past your budget. In terms of resolution, it has a 720 by 1600 resolution, which basically translates to a 720p screen with a 20×9 aspect ratio and a pixel density of 270 ppi in the general sense. The screen of the narso 50i in terms of overall quality youre, getting a good amount of screen with punchy colors and even with a 720p screen, the element scene looks very crisp. Making this one of the best lcd screens you can get for the price range. I mean sure some would even want a higher resolution, but that would surely bump up the price, but even then the screen is still one of the major selling points of this device. In my honest opinion, in terms of photography, the narzo 50i comes with a single 8 megapixel lens and a 5 megapixel front facing camera. This is probably one of those elements that most consumers would overlook because of what is considered common for most is by having a triple camera configuration or a quad camera configuration.

However, based on my testing, the narso 50i can actually produce great photos and, if you happen to know how to use applications like vsdo or snapseed, pictures taken with the narso50i can actually turn out great and very professional in terms of video recording. This is probably where there was a bit of a struggle since the device didnt come with ois or eis. However, if stationary the narso 50i can still give you a decent video recording experience in terms of gaming, the norms of 50i comes with an acceptable performance, considering the price point and all – and i was actually surprised considering, i was able to play games like call of Duty mobile, of course the graphics wont, be like a flagship counterpart where you can max out everything, but with a decent amount of internet connectivity, you can still play games on the fly, which i think is the important part. Now, because the narzo 50i comes with a 5 000 milliamp battery and with a watered down specification, a 720p screen, the battery life is amazing. On a single charge, i was able to leave the device idle and on standby for a few days and still had enough power to go through one to two days. Charging the device can take about a little over an hour, but the overall battery performance is great. This basically means the level of optimization for real me. Go goes at par with android go now speaking of android.

Go lets now talk about the os. The 950i comes with realmigo, which is basically realmes. Take on android go now. Android go is a light ui for googles, os found on a pixel device and because it is well optimized for entry level devices. The overall performance is smooth. Normally smartphones at this price point can become slow over time, but because this is running, googles lighter os. I can honestly say this: can last a lot longer as opposed to the competition, even transitioning from the main screen to the app drawer. Opening apps and closing the animation is smooth. So, in summary, the real menard 050i is priced at around 6290 pesos, which in dollars is around just a little over 100. In my honest opinion, considering the cost of what youre paying for you get three essential features. That, in my opinion, are what i consider the core of any smartphone. A beautiful 6.5 inch screen a 5 000 milliamp hour battery that can easily last through the three days on a single charge, and my personal favorite is the ui, which i think is the major selling point of the narso 50i, with a smartphone as budget friendly. As this packed with essential features that really matter to consumers without a doubt, this is my top pick for budget centric smartphones in 2021.. Now, if by any chance, youre looking to get one for yourself ill, be throwing some details in the description down below and thats pretty much it for my full review of the real meat naruto 50i.

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