Cgt talk, we talk about tech stuff. We have a look at things that will make you money, active income, passive income playing money and crypto, but we also do something else. We review gadgets or stuff today were going to have a look at the next smartphone, its called the sony, xperia 10 mark iii and ive added a cover. The new style cover that you can use and place to watch videos, which is a nice extra feature, so lets have a look and start with the unboxing lets start with the unboxing of the xperia 10 3.. As you can see its a standard box like most phones coming inside, we find the phone. Of course we do. This is the main piece, what else a manual of course, some more little manuals. A charger now do keep in mind that in some countries you can buy this phone without the charger. I personally think its a good thing, because many of us have already got tons of chargers and some headphones now for me personally again, this is something you can just cut, because hardly anyone uses it and we already got a lot of them as well. Then we have the cover that will be unboxing well thats, just it some manuals, quite strong cover, simple, really solid, didnt expect it like it. So let us charge the phone and then well see how it all works. So lets have a look at the phone. First of all, on the side i found this piece which hides two sim cards, or one sim card and an msd slot.

Now the fact that its hot swappable is an advantage, although not many people, really use it anymore. On the other side, we have the volume keys, the plus domain, the sensor, any key which you can dedicate anything to you want, which is nice on the bottom. We have our usb connection, it is a type c 3.1 and on the top we do have a hole for a jack which we dont see these days, often on phones, its a nice feature for those who dont want to use bluetooth for their cables or stuff, And then lets have a look. We got a nice six inch screen its an oled. It covers about eighty point, three percent of the phone itself, the front which is normal these days, and it has a gorilla glass type 6, which should mean its strong. Now it came out of the box without the screen protector, which i personally really like. I dont like the screen protector thats on it, because after two days, its already dusty and stuff like that. So no thank you now whats inside of this well theres a snapdragon sm, 6350. 5G. So this phone is 5g capable what about processing power? Well, its a standard 2 keto gold at 2, gigahertz and 6 silver versions at 1.7. They added 128 gigabyte of internal memory, and it runs on 6 g ram. So 6g ram is great, its good i like it. It doesnt need to be less or more, and now we have the camera as well.

As you can see, theres more than one these days all very standard. You got a one thats 12 megapixels, two others that are eight. We got a flash now. It does have optical zoom two times not more because well. Yeah smartphones are smart and were still working it out to have actual zoom. Now, keep in mind that sony makes most modules for other brands like samsung apple. Most of them will host a sony camera, which is great. They really have some good quality cameras, alpha shots and stuff, like that. Even now, im recording this with a sony camera awesome in the front. We also have a small camera, which is eight pixels the front. You can film in the hd in the back its 4k, of course, anything else well inside the battery, which is also important, its 4500 milliamps, which is a lot this phone really tested well in terms of enduring so wonderful. Now i have to say at this moment of recording theres a light version of this device. The difference is, is theres a bit less ram and internal memory, but again, at this time of recording it is only available in japan. So all the others are getting the normal version in this one. As you can see, i already got some of the apps on here that im personally, using and ive reviewed them on the channel again, if you want to keep up to date with how to make some extra money be sure to hit the thumbs up and subscribe.

So anything else i can say well, this is just a decent phone. Sony has hardly any market share below one percent, but they really make decent phones theyre, just not into making ads that cost tons of money. Thats why this phone also costs about 400 euro 400. So its a good value for money, ive been using sony phones for many years had some other brands, but i always come back to sony. Well also show you how it works with the cover stand, so you can just have it like that or you can flatten it out its decent. Its solid, it wont budge. Style of the phone is great, of course, again. Sony makes a lot of chips and sensors for other companies, so its normal that they have the advantage because they make all the stuff playstations tvs, all the things all the sensors come from them, which is awesome. So if you never had a sony, give it a try, they really are nice neat and good value for money, thats it for this quick review. So the conclusion is its a really nice smartphone great value for its money, strongly built excellent battery really tested. It really good one. I myself use it as a second phone, because i just have two phones, one for work, one for personal, its a great one. The holidays are coming at a time of recording of this video, so just have a look at it. At least its really nice fun, but that was it for today be sure to subscribe press the like button.