How smooth 4 can transform your mobile videos into a hollywood? Masterpiece use the unique handwheel and hotkeys for precise control of all your camera settings. Without touching, your phone, smooth, zooming in precise focus by using our follow focus, hand, wheel smoothly, zoom in and out or hit the follow focus button and you can control the focus manually. Use phone go mode for instant scene transition, intuitive one click mode switch our most powerful handheld gimbal compatible with phones of all size. For the first time, mobile filmmakers can perform a film level vertigo shot with your phone shoot in beautiful, slow motion easier and smoother than ever. Object. Tracking, with smooth 4 is a breeze simply frame up the object you want to track on and smooth 4 will do. The rest using ai technology, smooth 4, is a time lapse and hyperlapse expert featuring the most comfortable handle grip with hammer paint texture over 10 hours of battery life, with an easy to see battery indicator on the side and the unique clip design keeps smooth 4 compact. While traveling and ready for action smooth 4 turns your mobile phone into a professional filmmaking camera allowing you to create cinematic masterpieces without the hollywood budget, smooth 4 born for mobile filmmakers. Now is the time to captivate your audience with the worlds most advanced, smartphone stabilizer redesigned to accommodate todays, most popular smartphones, action cameras and 360 cameras. The evo sp pro gen 2 sets the standard for next level.

Camera stability, crafted from cnc aircraft grade aluminum this industry leading 3 axis gimbal, can support a 260 gram payload all while maintaining unlimited 360 degree want a change of view. The built in quarter 20 thread on the handle allows you to mount the sp pro to any tripod or monopod, giving you the ultimate freedom to produce a variety of shots in a compact, lightweight and portable setup, with up to 14 hours of battery life. The sp pro gen 2 gives you access to advanced camera settings on the handle. They also allow you to control, zoom and focus while filming just like high end cinema cameras create stunning point to point. Motion time lapses to view the world from a whole new perspective capture stunning panoramas, with the evo remote app make high end cinematic visuals come to life right from your phone capture, your vision and unchain, your creativity with the evo sp pro gen 2, and as always, We remind you, keep it smooth, my friends, keep it smooth introducing the new moza mini s, a flexible smartphone gimbal, packed with many features with the new foldable design. You can sustain a steady and secure stabilized video. Wherever you are Music, you can use the shutter button to take instant photos. The moza mini s is quick to balance and ready to shoot in anytime anywhere. The reachable switch knob allows you to transition from landscape to portrait mode in less than a second, with just one click.

You can also access the signature inception mode Music with the moza genia. The tracking has never been so simple. The auto tracking feature in the moza genie will take care of your frame, no matter where you move the control keys, allow you to zoom in or out on the subject and helps your shot consistently stay in focus. You can also make cool vertigo effects. Music. The advanced modes for your time lapse and motion lapse, make everything so much easier. Music, the new moza mini s, allows you to film an excellent stabilized video, just as you imagined it. Music power vision. S1 is everything you need Music when youre at home outdoors. In the gym or making videos its easy to unfold and equipped with the power of magnets for keeping your phone firmly attached during use its the perfect companion for smartphones, the 3 axis gimbal delivers stabilized videos and smooth camera movements. So, even when youre traveling, vlogging or working out, you get clear and steadier images all created at your fingertips. The built in stand frees up your hands. While you make the magic happen, the standalone phone case protects and provides a great viewing angle. Working from home and video conferencing have never been easier, live streaming on social media, while ai tracking keeps you in the center will make you shine like a star use. Ai gesture control for taking photos, activating tracking or recording videos, but theres, more Applause, facial recognition and power follow are so fast and accurate.

They make every angle the perfect angle, smart, editing, sharing with one click and creating viral content for social media. Like a pro Music say goodbye to battery anxiety power, vision, s1 is also a wireless power bank and delivers pass through charging fast. Charging technology keeps your gadgets and you connected all the time, easily release the magnetic power to attach the s1 anywhere power vision. S1. The perfect companion for smartphones mini but powerful, the benro 3xs and 3xs lite revolutionized the way that smartphones were able to be used to create incredible content, whether capturing quality, professional content and landscape mode or shake free vertical shots to help your social media game rise to The top the benro 3xs and 3xs lite deliver. Now we are making it even easier to take advantage of all of the features these gimbals offer by making the 3xs and 3xs light available in a single package with the saramonic smart mic, mini benro is making storytelling and creating pro level shots with audio even easier By plugging in the now included, smart mic mini to the 3.5 millimeter trrs port on the handle of the benro 3xs and 3xs lite. You can record high quality audio directly to your smartphone, while operating your gimbal plus an integrated swivel enables you to point it directly. At the sound you want to capture this, swivel makes it simple to switch between interview and vlog style shots Music by combining the ultra compact and lightweight smart mic mini with the folding design of the benro3xs.

You can take your high quality content. Capturing rig with you anywhere that you go Music to me, hong kong is about one thing. I love the food thats good im, debbie, wong and im a food blogger. The osmo mobile is my secret ingredient, giving me buttery, smooth shots street food restaurant food home food. If i can eat it im going to with my osmo mobile, i can film my story exactly the way i imagine it back in the kitchen, its my personal camera crew. It lets me get those salivating food shots Music using active track. It automatically keeps me in the frame wherever i move, Music after every shoot id like to give my viewers a taste of whats to come. Editing only takes a few taps and my video is ready to go.