This is the gimbal um its lighter than ever, but it still can last for 6.5 hours, its its its the lightest since since ever actually its the lightest than dji om3 lm4 is because of the smaller battery pack inside but uh first things first. So lets talk about ergonomics and build quality, so ergonomically economically, we can expect a good product from dji they already um are very experienced with with those gimbals. This is fifth version of it, so its a really really really good mobile gimbal, and one of the things that i like the most is this magnetic clip, so its very easy to have it on your camera or under the you know, cover camera cover and youre Good to go youre just clipping it on and thats the easiest way you can. You can expect, then. The second thing is how it falls. It falls really good. It feels really good its super small when you just you know, if you dont need this thing, you can really basically have it even in your pocket, maybe not in your pocket, but maybe in a little little little bag, womans back or mens back whatever. So its really compact, when packed – and you get this thing with this gimbal in package – you get little, you know thank you thing and you can uh buy something um extra. This is like this magnetic clip with a light. Uh worm called double thats it so, and you have the switch button here on the back, so you have accessories you have, but this is.

This is not included in the box. This is not included in the box. This is an extra thing, but in the box you get these things plus charging, cable and thats pretty much all you need, because the idea of dji om, four or five its simplicity, it has to be small, it has to be compact. You dont want to take all the stuff. You know like a lot of loggers carry around, but you just want your camera and your gimbal and you should be good to go so lets lets see if you really are good to go so lets uh see how fast is it to set it up im Putting this clip on, let us see how that works. All right, i guess i put it upside down because dji logo is should be like. You know all right like that. Dji all right lets see we clipped it on perfectly now. Lets turn it on double click and lets see what happens so its on the left and mode m button, and we are in so easy as that, and we are ready to go. The only thing you have to install is dji m e m, o um memo. Did you have memo app and when you have it installed, when you turn on the gimbal, it will ask you if you want to connect these two devices and thats it its all done. It will get you through a very simple, quick and easy and nice and well designed tutorial, and it works.

So basically, first impression is that its a really good gimbal, but of course i played around with it quite a while – and i have some extra observations here. So uh first thing i want to do is i want to do. I want to take you through the tutorial um, because all the buttons are pretty obvious. You have joystick to control. You know the rotation of the gimbal. You have record button, you have a selfie mode and frontal camera switch here on this panel. Then you have mode which switches us between photo and video mode or you can access quick menu uh by pressing it, and then you have this trigger. That turns on active track for zero or turns it off and you can um. You know, set gimbal to initial position when double press and then you have the zoom uh. You know here the zoom button here, so you can zoom it in zoom it out and thats pretty much pretty much. It very easy to understand so lets talk about the app itself, because there are some improvements here. Basically, most of the things are pretty uh simple. So when you go on the very right corner, you have sorry on the very right side, you have modes, so you have video mode. You have obviously photo. Oh sorry, you have photo mode. You have panorama mode which takes nine pictures and stitches it for you now. So that you can have you know wide angle, shots of of what you see this is pretty pretty cool, then you have a story mode, which is something new and something i want to tell you about so, basically, its its a pretty cool guide to filmmaking.

Actually so it will take you shot by shot step by step, how to create pretty cool uh videos of you in the city of your friend in the city, um, amazing stuff, so, for example, uh. When you start it will tell you to follow uh with your gimbal behind the person for 5.7 seconds, then it will tell you to walk side by side with the person you are filming and it will tell you to do that for 6.2 seconds and in the End when you go through all these shots, like you know that you can see in the left upper left corner. When you go through all the shots, it will basically put the video together. It will do the transitions and it will add it will add sound effects. So this is pretty pretty cool and this is something new and updated um. Then, of course, something if you go down, you have something that you would expect. You have hyperlapse time lapse, but also you have dyna zoom, which is a dolly zoom effect that you could uh already experience in om4, which is you know like it zooms out, while you zoom in or opposite so it creates this dramatic effect of growing or shrinking Background behind a person, pretty cool all right, so one of the things you have like like extra things in um, besides like things that are pretty uh obvious, like a switch of selfie mode – and you know, switch off frontal camera here, selfie frontal, upper right corner and Indicators of how many battery, how much juice you have in your phone and indicator, how much juice you have in your gimbal.

You also have something that is called shot list, and you have themes like lifestyle, food, different kind of themes that are designed to help you to create a list of shots. For example, if you have cooking channel it will actually teach you filmmaking. This is really really cool cool and it will show you how to uh, create good shot of your kitchen entering the kitchen you know like preparing to to to to you know, to take the food from the fridge, washing ingredients and so on, and so on. So pretty pretty cool and actually it can teach you step by step, how to uh make films and then you have on the left side of it. You have switch between automatic and manual mode when it comes to videos and photos, so you can basically choose iso and shutter speed. Then you have resolution and fps, so you can basically choose video frame rate resolution. So if you want 720p 1080p on 4k, if your phone obviously is capable of that and how many frames per second, you want that to happen, and then you have beautify effects. So basically, when you tap this little face here and uh switch from on to from off to on uh, you can choose between auto uh wait a minute. Let me show you one trick here, so i have it on auto, slim, smooth, lighten, enlarge and so on and so on rosy. So, basically you can add some special effects to your own face.

Let me show you how it enlarges my eyes, so these are normalized and these are huge eyes. You see, i look like alien, so basically, this is um and this is uh pretty obvious what it does. So everybody can test for himself and then, when you click this three dots on the left bottom corner of the screen, you get uh pretty useful things like you can set white balance. You can turn on or turn off grid like this rule of thirds that i have on. You can actually turn it off boom and its gone. And then, when you click on the middle one, you get gimbal settings uh, which can allow you to switch from follow mode to tilt, lock mode to fpv mode or spin shot. That makes this. You know spinning shots thats, pretty obvious and then, which is something that i really uh reset theres a gimbal calibration. You can do it manually done and uh something that i really appreciate is zoom speed and control stick speed. So, basically, between slow, medium and fast, you can choose how fast this zoom slider works here and how fast it will rotate when you use the joystick. So this is actually pretty cool and um. I like it and then you have the boring menu where you can and per your device where you can check your uh change your device name or check version info of your firmware and thats pretty much it when it comes to app and then, when you click This upper right corner icon here, then you switch to selfie mode.

Let me just move this gimbal away from me and active track turns on automatically. You see it turns on automatically. It follows me without any problem. I can move really quick and it does a very, very good job. So, as you see this works flawlessly, and i actually really really like it – and this is something really cool and when i did review on om4, you were asking okay, but can i um track myself when im in uh? You know front camera when i feel myself with front camera. Those cameras are no argue better than selfie camera, so most of you will want to use this camera. So, yes, it tracks you now with this uh. This gimbal can track you now in. As i show you before, in with frontal camera super wide angle, like i mean wide angle on my phone, this is the stability desk im just walking casually, nothing special, no super style, just walk in the car is coming, and now we will switch to normal camera Center and well follow my son. Okay, follow him and see what and explore the city. Look at that tv hell, take it for mom, okay in the camera. Oh, we have to switch. Are we recording okay, and this is selfie mode, and this is a flower for mom, okay, so thats it? I think that pretty much shows you how stable it is so were coming back to my wife and now im casually walking nothing special, just and its stable.

I got ta say hes, pretty stable, oh somebodys, following me, there hey timmy, come lets, go back to mom. You want to. You want to show another flower. Look at that now we can use a selfie stick, so we can see more. Oh timmy! Look at that! Look at that and its a very convenient way to vlog. Really you just need your phone and this thing and you have stable footage and it could show everything around you. So one of the things i learned like using this, you know uh gimbal in the field like, as you saw like stability tests, some footage there is that uh. I know for some of you. It may be obvious, but just for those of you that are new to gimbals, that you have to basically use this thing here to twist it. So, basically, if you do like that, you dont bend it then um. You will be basically filming. You know the ground. Uh, so if you really want to have this angle, then you have to level yourself and then you see re center. The gimbal double click here and you film straight or if you want to do it even more like like that, just hold it like that and have a stable footage of of of the things you see you really see um, then you have to keep it in That position so overall its a great gimbal uh, you may complain about you – know, decreased battery life.

However uh. What also decreased is the weight of it and the size of it when folded and when unfolded, and you get something really really cool extra, which is the selfie stick. So this makes this gimbal, i think, an ultimate travel gimbal for all those that want to film or take photos with their phones. Of course, if you want something for the camera, then you have to look at something different, but this you know magnetic clip on thing. Just just it just works, so if you guys are uh wondering if i do recommend dji on five, definitely, yes, its a great tool, its a great toy, also like you can have it as as you know, something fun for weekends to to enjoy with friends. But you can also vlog. You can also run youtube channel on it without any problems at all once again uh. This is yatex uh, akkajak, sputnik and uh. If you like this video, please dont forget to like and leave thumbs up, please dont forget to subscribe. It helps me a lot and tell me in comments if you found something about dji om, that you want other users to know and if you are planning to buy it or not or if you are planning to buy previous versions of om series.