Yes, it has been a long time that i did not make a video okay, so today ill be uh, making an unboxing video for this uh xiaomi redmi 10 mobile phone smartphone. Okay. So before that dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and click on the notification bell for future video. Thank you, Music Applause, Music Applause. So this model is redmi: 10 color, carbon gray. Okay, it came with. Actually, this model came with three color: its a tree type, three model, color theres, a purple white and carbon gray and c blue. So this is a carbon gray. Okay and this model is six gig ram and one to eight big room right. So, okay, so lets unbox it. Okay still just got this from today. This morning, okay, Music, yeah powered by redmi right, see that okay, beautiful picking, okay. Well. So, oh okay, this came with the silicon case, beautiful, transparent, came it originally, okay, which is the con case, and these are the manual book right manual book. Okay, with a lot of language – and yes, tell me warranty notice – and this is the uh quick guide or safety information – sorry, its a safety information. Okay. So we have this uh silicon case right. So there you are redmi 10 okay, so this model comes with the storage ram. Okay uh, as i mentioned six gig, and one to it, kick roam: okay and the dimension. Okay. The weight is 181 gram, whoa, okay, very, very light.

The camera back camera is a 50 megapixel, its an ai quad camera with dual speaker: okay, the the most popular of this uh phone. It uses an uh, it uses uh. What you call this adaptive sync display right: its a 6.5 inch full hd right, okay and uh. The processor is octa core up to 2.0 and the battery came with 5000 milli, ampere, okay, wow and support 18 watt fast. Charging wonderful, okay, so lets see whats else inside the boxes. Okay, it came with the original cable usb cable. This is the charging cable, also data, cable, okay, so it is a type c. Okay, come with type c, and this is the original xiaomi adapter right. Okay, come with two pin, and this is the output 5 volt or 3.0 ampere, okay, so its 3.0 ampere right. You sell me logo, so i think yeah thats, all theres, no earpiece, no headphone! Okay. So we have this item that came together right. Okay, so lets open up this one. Oh look at the lens. We have five lens, all sorry, four lens and one flash its the ai cam photography system: okay, whoa, very nice, carbon grey, whoa, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, its very light; okay, so its a 6.5 inch full hd and the pixel is 2400 and 1080 okay. So its a full hd theres, a sunlight display and also corning gorilla glass, 3 wow, okay, so the camera came with a 50 megapixel, okay and then uh, two megapixel of macro camera and also a two megapixel of depth.

Sensor, uh yeah that sensor all right, uh with the 8 megapixel of ultra white camera, okay, so theres a four lens here and the front camera is eight megapixel front camera. Okay, so the front camera video recording, theres a choice of uh. You can choose up to 720 hd or full hd, 1080p, okay and Music. Well, this is the side finger sensor. You can see that okay, its a set finger sensor, came with a ai face unlock. Also so this device came with is a dual sim card: dual sim card device and the expandable storage up to 5.2 gigabit, okay, and it support 4g, 2g, 3g and 4g, and also the wireless network that we support is bluetooth 5.1 and also support the 2.4 and 5 gig hertz of the wi fi system, and also support the fm radio and the audio. The audio came with dual speaker: dual speaker: okay, wow, so must be this and this dual speaker: okay with the 3.5 headphone jack and uh proximity sensor. Okay, ambient light sensor, electronic compass and with infrared blaster, okay wheres, the infrared okay lets find out later on the infrared sensor and its running on the android 11. Okay, so lets lets power up. Okay, lets power up. You are tada redmi powered by android thats. The reflection, okay, so lets wait: okay, okay, setup complete there we go yeah, okay, so its loaded up already, oh, very smooth, so just want to see the settings.

So this is all the setting okay about the phone. Okay. So, as you can see, theres a storage. Now its been used for 24.7 gigs use android version 11.. The security update is the quite latest first of august, all right nice, color screen. Okay, lets see the camera. Welcome to camera. Okay agree. Allow camera, okay, so wow looks clear, very clear: okay with ai video. Okay overall yeah, i like it so yeah, so i think yeah thats about it so feel free to check out the website. As i list the website here of this product at the below description. Okay, so thats all for today, and thank you for watching Music Applause.