We have our unboxing live knife ready with me and lets quickly open the box and see the contents of the package is going to be. I think one of their latest devices lets see which we had to receive for our review. So corner has come back to south africa and now they huawei no longer has a stake in honor brand. So owner is an independent company now other than huawei. So basically they are competitors now so lets see what is there in the package. So what we have in the package is a brand new honor 50 uh its in 5g. So lets quickly see the package and well unbox the package. Also so its honor 50 rom is 256 gb ram is 8 gb color is first crystal and other information is mentioned its made in china and the address is given uh its a dual sim phone thats. Why two? I my numbers are mentioned. It has this rainbow kind of effect on the box, as you can see, and then on the back. They have written um the frequencies which the phone will be operating on: uh gsmw, cdma, lte, 5g, bluetooth, wi, fi, wi, fi 2 for 2.4 g, 2.5 g, 5g and nfc. So these are the various frequencies that the phone works on and other than that. The package is really simple, so lets quickly see the package and the contents inside the box so lets take out the plastic cover and um.

I think this this taking out the plastic cover is the best feeling uh when you review any device yeah. So this was a thin sheet of plastic, so well, take it out and throw it and then well open the package. So the package looks like this, so we have the smartphone wow. This is really nice. So before we see the contents lets take a look at the phone wow. This is really nice. This is really really nice and its like a perfect gift for any girl its because it look girlish so lets take this this thing out also, and then we know what it is so ill keep it here. So, as you can see, uh the phone color is really nice, its amazing and the camera Music. If i show you, the camera, openings are really really big so and theres. Something written on the camera which im able to read is ai, quiet, camera and then something is written. Like 108 megapixel, 108 megapixel, 1.1 uh one is to 1.9 a asph, so that is written so its like 108 megapixel camera and its really nice. Oh, these are my fingerprints, but the body and everything is really slim. As you can see, there are volume up and down and power on and off button on one side, and there is no usb 3.5 mm jack or something so, and this phones reminds me of previous generations of what do you say: uh samsungs phones, the the edges And everything is just like samsung so and but they have narrowed it a little bit.

So this is really nice and it has a honor logo on the on the bottom uh. The phone is really nice wow. I never expected this and so going further. What we have are some stickers from imi number and then we have a pin ejector sim ejector tool as well as we have the silicone case so which is a really nice silicon case, so lets install it on the phone and see so it gets uh very Well settled on the phone and will protect you, protect all the edges and everything and it it has a honor and coded onto the onto the cover. The cover is really nice and it makes the phone look sturdy and other than that. What we have in the box is uh on our supercharge Music on our supercharger lets see how much water is maximum 66 watt charger. Is there and uh this charger will really uh charge the device in less than um, maybe 40 minutes or so fully. So as and when well charge it ill, let you know – and it comes in this um, what do you say, orange color, which is really nice six spot on our super charge. The device is really makes it really unique and what we have other than that is a usb uh type, usb to type c uh charging, cable and it will charge the device uh really really fast so and what what they have also provided in the package.

Are these um uh earphones, which is really nice, and they are also like usb type c, so these are really looking like um. You know apple airports, as you can see, the design and everything is just similar, so its the best of both the words they have. They made the phone just look like samsung and the earpods are just looking like Music, huawei or apple devices and thats it. There is some theres, only a single single quick start guide, as mentioned in the package, and this that is just to tell as to how to open the sim tool so thats it for this video. And if you have any questions regarding the smartphone, kindly uh, please get in touch with me and then follow me on facebook, instagram and on youtube. If you like, my video, then only you subscribe to my channel because if you dont like, then you are not going to watch right. So what whats the purpose of uh you know subscribing to my channel if you are not going to watch so in the next few days. I am going to review this device and this looks really really nice. So thank you owner for sending honor, 50 and uh. We will set it up and then see it in the longer run so lets quickly. Uh lets quickly do a startup and then see how does it come off, so it basically shows honor and its taking a lot of time.

You can see my canon m50 camera as well as road mic, using which im recording my videos, so it is taking a lot of time and the magic of name appears and then its ask you about the language and country you are in um. I select south africa and then it will say you for some of the so magic is the ui uh Music. What they have so well have to put the password Music. So we are connected to the 5g network. I am using rain network uh full fledged crane network at 999 ramps per month, which gives me like speed, downloads, uh, upload and download speeds of like 150 mbps per second, something like something like that which is really nice. So sometimes you have to be at the top of the package top of the game in case you are doing something on the internet, so its taking some time so so its asking for the google google account and let me quickly put them and then ill come Back so once i confirms it says that you want to and then once you go through all the settings, then the phone will get set up so well quickly, take pictures and everything using the phone, and then everything will be covered in my blog, which you can Check on my website, www.uh, www.thelifesway.com and ill complete nine years of blogging on this on this channel and then its a really really great landmark for me, which is im thankful to everyone, all the companies, all the brands, all the viewers, all the readers who has Music, Who has helped me in all these years, so they are taking as to how to play the thing and all so looking able try gestures is fine, go back so its going to take us through all the features and everything and then only its going to allow Us so we have completed tutorials and then lets see.

Lets click the finish, and this is the first screen that comes off and its really nice really really. Nice lets see the camera quality Applause Music, so we will go to the more and the professional one and then check as to if we can Music so yeah. So these are the various settings that they have and then visual resolution you can do it in 4k. Also and then you can choose your frame rates as well as i want you to check on the aspect. Ratio is fine, so you can add watermark, you can do floating shutter. There are so many settings and then so there are various various modes on this phone and then ill check it later. But for this review i think we can finish it here and they also have a honor club which lets check, lets check it out, and there is no owner club here lets see global ill agree and then they will show us various features they have available for The honor club members Music, or they have a modern magic moments, monthly challenge going on for smile, which i am going to participate, and then they have a honor 50 blog challenge ill. Also check that and thank you very much honor for sending the phone and ill quickly review it and see how is the quality and everything, but this looks really nice in your hands. This has multiple colors and it has this binge kind of feature.

A lot of glitter uh, its really a device for your wife and your daughter or someone you love. Thank you.