This is larry. Welcome back to today, i feel, like today were going to take a look at the free world. Tp2A smartphone teleprompter for dslrs were going to unbox it and take a look at it. So lets jump into it, and here we go all right lets go ahead and take a quick look around the box and then get everything out of it, and we can see right here. This is the free world tp2a portable smartphone, dslr teleprompter. It says wide angle lens ideal for video creators, so we can see on this side. It says free world tp2a teleprompter for smartphone and dslr. Recording farewell to forget. Words live record facing the camera, uh, confident and charming, and no more ngs, no more ng support, wide angle, lens, shooting, bluetooth, remote control. It says dslr phone smartphone tablet, lens adapter, ios and android app and bluetooth control so and on the back there we have a little bit of uh contact info as far as our address and such nothing really on on that side. On this side, we can see right here where it says: smartphone tablet, uh, prompting dslr recording supports below eight inches for smartphone, slash tablet, and it says: phone uh, smartphone tablet, prompting smartphone recording supports up to supports below eight inches for smartphone or tablet, so were going To need to make sure that we are below 8 inches with our tablet or our smartphone. So if you have something big may not work, all right lets go ahead and lets get this lets get this little cover off here and lets.

Get this thing this lid off of there and see what we get so im gon na toss it off to the side for a moment, and it looks like we are going to get some information here looks like maybe this is a user manual or something you Can see there, it says andy cine, because uh, i believe andy cindy is their parent company, so um a little qr sticker looks like theres going to be a little cleaning cloth there um im, not sure what that is. I guess its uh lets see. What is this here? I think this is oh just like a little. Thank you a little. Thank you note here so that you could uh, you know, be thanked anyways there we have that. Then we have the product instructions, so you can actually see how to operate. It here and uh this is, i think this is contact information for them in a warranty card, so there is that set all that off to the side. Here is the teleprompter itself there, as you can see so um yeah. This is, i believe, where your lens is actually going to go um right through here, and i believe there is a lens adapter theres lens adapters, so that itll fit right there. So ive never actually used a teleprompter, so im not exactly sure how this is going to work but well have to ill have to maybe try and figure this out when i actually have time so um yeah theres some quarter 20 threads on there, and this is Im not sure what this is going to do right there, but it looks like thats going to do something not really sure so yeah im about to figure all this out now, this inner part here it says its uh, 49 millimeters, so thats, something you should know And lets see what else were going to have in here.

It looks like lets see here. It looks like theres going to be a couple of boxes and let me see, let me set that off to the side. This is going to be the the bluetooth remote. So theres the remote. So if you are using this, you can uh. I believe this is going to allow you to scroll and uh and get to where it is. You need. There is an off on switch right there so that i believe thats, oh no, its key and key and game. I think it says yeah, i think it says key and game. I cant really read it, but i think that says game. It looks like sort of looks like a controller like a gaming controller, so uh yeah it does. It has x y a it, has x, x, y uh b and a so. It definitely looks like a gaming controller, so theres on off switch on there um. I believe this is going to uh its going to take some double a batteries in there aaa batteries. It looks like its going to take two aaa batteries that its going to use there so theres that we are going to also have. It looks like a number of lens adapters that you can use, so it looks like theres going to be 49 theres, going to be 77 theres, going to be 72 theres going to be 67, 62, 58, 55 and 52. So it looks like theres gon na be just about everything that one might need unless youre shooting, with something um with a lens that has either a very small um, a very small lens uh.

You know diameter up front or a very big one. So, if youre shooting with something like a little micro, four thirds lens like that a little olympus 45 or something like that, then maybe thats gon na be too small or if youre shooting with something that has like a big 82 inch uh. You know 82 millimeter, uh, front, uh, front element and yeah, maybe thats not thats, going to be too big instead of the other way where its too small, with the other lens, so anyways um yeah. I think these are your cell phone holders here so that you can get uh. You can put your phone or your tablets in here and not exactly sure what this is going to how this is going to be set up here, but there we go. That is uh yeah. I believe this is a. This is a note. Oh there we go. This is definitely the phone clip. This is a phone clip right there. So, and i guess you could use it with a. I guess you can use that with a um with a tablet as well, and it looks like theres a mount on there as well for like a cold shoe mount. Maybe if you needed to mount a microphone or something so yeah again, im not exactly sure how all this sets up, because well ive never actually used a teleprompter before, and so when i get time to try and review this, maybe ill have to set everything up And you guys, let me know if youre interested in actually seeing a full review of this product.

Let me know ill, maybe ill um. When i have time i can come back through with it and actually set it all up and uh and see how it actually performs in the real world. But if that, let me know if youre interested ill, do it. If youre not, then you know, i mean theres no point, but let me know if youre interested all right um and then we are going to get a a pouch so that we can uh. I guess we can carry this thing in. It looks like theres going to be a cleaning cloth on there as well, and then there is also in here some little cushions, so yeah im not exactly sure what those are for. I imagine ill have to go through. Let me see if i can get that put back, get these put back in properly so ill, get everything back in on. You know off camera, but it looks like ill have to go through this instruction manual and figure out how to actually install everything. So it looks like we got everything thats supposed to come with it um, so it does look like everything. Is there, but uh yeah im not really sure how all this stuff goes together, so well have to ill have to maybe try that out and see. So all right: well, there it is its uh, its definitely interesting. If you need a uh, if you need a teleprompter and youre looking for something, this is uh.

You know this is a a option for you now i can tell you if youre looking for a teleprompter if youve used one before you obviously know more about it than i do so, as you watch this unboxing, you can see if everything that you need is Going to be here, maybe theres something that you need thats not here, maybe you need something thats, bigger or whatever, but i just want to unbox it. So you can get an idea of what to expect if you get this product when you open the box up, if everything that you need is going to be here so there you go unboxing of the fill world tp. What is it the uh, its the uh tp 2a teleprompter for smartphones with dslrs, alright, everyone, so there we have it. That is it. That is a look at the feel world tp2a portable teleprompter. This is a smartphone tablet. Teleprompter tablet, if you have one thats under eight inches, so if you have something like a ipad mini or something of that equivalent, then you should still be able to use it. Otherwise, a smartphone should work fine with this, so yeah anyways. This was just an unboxing. If you do want to see a full review, video of this leave me a comment in the comment section letting me know you want to see it maybe ill us get to it next year after the new year or something but um.

In the meantime, this was an unboxing, so you can see all the stuff that comes with it and im going to leave a link to it down below in the video description so that you can check it out. Im also going to leave a link to my amazon page and my social media contacts. You can reach out to me elsewhere and i hope you enjoyed seeing this video.