So this is an unofficial version, but the developer has done some really good work and it is very stable, and this is the havoc os based on android 11, with the latest number security patch um. Its very smooth and ive been using it for over a week. Now so you can see these quick toggle options, and this has this very good effect and you have a lot of options to choose from so you can add a lot of extra toggles as well, and if you go to the the this is launcher settings you Can enable or disable the google widget and the font and the doc icons and everything. This is actually the serial launcher that you can also flash via my disc, and so it has very feature, packed uh launcher and its very stable as well no crashes or anything Music, and also, if you see you, can enable the google feed on the left side And if you want to look at the styles and wallpaper options, um to change the quick, toggles, icons and everything you can see, this is the style option. You can choose the accent, color font and the icon style. There are a lot of icons options to change. How it appears on the status bar and some fonts as well, so you can design on your own, which one you like the best and a lot of different colors to choose from as well more than you get in the stock.

You can see. I have changed. It to teal um the color. This is how it looks right now. Music also have changed the um, the number of icons to appear. If i check the safety net, you can see it passes by default, so you do not have to install magisk or something so and banking applications. Everything works, fine as well, so no issues there. So that is really a big relief that we can use banking applications on the custom, rom Music – and this is the gcam – and you can see all the three lenses are working, the macro, the ultra wide and the main lens. If you want, i will put the link of this g cam in the description. This is the macro lens, its a 2 megapixel, so its not a very high resolution, and this is the wide angle you can see the fisheye effect, and this is the main lens and you can also see the video mode. The time lapse is working, pretty fine Music and the slow motion is the kind of a issue i mean. I hardly use it. So the motion ive seen is the most stable in the stock version other than that. So i do not use these Music. This promotion a lot so yeah, but everything else works pretty fine. Only this commotion is a bit jittery. You can see you have the photosphere as well and the panorama – and i have all these video options so um.

It uses the stabilization mode according to the option. The locked and active and cinematic, so that was the g cam Music. You go to the settings and if you long press on the wi, fi icon, you get this. This quick option to choose between the wi fi same with the bluetooth. This is a good feature. I dont know why even the stock android 11 – it does not have this feature and the configuration option. You have all this different variety of options. Um havoc os has kind of an extra set of customization options, so you can tinker out with all these different. They had like decrease over the time because of the android options. I mean the higher the android version. The options are getting fewer and fewer, so i dont know because most options are now coming rebuilt in the android 11 or under 12. So we have to adapt to the change as well, so you have all these different options for gestures. Of course it has the moto actions and every custom rom made for like moto phones has the moto actions inbuilt Music. You can see this power option and also the advanced reboot options as well the edge lighting. So whenever you get a notification, the side of the screen close up, it works better for the amoled screen. So i keep it disabled for mine because it does not look as good on the lcd display and the battery backup is pretty awesome im getting every day 9 to 10 hours of screening.

On time you can see the screenshots. You also have this advanced feature. It automatically stops charging when it reaches the desired percentage or is overheating, so that is a pretty good feature. It also helps you if you are like overnight charging or something – and this is the classic – the sound options and up out of 120 gb. I have installed some apps, so the storage is low right now the face unlock works, pretty good. The fingerprint works, no issues there. So, even though this is an unofficial build, i think its pretty good ive been using it for weeks. You can see the moto actions and had no issues in any way that i can describe it in this video. This is a really nice cover that i got from flipkart and if you want, i can put a link in the description coming to the developer options. Its pretty similar to what we have seen before, so nothing to be notable about it, Music. In the reasons you have these three options: clear the ram or take a screenshot or login app. So all the works, pretty fine and the performance is really smooth. Apps remain in the memory even after longer usage, and if you see on the quick options you can toggle the of in the floating window, so you can have an app over open overlay as an overlay over another app. It works pretty fine as well, though im not using it as much, because it would be more useful for a tablet and than a phone but yeah.

If you want to use it, you can definitely use this feature and it works pretty good. You can also have multiple instances of floating windows, so that is pretty cool as well. So, overall, the performance is really smooth and yeah im using it for weeks and is no issues for me and if you long press the google assistant button that we had on the stock phone on the stock rom, this triggers the you can see the google app. If you have installed so now, lets see the gaming performance, so i have installed pubg new state and im playing this game in the extreme framelits. So you can see this also has a built in fps meter. So at the um, the top left corner, you can see the fps, it shows 60.. So when i was using it on the lowest setting, but with the highest frame rate, it was giving me almost constant 60 fps, so no issues there. So you also want to if you also want to play on like a constant 60, just keep the graphics to a little lower and you can see the gameplay is pretty fine and the graphics does look a bit simple. But if you want the higher frame rate you have to compromise on that, i also had the anti aliasing on now. I set it to high with 50 fps, but the nd alizing is still on so the framework frame rates wasnt that stable, i mean its kind of the highest setting.

You can go, you can see all the shadows and the details has improved a lot. Um like for this frame rate. You can go maximum of 50 fps um, it is showing above 50, but if the maximum is 50, there are some jitterness here and there. But the details looks pretty fine. So if the game is still very much playable um, it works pretty fine, so im guessing. If you like switched off the anti aliasing, it could give better frame rates, but even right now, its very good, the uh, the playing is, the playback is pretty fantastic and right now you can see ive set it to medium with anti aliasing still on. So it gives better stability in the frame rate departing because its constant 49 and 50., so you can see im padding and it looks pretty good so on medium, even if you are have the anti aliasing on – and this is the highest with the anti aliasing off In the fpp, i think it works even more better. So if you want to play in the highest graphics, make sure you have the anti aliasing off if you want more stable frame rates but yeah pubg. Instead, it works pretty fine on this rom and on this chipset in general, also in the stock room. Also, the gameplay was pretty fantastic, so yeah definitely a good round for gaming as well. So that was the review of havoc os on moto g5g.