The honor x30 is the very first smartphone to go on sale with qualcomms new mid range chipsets, the snapdragon 695 5g, and is one of the cheapest smartphones on the planet that utilizes 66 watt fast wired charging prices at the top left corner of the screen. This is indeed the chinese variant of the device which will hit shelves on december 24th in mainland china and will likely see a global launch in 2022.. The honor x30 comes in titanium silver midnight, black gold or the color that i have, which is called ocean blue. It is a glossy back finish and it looks pretty fantastic. If you ask me, looks very similar to designs that weve seen from huawei in the past that be in the mate 40 series and honors recently released honor magic 3 series devices thanks to that circular camera module on the back inside the phone. We have a four thousand eight hundred milliamp hour battery snapdragon 695 chipset rp ddr4 x, ram, ufs, 2.1 storage, 5g wi, fi, bluetooth, 5.1, unfortunately, no nfc, but we do have a gorilla glass front. Unfortunately, a plastic back and plastic frames, but that is to keep it light at just 189 grams in weights and 8.05 millimeters in thickness. Within that circular, camera module sits a main 48 megapixel snapper, with an aperture of f 1.8, a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro sensor. Unfortunately, there is no ultra wide this time round, but then again, honor x series dont usually include ultrawide cameras in their setups, since their phones are just so darn cheap.

That 48 megapixel main sensor can be been down to 12 megapixels and it looks fantastic honestly in all different lighting conditions. Obviously it looks the best in great natural lighting conditions. Outdoors here is the 48 megapixel main sensor. Building it down looks a tad better thanks to ai and we can zoom digitally starting with two times over here, going to five times, which doesnt look the best and the max zoom is eight times which really doesnt look the best. But the option is there: if youd like to use it, we do have that depth sensor and it makes for some awesome looking portrait shots, as well as the macro cam, which looks okay, ive seen better but its still there and it does a fairly decent job. We have 1080p at 30fps recording. This is the max resolution and frames per second. We can record it. No 4k, no 60fps. Unfortunately, of course, no ultra wide, as well since theres no ultra wide lens on the back of the phone, but it does do a pretty decent job of blurring things. In the background, when i just showed you my little figurine over there and 1080p 30fps video does seem pretty stable and it seems to do a decent job. But it does get a lot of interference with natural daylight sun hitting into the camera lens 1080p 30fps at night, once again max res and max fps doesnt, look the best. It doesnt look the worst that i have actually seen when it comes to nighttime videography, but its its, not perfect.

12 megapixel shot taken at night with night mode off night mode on actually does a pretty decent job for a mid ranger such as this night mode off two times. Digital zoom night mode on brightened things up a lot, but it lacks a bit of detail when knife mode is switched on same thing can be said with five time slots to make it look a bit grainy and eight times, which is the max zoom doesnt. Look the best with night mode off and looks a slight bit blurrier with night mode on. Of course, you have to keep your hand super steady, and i struggle a bit with that. Portrait at night looks pretty decent. You can put night mode on as well, but once again a tad blurry and there is no night mode option for the macro sensor, but it does an okay job at night. Nevertheless, i guess you could say the camera system is a bit of a mixed bag, but well have to forgive it since it is such a darn, cheap phone. We have a power button on the right hand, side, which is actually a physical fingerprint sensor as well. A volume rocker next to that, a dual sim: 5g standby sim tray at the bottom. Unfortunately, no sd card, expandable storage option there usb 2.0 type c port, a single downward firing speaker since the top one is not for audio, but it is an earpiece for taking calls and it is actually in the frame and not the display, which is crazy.

The selfie camera is 16 megapixels over here, and it does a decent job for what it is. I mean 16 megapixels on a budget phone youre, not gon na expect class leading results, but it actually does a better job than many flagships ive seen around when it comes to edge detection, whats up guys technic here, recording a 1080p at 30fps selfie video on the Brand new honor x30: let me know what you guys think of the audio, as well as the video quality, when recording using the selfie cam on the honor x30 selfie. Video at night is of course, also kept at 1080p and 30fps doesnt. Look too bad theres some granules over here, but turning on the flash which actually uses the white border around the screen gives it a nice natural lighting effect when recording selfie video at night. So it doesnt look half bad theres, no night mode. Video, unfortunately night mode off using the selfie 9 mode on actually makes a drastic improvement, which is fantastic. Flash on actually looks worse than night mode on when using the selfie. There is no night mode option for the bokeh effect. You can turn the flash on, but both of them dont look the best. The selfie camera is more than decent for a phone at this price point once again, cant emphasize how well priced this device is, and turning on the phone, the first thing that youll notice is that there is no always on display, but using that side mounted fingerprint Sensor is nice and snappy and its easy to find, since its actually in the center of the phone and not so high up as ive seen with many other phones, we have 2d face unlock over here, uses the selfie camera.

Of course it is not very secure, but it is nice and snappy and works as it should. We do have a 6.81 inch ips lcd 20×9 aspect ratio flat dot display over here. It is full hd, plus with a pixels per inch of 385.. It has 16.7 million colors a max brightness that ive personally tested at 540, nits 120 hertz refresh rate and 240hz touch sampling rate. The colors on the display really do pop, even though it is just a full hd plus panel. I mean youre not going to expect qhd plus at this price point, and the whites are pretty wide for an lcd display and it supposedly has a 94 screen to body ratio because of those tiny, tiny bezels at the top and sides which is really fantastic. Unfortunately, the chin is quite big, but of course we do have 120 hertz refresh rate and when comparing it to the 60 hertz option, we dont have a 90 hertz option in the middle. You can choose between 60 and 120. You can see how much more fluid 120 hertz is here and if youre someone on a budget – and you want to test out how fluid 120 hertz displays on a smartphone – then look no further than the honor x30. There is a dynamic option when it comes to refresh rates that only switches between 60 and 120 and theres a smart resolution option some strange reason: maybe it can default down to 720p.

We have a couple other display options over here, including a color mode, in order to change the temperature and all that jazz as well as a dark mode, but i mean its pretty strange since this is an lcd panel. I guess dark mode is on every phone. These days it does work with third party apps as well, but using dark mode on an lcd panel isnt as power efficient when compared to using it on an led display. Magic ui 5.0 is the skin that we have skinned over android 11 over here when it comes to the software departments, which is very identical to huaweis old emui software, since obviously its been re released as harmony os, they no longer use emui, but ana is still Using very similar software to emui, unfortunately, no google services over here, but this should be alleviated with the global launch, which should happen during 2022. We should get android 12 and we should get full google support, since honor can now use google services once more. We have a couple nifty options within the software fronts and, as you guys can see, i can open up youtube on the chinese variants of the phone, but i cant sign into an account. We can use split screen and, of course, we can use the haptics which are decent. They are not the best around, but they are on par with other phones at this price point. Unfortunately, there are no sound software features such as dolby atmos, but lets go ahead and give a listen to this single down firing speaker now, wow Music, when it comes to gaming honor, do include something called game space, which is an overlay that lets you do a Couple tasks without leaving the game youre currently in which is nice and nifty, of course, were using an fps counter for more on that check the description down below, starting with gentian impact here on the highest graphics.

Remember: the game is capped at 60 fps. So, even if the owner can do 120, it will always be capped at 60 and the honors getting just under 32 fps on the highest possible graphics. Setting dropping that down to medium graphics, instead of high, were getting between 33 and 41 fps and then dropping it down to the lowest graphics. Setting were getting up to 52 frames per second, which is more than decent for a mid range phone and, of course, qualcomms latest snapdragon, 695 chipset calling me a tad impressed moving on to our next game here, which is, of course, bullet force using ultra graphics and Max fps were getting a stable frame rate of 60 fps, but youve got to remember that this game can go up to an unlimited frame rate, meaning that this phone is capped at 120 hertz. So it should be able to see 120 fps, unfortunately, were not seeing that over here were not seeing it with real racing a3 either, though both games are sitting at a neat and stable 60 fps. Unfortunately, no 120 fps option for those games as of yet that could change. Now when it comes to this new snapdragon 695 chipset, it is of course running on six nanometer process, node architecture, and it is an octa core processor, with two main cores clocked at 2.21. Gigahertz and six secondary cores clocked at 1.8 gigahertz, giving it 15 faster, cpu processing and 30 faster graphics, rendering using the integrated gpu the adreno 619 when compared to its predecessor the snapdragon 690 and hopping into some benchmarks.

Over here, of course, were gon na be kickstarting things off with putting performance mode on which is an option within the phones, battery settings and checking out the battery percentage, as well as the heat temperature at the start, well see how much it gains throughout these three Benchmarks, starting with antutu version 9.2.5, then moving on to geekbench version 5.4.3 to test out just cpu in single and multi core scores and then ending off with 3dmark wildlife 2.2 to test out graphics. Only testing out the battery at the end and comparing it to the start of the test it drained by five percent, with a milliamp hour per minute drain of just 14.12 and my channel average battery drain with this exact test that i just showed now is usually 22.5, which means this phone is ridiculously efficient. The temperature only gained by 4.2 degrees in celsius and, to give you a comparison, the average temp gain on my channel in the same test is 13.4 degrees in celsius. So this phone is certainly efficient when it comes to battery and very cool when it comes to temps and when it comes to the antutu version 9 score. We got a score of ‘6 9110, which is not the best but its not the worst. It beat the snapdragon 765g and snapdragon 690, which is of course, its predecessor by quite a bit, but it was just shy of the mediatek dimension. 900 920, that weve seen on previous honor devices and focusing just on cpu over here, which is geekbench version.

Five. We got a single core score of 674 and a multi core score of 1870, which is a lot better than its predecessor, the snapdragon 690, but once again it trails behind the dimension 900 and 920 at the top and, lastly, of course, testing our gpu within 3dmark Wildlife, we got a score of 1213 points and an average fps of 7.3, which is a tad better than the snapdragon 765g, quite a bit better, almost double that than its predecessor, the snapdragon 690, but once again a tad behind the two dimension chips at the top. Nevertheless, it is still a phone at a great price and its done a great job when running these very demanding benchmarks. The honor x30 looks fantastic thanks to looking identical to huaweis mate 40 series and premium honor magic 3 series devices, with its glossy finish and circular camera module inside that modules, its a more than decent 48 megapixel main shooter. That takes acceptable photos in any lighting condition when compared to other devices, at this price point of course, but it unfortunately lacks an ultra wide camera in favor of a depth sensor and macro camera. It has a very snappy fingerprint sensor on its side, which is situated in an easy to reach position and once unlocked, you are treated to magic, ui 5.0 skinned over android 11, which is identical to huaweis emui software. Skin magic ui is simple and easy to use with a few notable features, but im slightly disappointed not to see android 12 here as well as google services, but im not too worried.

Since the global launch will surely see both included, one of the major selling points of the x30 is qualcomms new mid range chipset, the snapdragon 695, and when paired with a 120hz refresh rate, makes for some smooth scrolling. But unfortunately, many games dont seem to make use of the 120 frames per second feature in order to push the new chipset. But gaming is still a pleasure to do on the x30 thanks to stable frame rates and great thermals. The display itself is huge and packs in vibrant colors and decent brightness levels, despite not being an amoled panel and lets not forget about those near invisible bezels on the top and sides of the screen, hopefully going forward on. It can find a cost effective way to minimize the chin size because lets be honest. This is an extremely well priced device, and not only does it have a huge battery with great efficiency and heat dissipation under high load, but is also one of the cheapest smartphones. In the world to include 66 watts wide charging, the honor x30 is a mid range phone that knows its a mid range phone and for that reason alone, im more than happy to recommend it to anyone on a tight budget or to anyone.