So this is the redmi note 10.. So i have been using this since around like a month and now and todays video im going to do the full review of this smartphone. How will the smartphone is? What are the things which i absolutely love in this? So number one is its display, so the price you pay for the display you get is absolutely awesome. It is a super amoled display and you know what the viewing angles are. Just fantastic, so if i just increase the brightness to 100, as you guys can see and look at the viewing angles, you can view the display from every corner, and that is one of the best things in this smartphone. So yeah. The viewing angles are awesome. Look at that so thats one thing so in terms of the display, this is one of my favorite smartphones. You can get under the price youre paying so now lets just talk about the cameras. Here we have a hole, punch, camera setup and on the back we have the four quad camera setup. We have a 48 megapixel main sensor combined with the 8 megapixel ultra wide, and you know what the photos it takes are awesome literally awesome. So let me just take an image of my watch. I have right now heres the watch. I have lets just take a nice image of this watch, so yeah lets just take in from to it from 2xzoom. There you go and okay, as you guys can see, the image is absolutely awesome.

Its pretty sharp look at the background detail like look at the blur. In the background, it looks very, very nice, so in terms of the image quality, this is one of the best smartphones you can get. It has a very nice sensor. You can record videos in not only 1080p at 30fps, but also in 4k at 30fps. That is awesome. It can also record for 1080p at 60fps, which is very smooth like look at that, then it can also record at 60. Like 4k. The 4k video recording is basically like the highest quality of video. You can shoot from your smartphone kinda, amazing, its really awesome and in terms of the speaker, it has stereo speakers, so we have speaker at the top as well as at the bottom, and you know what the sound quality is really awesome. So in this, if you will watch movies like if you play games like this and do the volume 200, then you know like footsteps playing pubg or bgmi. You will get the footsteps from this side as well as from this side, so it will give you a very nice, 3d immersive gaming experience so yeah in terms of gaming. It is a good phone, it plays pubg, smooth and ultra graphics without any problem, and you know what it just never lacks its very, very smooth. So, in terms of that also its one of the best smartphones so now lets just talk about the build quality, and this smartphone is built out of glass, and i have just applied a lamination here so that it doesnt get scratches in the back, but other than That its full glass body, designed with a plastic you know frame – and you know what it looks very nice – the design is very nice, its very reflective – and here we have the redmi branding.

Overall, it is one of the most beautiful looking smartphones like i ever owned, because i have note 7 pro its kind of good, but this is more beautiful. It looks very, very nice and if you use it in public, like wow, you can actually show off. If you want to but yeah its a very nice smartphone in that and yeah overall, the software in this is miui its run. It runs miui. It is one of the latest versions. We have the miui 12.5.3 and i think it also has a software update, which we will do later, so not right now, and you can also customize it here. Is the font look at that? I have just changed the font style and it looks very, very nice, so, overall, its a complete smartphone. I love it. It is very smooth scrolling here and there using the ui is very smooth. Camera is nice. Take some pretty decent images. App opening speed is also very good. I have no complaints with that and on top of that, this super amoled display with dual speakers is one of the perfect combinations you can get so whats my take on this. Should you buy this or not? I think it is actually a very good smartphone to buy under this price range, so yeah. You should definitely check this out. If you have the budget of like 13, 000 rupees and yeah its pretty like its awesome, its worth all the money battery life is amazing.

It has some pretty solid battery life, so i never had any complaints in terms of the battery so yeah its actually worth it thats pretty much it for todays video thanks for watching. I will see you around make sure you like this video.