Samsung is known for their mid rangers and premium flagships, but they also offer phones on the lower end of the spectrum. This is the entry level galaxy a03s at this budget. Is it still able to provide a decent smartphone experience lets find out in our full review Music, as you might expect, at this price, the galaxy a03s doesnt come with many bells and whistles, but still there is a big battery and three cameras on the back. The phone is made from a matte plastic unibody and the back features an interesting grippy texture. It isnt too light because of the large battery pack and, of course, theres no ingress protection here, but its all solid and straightforward on the front, its a 6.5 inch lcd with a 720p resolution and a droplet shaped notch for the selfie cam. This screen is nothing special, the pixel density isnt too high at 270 ppi, and you get a standard 60hz refresh rate colors arent too accurate, even rather dull, and you dont get options to tweak them and max. Brightness is okay at around 490 ppi at least you do get good contrast here for an lcd. The galaxy a03s has a traditional headphone jack for audio, as well as a single bottom firing speaker. It scored a good rating on our loudness charts, but as far as audio quality goes theres, no bass and mid tones are lacking Music. One thing the galaxy a03s does excel at is battery life.

It packs a 5 000 milliamp hour power pack and was able to score a 122 hour endurance rating in our proprietary tests. Charging speed is really slow, though, with the bundled 7.5 watt charger, we were only able to charge from zero to 15 percent in half an hour and its the same speed even with a faster charger. You can get the galaxy a03s with either 32 or 64 gigs of storage on board and its expandable through microsd, and you can wake up and unlock the a03s using the side mounted fingerprint reader, which doubles as a power button. Its really fast and accurate. Another plus of the galaxy a03s is that you get android 11 and samsung software. The interface is one ui 3.1 core which, as the name suggests, provides the essentials of the one ui experience, but it is missing some of the features youd get on more expensive. Samsung phones, these include knox, bixby, the game launcher and music share among others, but still you get handy features provided by android 11, like notification, history and advanced media controls. There is an edge panel handy for storing your shortcuts in and there are samsungs proprietary apps like the dialer, the gallery and internet browser. Unfortunately, the ui experience isnt fast or fluid because of this phones. Budget level chipset its a mediatek helio p35, built on a 12 nanometer process in benchmarks. The a03s sits at the bottom of both the cpu and gpu charts.

Even in the budget category playing games is a chore and the phone feels sluggish, even when just scrolling around or doing your daily tasks. Moving on to the cameras on the back, the galaxy a03s has a 13 megapixel main cam, a 2 megapixel macro camera and a depth sensor in good lighting. Photos from the main cam are likable, with accurate, colors, good contrast and wide dynamic range. The level of detail isnt anything to write home about, though its enough at this price, but fine details are smeared. The depth sensor is meant to help with portrait shots. These come out decent again the detail level isnt great, but there is good subject: separation and nice colors and contrast close up shots from the macro. Cam are pretty good. The dta level is ok, considering the resolution and the noise levels are tolerable low light photos from the main cam are dark. With blown highlights, there is no night mode, but if you turn on auto hdr, you will get an improvement in the dynamic range. It introduces more noise, though you can take selfies with the galaxy a03ss 5 megapixel front facing cam. You get good, colors and contrast, but a very poor level of detail. Videos can be recorded with the main cam and up to 1080p resolution at 30fps. These clips arent good, they have washed out colors and a mediocre amount of detail. Theres no stabilization available here either so thats the samsung galaxy a03s.

Its an entry level smartphone so were not expecting a lot here, but you still get good battery life and a large screen, a modern ui and an okay camera experience. The problem is this: sluggish chipset is really noticeable and for the same money you can find phones with better performance.