We review everyday items that you might purchase on amazon to determine whether or not we think they are worth the price in todays. Video were going to be checking out the mobo smartphone video rig and, as always, everything that we review here at dadson tech review will be down in the description. You guys can click that link check it out further, get more information, and if you want to purchase the item, you can click on that and go purchase the item. As always, we start with whats in the box. Then we get to design and features, and then we get to the actual product testing. So here we go so it comes with this lanyard and im assuming this is for knuckleheads like me, who like to drop things. You just put this on that way when youre filming, if you drop it, it swings and it doesnt break. It comes with a 360 degree. Rotating phone mount comes with. The rig here has rubber grips here, which is actually very ergonomic and very nice. It also comes with two cold shoe mounts which is really cool because i for my phone i actually have a light and i have a microphone. So that is a great setup. So ive attached my phone here just so you can kind of see the rigs layout because i want to talk about another feature. It comes with two levels, which is really nice. Tell you whether or not youre level as youre filming another feature that i dont think people appreciate is the fact that you can mount this onto a tripod.

You can mount it from here. You can mount it from here. You can even mount it from here. If you want to do it that way as im holding this, i can tell that this is actually made very well im, pulling it back and forth here. Im the dude its made out of aluminum very lightweight aluminum enough messing around with this lets, go outside and lets get some video footage and lets check it out, and just so you know all the footage youre going to be seeing is coming from my iphone 12 Pro so anytime that youre filming with a rig like this or any type of gimbal you want to walk from if youre going backwards, toe to heel gives you a little bit smoother forward. You want to go heel to toe that way. It gives you the smoothest possible action that you can, when you run obviously were going to do a little jog test here to see how this looks. But again, if youre going to be shooting with a rig like this now and you want to do like a nice pan shot lock, your elbows in this is just a pro tip here. Lock your elbows in hold onto the gimbal this birds up here, thanks for all the noise, appreciate it all right, so youre just going to lock your elbows in like this and then youre just going to rotate your hips and itll. Give you a smooth pan like that.

Okay, all right lets get back into the studio and lets finish this review. So after seeing this in action, what are your guys thoughts? Do you guys think that you could actually use this in your repertoire? Do you guys think you could use this on a daily basis for vlogging or for anything else that youre actually trying to do so? As far as the usability with this, i actually really like this very comfortable easy to manipulate easy to handle easy to move around. I like it because you got the you know you can lock your elbows in here and get some really steady footage as youre going around. I like that, you can switch from vertical to horizontal super easy just flip. It rotate it tighten it back up. Everything about this is just really really easy to use and its actually really comfortable, and, i think, thats the most important part when it comes to rigs and when youre filming you want to be comfortable. You dont want to be out there holding me like im so tired, its so heavy. You want to be lightweight, you want it to be versatile. You want to be able to move, you want to be able to run if you want to run with it, and you know the width of it and everything else, wasnt too far out wasnt too close in and again you can use this with an iphone or Any android or any smartphone so as far as pricing on this, this is currently selling on amazon for ‘.

95 and again, i will leave a link down in the description to this. If you guys want to purchase it or just look more into it, you guys can click that link. Follow the link. Itll tell you more about the item itself, but when im, comparing this for ‘.95 to other rigs that im finding on amazon, they rank anywhere from about ‘.95 all the way to about a hundred dollars. This is definitely on the lower end of that. As far as a budget rig goes, which is fantastic for ‘.95, you get all of these shoe mounts. I forgot to mention that you actually get shoe mounts here and here as well, you get the levels comfortability, the aluminum frame, which is its not going to break at all ill. Tell you that much like you throw this thing. It wont break um dont, throw it with your phone in there thats a bad idea for ‘.95. Definitely definitely i would recommend this purchase and, more importantly, gets the dadsden stamp of approval. So now that you know that its got, the dads then sample approval again link is down in the description you guys can click on that you guys can go purchase this item or just go check it out more also theres other items below that we use different Rigs different things that we are currently using here at dadston tech reviews. Yes, you can check those out as well leave a comment down below.

Do you use a rig and if you do, what are you using? What do you like about it? What you dont like about it, i want to hear from you now all right that is going to wrap up todays review. Thank you guys. So much for being here and dont.