It has a six thousand milliamp battery. It comes with an 18 watts, fast charger. A huge 6.8 inch ips lcd display with a 60 hertz refresh rate and a 120 head start sampling rate, and it goes for seven thousand naira or 135 dollars, so is it worth buying? Well, lets find out now this smartphone comes in three colors obsidian, greek blue, which is the one i have here and hawaii now back to the box. It comes to a warranty card, a tpu case, earphones micro, usb cable and an 18 watts fast charger. Now, for the build quality, the techno mover, neo4 and red are made from plastic as for the ip rating. Well, it doesnt have one and when i dipped it inside water, it survived and why it survived is techno seal that form properly and check this out. Theres, a gasket on the sim and memory card tray preventing water from entering the smartphone. This doesnt mean that the techno cover neo is waterproof. No no smartphone out. There is its good to know that if your smartphone gets inside water it will survive. Do not try. This at home now for the external features at the bottom. The techno pover neo has a 3.5 mm audio jack. It has a microphone. It has a micro, usb port and a speaker on the left side of the smartphone is where youll find the dual nano sim card tray and the memory card slot. Moving to the right side, youre going to see the volume and power buttons now flipping the phone youre going to find the fingerprint scanner at the rear.

The techno provider is a tall device and, as you can see from my hand, the placement of the fingerprint scanner is a bit high and for the unlocking speed well its okay and not the fastest. I have seen still on the rail. You will find two cameras. A 30 megapixel main camera and a vga camera with flash led lights by the side. Now, turning the phone around in that dutch notch lies an 8 megapixel selfie camera and on the sides, are dual flash led lights. Now the display of the tecno prover neo is a 6.8 inch ips lcd display with a resolution of 720 by 1640 pixels. The display has a 60 hertz refresh rate and a 120 head start sampling rate. The display brightness peaks at 295 nits, which means using the smartphone under direct sunlight, is usable, but its going to be a bit difficult now typing on this big display is great. If you have small hands, you can always turn, on the one hand, feature to make napkins and using this big display manageable, so whats it like watching videos on this smartphone. Well, the large display is an advantage i mean consuming media on this display is immersive for the display quality well, its not the best out there, its a 720p display and comparing it to the display of the technology, which has a 1080p display. Well, the technopover 2 has the better display now lets talk about the processor.

The techno power neo comes the mediatek helio g25 processor, the g25 processor, with the hyper engine technology, provides smooth performance, enhanced power, efficiency and low latency connections. Big grammar aside, what that means is the battery on the techno proven neo should last longer and demanding games like pop g and call of duty should run fine. Now lets test that out now i launched pubg and the best settings was on balanced graphics and medium frame rates and for the gameplay. Well, it wasnt that small. Now, moving on to call of duty, we played the game on low graphics and high frame rate playing graphic intensive games. Like top g call of duty, the techno pover neo cant handle them. I mean the games didnt play smoothly on this smartphone, but for games like subway surfers, this smartphone will handle them without any issues now for the antutu benchmark and geekbench test. This is what the techno profile news called and when it comes to multitasking its decent on the smartphone, it comes with four gigabytes of ram, so opening multiple applications in the background and switching between them is okay for the operating system. The techno prover neo is running android 11 with ios version 7.6.0, and will it get the android 12 updates? Well, i really dont know for the special features it has the usual. It has peak proof that allows you to guide your smartphone screen from plain eyes. It has social toolbox that gives you the ability to record whatsapp voice, calls and even change.

Your voice on whatsapp calls it has game space and it has wii zone that allows you to play single player or multiplayer games with friends nearby. It also has upload and when enabled it allows you to enter a pattern or use your fingerprint scanner to open an application for bloatware which are pre installed, applications on your smartphone, i counted 21 of them and for ads and notifications. Well, they are present and you can always disable the notification from popping up or you can always uninstall or disable the application for the camera. Well, the techno prover comes with an 8 megapixel front facing camera. If you zoom in its going to lag details because its an 8 megapixel camera whats up guys so heres a video from the front facing camera of the techno over neo, its just an internet, feed 30 frames per second. And what you guys think about the video and ultra quality coming up from the techno over neo now moving to the rear camera, it has an 80 megapixel main camera and a vga camera 4k shots look great on the smartphone pictures captured using the 18 megapixel main Camera all right: okay, so theres, a video from the right camera update technology right now, shooting in 1080p 30 frames per second, which is the highest resolution. So what do you guys think about the video and audio quality coming out from the technology? Now? Moving on to the battery, the battery capacity is one of the main features of the techno prover neo.

It comes with a huge six thousand milliamp battery, which will last the entire day for the charging well using the 18 was fast charger. It took two hours for several minutes to charge this smartphone from zero to one hundred percent. So what do i think about the techno profile? Neo? Well, the six thousand milliamp battery is huge and you would only need to charge the smartphone once and thats it. The build quality is good on this smartphone. The display is large. It isnt a gaming smartphone if youre into playing graphic intensive games, and you want a smartphone with a large battery. You should check out the techno prover 2. I made a review on that smartphone.