In my hands im actually currently using it right now, i have it outside of my shirt just so you can see a little bit better, but anyway lets get this started just so, you know how this review is going to go. I start with design and features. Then i get to the audio portion of it were going to do like a product testing version youll compare this microphone youre going to hear it outside. I typically use when im doing my videos. Is this mayano microphone its a like a podcast style microphone, so im going to just show you some samples of that against this, then at the end, i tell you whether or not i give it the dads, then stamp of approval and anyhow lets get this rocking And rolling, as always everybody likes to start with what comes in the box right so youre, going to see on the video youre going to see the transmitter and youre going to see the microphone. Now i have the microphone here im using the lavalier. You dont have to use this. You can use this portion here as well. This is what the lavalier is connected to and its transmitting the signal back to the camera up there and the transmitter. This also does have a microphone. So if you dont want to use the lavalier mic, you can just use this directly. You can clip this onto your shirt up here and you can use that it comes with the windscreen.

You can put that right on top and you can see it thatll be. The windscreen comes with two charging cables for both the transmitter and one for the microphone comes with the extra windscreen. So if you lose one, you can just pop this one on dont. Forget everything that were using here from this microphone to the camera, to my computer, to the lighting equipment, to my headphones everything else. If you like this equipment – or you like what im using you, can just click the link down below learn more about those items, you can even purchase those items if you want, but that will be down in the description. This can be used with a dslr which im using right now or it can be used with a smartphone. It comes with two different cables right now i have the dslr cable connected or you use this one and it right here it has phone so its easy to know what cable is which, if this comes off just make one yourself, so you dont lose that. But this can be uh directly connected to any android phone. If you have an iphone, youll just need an adapter, which i have an adapter, so that is no problem at all. It says the transmission from the microphone to the transmitter goes all the way up to 50 meters um. You could see when i did that video outside you could see how far away i was and that obviously wasnt 50 meters, but you can go pretty darn far away now say you want to mute this microphone right, say: youre, like talking here and youre walking, youre Vlogging youre doing something, but you want to mute the microphone because now youre, switching from talking to just a straight video clip right, has a one button.

Boop right here, one button mute, um, one button, one mute button: all you got ta do is hit the mute button, bam. Youre done. You can actually change the gain on the microphone as well straight from the transmitter, which is great so right now i have it set, i think, down to the number two level, and then i have my dslr set to, i believe minus 10 decibels so thats what Youre hearing right now, obviously, with the charging cables its portable, you can take this anywhere with you. You can charge these just uses a usb style. Charging port charge takes about two hours to get these fully charged the transmitter and the microphone lasts about six hours. Lastly, it comes with your directions: easy to follow. I was able to figure it out really really easily also comes with a travel bag, so you can put everything in the travel bag, so you dont have to carry this box around another nice feature. Is it comes with a headphone port into transmitter up there, so you can listen to your audio levels to see how youre sounding, if youre too loud too soft, you can make those adjustments all right now for the performance, um, obviously ive been using this the entire Time you guys can see that, but now im going to show you how this sounds versus the podcast microphone. Of course, this is not meant to be like a podcast style. This is for outsides for vlogging.

This is for being away from the camera. So many advantages to using this microphone for a podcast microphone, but youre gon na hear some stuff from outside that you heard earlier and then also um youre gon na hear the podcast. So take a look at those differences. Welcome back to another episode of dancing if youre new here my name is ken id like to dab the op at the pop up this channel and if you subscribe, you can be part of the family so subscribe now today: enemy, thermal official trailer. So, in the comments down below what i want you to do is tell me how you like the sound of this microphone. Of course, you can make adjustments, you can make it louder, you can make it softer. Um, you record at a lower level. That way, you can make your audio adjustments later. A lot of people like to record at minus 12 decibels that way they can make those audio adjustments later i like to have it set up so its what im doing now, i dont have to change anything later. Its its set to go when im doing my editing, but leave a comment down below what you guys think of the sound of this microphone. So now we get to the part where i tell you whether or not i think this is worth the purchase, whether it gets the debts and stamp of approval or not. This is currently selling on amazon for 99.

Okay, comparatively, if you look at other wireless microphone systems um, they range from anywhere from seventy dollars to two hundred dollars to even five 500. If you want to go like super pro level, but this is more of a budget wireless microphone set. So i think this is on the lower end when im doing my comparison, which is great it sells for 99. I absolutely give this the dads and samples i love this. I love to have the ability to move around film with a great camera, either your you know iphone or your android or a dslr. You can do any of those which is great. So if you have a camera that you really really like, you can connect this to it. I like the sound of the microphone. I like the ease, how easy this is to set up um the connectivity was like really really fast, the auto pairing you can mute. It you can change the gain on it. Theres all kinds of different things comes with the windscreens dual chargers you can like. I said you can use it with a dslr. You can use it with your phone. Its just very versatile, which i really like that is going to wrap up the review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did please hit that subscribe button and share with your friends, and we will see you guys in the next review.