Somebody got to do it. Man, a lot of people have already done it, but im late, but im doing it so lets talk about it. Man, the apple official official apple leather case for the iphone 13 pro alright. Here it is, this is gon na, be the midnight color. I went and picked this up from my local best buy now some of you im pretty sure, ive already seen this case in a versus video that i did with the nomad modern series. That was a good little battle. Man, if you didnt see that i will be sure to link it down below and im not going to pop it up, because i dont want yall to go watch it right now. Yall watch it after this video, but lets go ahead and get into it max head, compatible apple leather case. Yall, already know the deal when it comes to these apple cases. All right, youre, gon na, have to pay for these bad boys man. I think this is what 50 60 bucks – maybe 50 49.99. If im not mistaken, i think i caught it on sale over there best buy, but you know you got to pay for the apple official cases all right. So here it is its going to be that midnight, color aka, theyre super duper, dark blue. I dont even think this is black. I think this is a very deep navy, blue color. So if thats your thing, you definitely might want to check it out man.

If this is your thing, like, i said, if the light catches it just right its kind of like that dark navy, you know i mean i think this might go well with your sierra blue, iphone 13 pro. So lets go ahead and take a look on the outside on the back. You get that leather. Now some people in the comment section of that other video have been saying that i dont know if thats real leather, that apple is using man. I feel like over the years it has seemed to be just a little bit different, but i dont know i dont think its terrible, but anyway you get that nice feeling say the least apple leather. On the back, you get that embossed apple logo right there always like that about their official cases. Take a look. You get that ring around that camera protection and flipping over on the inside. You do get that very nice felt lining. That, of course, is going to protect your phone when its in there you get those mag safe magnets. If you can see them right there, if you kind of get all the felt going, the right direction, you can kind of see those mag safe magnets. They are flipping it over on the bottom. You see, all of your cutouts are accurate and you have the nice volume up volume down cut out for your new toggle and the power button with those metallic style buttons.

All right always a nice looking case and you get protection on the top and the bottom. You know you get it all the way around. You know back in the day that your butt used to be out when it came to the leather case, all right so lets go ahead and pop it in all right and, of course, youre gon na get that nice animation right there when you pop it in The magsafe – i always talk about it, man, because thats such a nice little touch when it comes to it only apple thanks to those little things. Man, but lets go ahead and take a look at it. Lets take a look at it in the actual case itself and im not gon na im, not gon na sit here and sugarcoat it. Although you know apple leather cases arent my favorite man, i cant help, but they say they are a looker when they are on the phone all right, it is look good lets just keep it real. They did a good job, sculpting the case to the phone. We cannot deny that, but lets go ahead and take a look at it. Man lets take a look at that mute, toggle switch right there, very, very small, very small area, youve, really kind of got to rely on your fingernail and your fingertip to get in there. If you got big fingers anyway, moving on man lets, take a look at the volume up and down very nice.

The buttons on these leather cases have always been very, very nice, so you get nice tactility when it comes to those up and down buttons. Take a look at those cutouts, the cutouts are very, very accurate and spot on. Take a look at that power button power button also feels very nice and tactile take a look at that camera angle. Although this case is a thinner case, it is potential and the cameras are recessed down up in there. Take a look at that late on the table protection now. Yes, i am rocking the timber glass screen protector and, with this case youre not getting much laid on the table, all right, you might get a little bit of lips so when you put it face down its, not gon na be actual on the phone itself, but When were coming to talk about protection, i mean this is gon na, be a leather case. Youre not gon na get a bunch of protection when it comes to this all right. When you drop it, it may take a scuff. It may be able to. You know protect the small drop, but i dont know if anybody out there is really doing any heavy duty drop tests or dropping this phone with this type of case up there when youre running this type of case, you already know what you got going on. You know that you kind of dont have the most protective case, but you want to have one of the best looking cases you kind of know where it is when youre running this, but anyway yeah thats.

When it comes to a little tear protection. You get a very small lip and, yes, i am rocking the timber glass screen protector. Now lets go ahead and take a fit on how it looks how tight it is around the phone, because you know that is my pet peeve. When it comes to cases, man so lets go ahead and take a look. This is a very, very tight fitting phone around the case as in pull test wise, so at the top very stiff like this is any flexible material. So when its in here im going all the way around it – and there is no budging at all all right so very sturdy case around it now, when youre talking about it being on the phone you dont get any snaps, you kind of get like a very Soft on you get a little baby snap right there when it comes to this side there it is to me. I said this bottom right corner for me comes off entirely too easy. Now i have a lot of people in my comment. Section say i have a defect so right now, if you got another case, let me know how that bottom right corner. Does it just to me this just pops out way too easy now i know apple definitely wants to wear their cases isnt hard to pop out. You can kind of you know the camera keeps cutting on, you can kind of just maneuver it and it pops out, but i feel like every time i try to remove one side, this side kind of always pops off too.

So for me, and the model that i have, if i have a defect, then once again thats a whole other rabbit hole that we got to go down. But for me the fit is very nice on the phone. This bottom corner right here is just a little bit too loose in my opinion, and i had the same issue with the iphone 12 model, so i know im not out here buying two defects when it comes to these cases. All right, i feel like it just, might have a fit problem, but they made it one like that to where you can take it off easy. I dont know, but im just telling you for mine, it definitely doesnt fit as snug as i want to fit on that bottom right side. Now, how does it feel and how does it fill in your hand, and everything like that? It feels good all right. This leather case does feel good its leather, the leather kind of has a funny grip profile when it comes to gripping this case, youre not going to get the best grip, but its better than nothing its a little easier than those clear cases where you dont really Get much grip so when youre holding your hand its not too bad, does keep the phone very thin all right. This is definitely on the thinner side of cases. The more minimalistic style of cases like i said this is the case for people who know they dont need anything rugged, but they just want to have a nice looking case.

This is what the leather case does. This is what any leather case in my opinion on the market does, so they do a good job with that and over time you guys know about this apple leather. It will begin to patina and show wear and tear over times it definitely kind of comes up. First, when it comes to the corners and then the rest of it starts to wear so thats your thing. Leather cases have a leather profile after a while. So thats, not your thing, you might not want to run a leather case but thats. What i personally like about leather cases, a little harder to show on the actual darker colors the light colors are going to pick up more oils from your finger and different things like that and really change. The color of this leather case. So definitely feels good. Looks good everything like that dont see any fingerprints always like i said a nice looking case, man so dropping it over here. You guys know it is magsafe dropping on magsafe charging. It works just fine with that magsafe magnet is decent strength. Uh not super duper, strong, not super duper, weak ill, probably put it somewhere in the medium category, definitely have felt stronger magnets, but does work just fine on magsafe im, pretty sure its going to work just fine with mag, safe accessories. Here is the anker 622 mad. Go the wireless charger and when its popped on it start charging it and the the fit is decently strong, all right once again, ive definitely felt stronger.

But if you want to pop this up here, you dont got to worry about this shaking off. You dont have to worry about that doing anything. Likewise, this is going to be one. This is not the apple wallet, but this is something thats kind of similar to it and popping this on. If you do want to want a wallet case, it has a pretty decent bond, but once again it is strong enough to where this isnt going to slide off its not going to accidentally come off in your pocket. Its up here, pretty good. So very nice. Strong bond to your mag, safe accessories as well, so here it is man. This is going to be the the apple official apple leather case for the iphone 13 pro. If youre looking for something thats, a very minimalistic design, you dont mind paying that price point and hey some of you guys just like apple cases, and i cant blame you. They make some nice cases. In my opinion, this is definitely one of the top leather cases out there. I personally still would choose the nomad leather over this just because of the band and around it that i feel like itll, take a drop a little bit more easy. This one is going to be leather all around where the nomad has a more of a tpu like hard rubber band, going all the way around it. I feel like that will absorb a drop a little bit better than the leather that goes around it, but thats just my opinion.

Both are amazing cases. This is a nice case. I just feel like that. Fit could be a little bit better when it comes to that bottom right corner, but you know it is where it is. Man so ill be sure to make sure to leave the link to this down below. So you can go pick yourself up one. As always. You already know what apple leather cases man, you have tons of different colors, that you can choose from theyre poppy and the california poppy color. They got this. I think you might have a red. You may have a brown, you know it. You know the regular gamut when it comes to the apple leather cases, so, head down below check the link out. Man go grab yourself up, one and uh yeah enjoy it man, if you do like your leather cases, its a solid case, but for the price point you guys know how i feel about the price. But this is the leather category youre gon na pay that price for most leather cases, whether its nomad, whether its this, whether its bull, strap, whether whatever it is out there on the market youre going to have to pay just that extra premium.