A phone ive been trying to get for months, but the shipments kept getting cancelled, but now i finally have it and yeah um for a hundred bucks. You get four gigs of ram 32 gigs of storage, a 5 000 million per hour battery a 6.52 inch display, hd plus guess thats, either full hd or 720p doesnt specify here exactly oh, never mind its 720p. You have the quad core. T310 processor ive never heard that before think mediatek trying to change the names of their processors again but yeah. Those are our main specs lets open. This up. Have this weird um spongy feeling paper feels nice actually, alright, already some rejective tool and all right. Okay, we got the green one here. I guess oh this case really stuck on there very nice color. Actually so first impressions feels nice in the hand. Curl looks really nice in the box, are type c: cable charging, brick sim ejector tool and our manuals and warranty certificate. Also, this nifty tpu case kind of took a while, but yeah first impression the display looks pretty nice, our classic uh teardrop design bottom bezel. This isnt that big, so im gon na set this up and get back to you all right. The interesting part is fingerprint sensor, so it is yeah. Okay, its over here, i think yeah its this one so looks pretty um professional. Oh look at how fast its going forward all right all right. There we go um first impressions looks overall like a pretty decent smartphone for 100 bucks performance is also very nice.

I was expecting it to stutter a lot more, but so far uh really nice. Actually, i didnt connect to the wi fi, so im gon na have to set it up again. All right lets see how the typing experience here is like all right. Damn all right, hows, this phone, so fast im really impressed so far but yeah, while those apps are downloading lets set up our face unlock assuming we have one all right, yeah there there, it is all right, put it in the circle, come on all right wont. Let me set up the faces, keep saying theres, not enough light when there is so im just gon na skip that and go straight to the fingerprint unlock a very odd placement at first you got to get used to it, except for the background noise. It seems every time i film a review theres always something going on, but a fingerprint unlock is very, very fast like as soon as you tap it it unlocks. I mean it also depends if you place it correctly, Laughter, okay, no major lag, but the firmware did seem kind of low lets, turn off ads for this one. Oh, my god, knife fit runs perfectly you wan na. What about wind rider wind, rider, cant, see it correctly: okay, wind riders, its not 60 fps. I think its stunning, because of the ads like like trying to load up ads or not see instagram, but okay, okay, yeah once this is like almost 60 fps.

I think if you turn on airplane mode, you wont get ads because theres no like internet and yeah, really impressive, all right. So, first impressions, let me zoom in for you guys, so pub g is running perfectly fine, okay, not the highest frame rate but im sure if you lowered the graphics, see what they were. They are right now, all right they are already at the lowest. Oh snowman. I mean thats, not the highest frame rate, but it works all right. So for a hundred bucks, i think the speaker is. The speaker performs very well theres, no distortion, it gets decently loud quality is. This is normal for the price um, so yeah rear camera is 13 megapixels front. Camera is eight megapixels revados full hd front. Video is also full hd and for selfie here we go lets go outside, even though its raining, its gon na, be cold. All right were facing video uh, so i tried focusing, but it is the freezer to focus on because of things. Maybe we had like a manual focus option. Oh okay, there you go and front facing video wait. I think the front cameras a little dirty its currently raining right now. Yeah. Let me know what you think so yeah that is pretty much it so should you buy this phone now im gon na save for a hundred bucks, uh yeah, i mean yeah decent specs. These decent performance, decent cameras, distance speakers, they say that i see decent display yeah i mean the performance is surprisingly good, like it feels really good and very smooth.

In my testing at least uh. The only thing that i wish was different was the was the storage like. I think we could have done 64 gigs of 32 gigs even for this price range, its a bit too little but other than that really impressive, smartphone uh, so yeah. Thank you.