Channel todays video will be putting us through a complete review on pc lab pclab is a mumbai app used for graphic design, assume that graphic design is words or one of what we cannot do without with this app youll be able to do a lot of design On graphic, all you have to do is to open your play, store and type pc lab on the search button and tap on go here. You will see install because i have installed this app. That is why its open all you have to do is to tap on the install. The process is automatic after downloading completely it was installed on its own. Now you need to open the app once you open the app you likely see something like this. This is what you see, so we take you around through any of this uh button, or this version the first one we have to talk about here is this three uh circle that comes together in form of sets this once you tap on this circle, you come Across this, you need to get this background. You get any of these background. If you tap any of this background here, it will display here. The background will display here so lets tap on the vivid you see vivid as display here with new text. That is about background. The next one here is that well talk about. Is this letter a letter, a stand for text you see when we tapped on background? We have this figure here that new text will tap on this text.

Then you have these uh things to go about. First of all, is edit once tap on edit. You have this feature that pops up you can try to edit what you want here by tapping on this weve deleted part of that and youre not tap on. Ok, to add this, to what you want you can see if you tap on this delete button delete button here, the text on the screen will be deleted. This is what called copy. If you tap on this copy. You see we have another word here. We have to simulate being displayed on the screen just because we tap and copy that is work of that, and others like that, all you have to do is just move around now. Lets quickly talk about positioning, we talk about position. If you tap on this position here, you have something like this now. This position will try to shift this thing around. These are highlighted uh text and this button work for this test, so lets pick them one after the other. I will pick one of these tests. I want you to see this test this test and this test. So once you pick this test, you see the new is moving towards my left hand side. If you tap on the right one, its moving in towards my right hand, side if you tap on either of the other goes up down uh, they are pointed up and down. You move this test up and down once you are done with two positioning of your test.

All you have to do. Is you tap on the mark button here to save that particular test now, let me quickly talk about size. The size here is to increase the size of your text. We do this by tapping on the positive and the negative signs here. If you tap on the positive sign you see, its getting bigger on top of the negative sign is getting smaller. Then you tap on the mark sign here to save the size, youve selected then well talk about paddling. Its also a wonderful were talking about color color is where you want to change the color of your text here once you are like this and you tap on color the color, the text will be alerted. Any word that you have in that particular place will be highlighted. All you have to do is to scroll around this place and see the color. So, for the sake of this one im, thinking of this deep green, you see, then you tap on the mark again, the color has been uh display. Other thing like that we have opacity, we have rotate. We have mask front front. Lets quickly talk about front wall, family with front front is to give you a reasonable, uh texture. Let me use the word texture for what you need like a comforter regular. If you tap on that you tap on okay, you see it has changed the text. I see that the test here is different from the one here.

That is, that about that you have style as well. This tile is work. If you want to boot, it utilize it and underline your text then watch that on this particular button, the action you take will be remove or deleted this particular button. Here. The action you take will be deleted. You see its returned to the normal action that you tap on mark. To set that thing then excuse me, you can also tap on curve once tap on curve. I want to look at one thing here once you tap on curve. The value of bending here is zero. Now you use this negative or positive button to navigate. So, if you tap on positive, you see it costs it costs like cop that covers grant. Then, if you tap on the negative, you see just like that. That is the importance of that cough and on and on and on like that now lets quickly. Look at this one here. The next one i want to talk about here is this recorder, one ship under this ship. You have a lot and a lot to cover. One of is thicker. If you tap here, you see furio sticker, you can see these are stickers. All you have to do. Is you just tap on any of this sticker and it should be added to your your design. You also have emoji, you see, you add emoji to your design. This is what you are likely to get in this place.

I hope you are following all you just tap on that now. Here you tap on imports. If you tap on import is to import from your device, you import work from your device. That is the work of import. You tap on drawing you tap on drawings. You see you. Can you just use your own tool for to to carry out free drawing you see that then another one that i want us to talk about is um is sheep. You talk about shape. You want to get shaped to your drawing just like that then, and others and others like that. Then the next one is this button here to talk about this spot in here now this you can use button to perform a lot of action like color. You see transparent size, crop image and from uh from galleria from camera. All this is what you are able to do with this uh pc lab mobile, app for graphic design. Then there is this one as well. You see all this button. They perform very good option. Now lets look at one thing that is very, very important here. You see this button once tap on this button. You have something like this. These are few things that we have on our uh on our drawing one. We have this one here we have this one, then we have this one together here and this one. They are on the same click. So once you tap on this button, you have them in group.

You see ive talked about this one, the new and this one the hand drawing so you can lock this while working, so that wont be able to forget, or it wont disappear all you have to do to lucky to tap on this key. You tap on this key. It will lock that particular one. If you tap on this key it will then you tap on this. You see, maybe you want to remove part of it. All you have to do. Is you tap on the eye icon? If you tap on the icon, you see it the eye icon has removed. I want to remove this particular one now remove this particular from here. For example, you tap on this one as well. Now you tap on the eye icon here now you see it has removed. Then i want to return. It go back and tap on that. I icon it does remove a lot like that. Then there is another button. I want us to look at. Is this three dots at the top of that button here? This is what you likely see and what you can get from this particular place is awesome, just keep watching and listen as we release the video in series. If you want to know me about this, you can even tap on tutorial and watch that tutorial and get better understanding of what we are seeing. Then, if you want to use quotes a quote, you tap on that quote: icon.

You have a lot of code like this. One thing about this quote: is that one? You can change the language by tapping on that arrow, to give you to english or french. Then that is good. Then you can also. You can also choose the quotes. You want either motivational sources, friendship happiness. All you have to do is just tap on this arrow and select consume. Get from that. I hope that is understandable. Now tap on this plus here to add the text you see once tap on that plus sign. We want to add a text current date, sticker shape, glittery and draw. These are what you get from this particular button. But now you are done with your work. You want to save. Saving is a very good thing, but before we talk about safe, maybe you made a mistake while drawing you tap on this arrow, it will take you back to the previous uh action before d. When you want to remove or delete, then this arrow also work. Well, its for chair, on top of that button, be able to share your work. You see either on facebook, twitter, google, plus instagram whatsapp, and others like that. All you have to do is to tap on share that you want to share with now to save once tap on save button here or save button to option console one you can save as image watchdog save as image it will save into your gallery.

It is safe as uh, jpeg or mpj. That is that, then, if you want to save and continue your work next time, all you have to do is tap on save as a project once stop as you save as a project, then you have to name these projects say project a project, a project a Then you tap on okay to save that project. That project has been youre able to saved that project guys. This is a complete review of pc lab in erica pixel lab is a mobile app for graphic design. If you enjoyed this video, please do subscribe to our youtube channel topology button so that you get the series on how to use pc lamp as released from our end.