You know and im really happy to admit that for the past few years, ive seen that great change in smartphone industry, we have seen one of the best. You know form factors of devices that smartphone industry could offer. We started seeing flippable phones that actually have a glass bending in the middle. Then we saw foldable phones that you know from a phone become a tablet. It was all great novelty factor, but i was waiting for the day when this novelty factor becomes a necessity becomes something that average consumers can buy and dont have to spend. So much and dont feel like guinea pigs, where the smartphone companies are testing the devices on consumers. Remember the first series of samsung galaxy fold devices when the reviewers started reviewing it. It was chipping apart. It was falling apart, the displays were broken and it all felt like people were being tested. It was actually more of a prototype given to people to test which i always oppose, and im happy to announce that a company has tested foldable smartphone for over four years and tested six different iterations of it and then, finally, when they thought theyre ready, they launched The device yes were talking about, the oppo, find n and by find n, they dont mean finding nick hill. They mean finding n their own foldable, smartphone and im really really happy to see such a great form factor, and it really shows that oppo has worked over four years on this device, because everything about this device is perfect.

Just one thing is missing and well get to that. So what are we waiting for? Lets? Go ahead and unbox the oppo find and device Music in the box. You get the oppo find in smartphone usb data, cable, charger, sim ejector tool, exclusive service card, warranty card safety guide and a quick start guide. So now that we have unboxed the device and youve seen what comes in the box lets talk about the design of the oppo find and device. So, as you can see, it sits in my hand, and i can use it with single hand, operation thats. One thing that was missing from foldable devices, especially the samsungs of the world, the huaweis of the world display of the samsung galaxy fold. Even in the third generation. The fold three is so narrow when the phone is folded, that you can hardly type on it and the ergonomics is so bad, so tall, theyre, hardly usable with single hand when its folded or unfolded thats. What oppo worked on, and i can really tell you this phone – is one of the most compact smartphones. Now, if youre wondering how small are we talking? How compact are we talking about well for size, comparison, im, placing it next to the iphone 13 mini, and you can see its exactly the same size when the phone is folded, so the outer display is 5.49 inches and its not like a narrow or tall display. Its a proper display with an 18 to 9 ratio, which makes it a perfect smartphone when youre folding it and using it.

And when you fold it, it becomes a 7.1 inches immersive display which is even nicer to use. Because you get extra real estate. And still you can do all the things single handedly, so oppo not only has worked on the hardware, the hinge, the display the form factor, but also has worked over the years over the software, and you can feel it when you start using it flex form mode That they have added lets, you do a lot of things, single handedly and also when you have opened the phone or unfolded the device like, for example, you can create or capture great panoramic shots. You can use the smartphone as a selfie camera, even with the primary 50 megapixel sensor. Well, im not gon na reveal the camera right now. Well, talk about the camera later and to capture time lapse. You can keep the phone like this and capture the stars and the galaxy you never know, no pun intended Music. Now all this has been able, thanks to the ultra thin glass that oppo has used and for the first time in a foldable device, youll hardly see the crease, which is a great deal. The way they work. The hinge is superb, the satisfying sound that you get after flipping it down. So, thanks to the sound i might just do the whole two lag times of you know, opening and closing it down, because i love this sound, but i dont want to run it over right away and that two lag times is just the minimum number that the Company commits its not like as soon as youre done to like the phone will crack into half its, not going to happen its just like kind of giving a commitment that will at least last two lakh times of this.

This is the first foldable smartphone, where you hardly see the crease and the reason is the hinge technology that they use the glass doesnt fold into half instead forms like a drop of water drop and thats. The reason when you fold the paper into half, you see theres a crease, but when you hold the paper and theres a bulge at the bottom, you never see the crease and thats the exact kind of technology that they use. Getting more into display will talk about the display quality now display quality is really really up. There. Peak brightness is 1000 x, which is comparable to all the flagships out there. You also get 120 hertz of refresh it on the inside. While you will be doing most of the gaming inside to make sense on the outside, though you get a 60 hertz refresh it, most of the tasks will be doing like content consuming gaming and all will be happening on a 120 hertz ltpo screen. So it should not matter, but then again, maybe in the next iteration well see similar refresh rates on both the screens. As this is the first attempt and its really really good. Now the display feels square because its almost like a square, and that feels nice and, as i mentioned, all over again best for the ergonomics its great to look at and it feels really nice. The display aspect ratio is 8.4, is to 9 now thats, not conventional, but on this 7.

1 inch screen, it feels really nice. All of oppo apps have been made to look good and do all the multitasking and all, but for the third party, apps is still a lot to be done because its just come out for the developers and theyll take time to fix the screen size according to Their apps and still a lot of work to be done well talk about that when we get to the software and thats. What one thing that i said that makes it almost perfect and well get there now continuing about the design. It is a foldable smartphone might feel bulky. I have the moto razor next to it and you can see all the foldable of flippable devices when folded will feel thick than a conventional phone, because theres a lot happening in there and then you have a very thin display the ultra thin display. But when you unfold – or you know, flip that phone, it becomes a really thin phone. Well, the moto is definitely one of the thinnest flippable or foldable displays, but i cannot say that for the fine end and the reason im saying that is because theres a lot happening in here it has got the biggest battery of foldable. Smartphones got a 4500 mah of battery weve, been using the smartphone testing the smartphone the display is always on. We have put it on a 30 minute activity and the battery hardly depletes, but the reason it is thick as i was coming to is the battery that it put in it, and i think i would give that to oppo, because i would not mind a thicker Phone, if it gives me extra battery life, weve seen that with the apple iphone 13 series, they are a bit thicker, but they give you extra battery life and similar is the case with the oppo find in they are bit thicker, but a 4500 mah battery divided Into two both making it a 4500 mah battery phone talking about the ports, you get dual firing speakers at the bottom, which is dolby atmos supported, and you also get a usb type c charging port that supports 33 watt over flash charge.

15 watts of wireless charging and also supports reverse wireless charging, and on the top there are no ports. You only get the secondary microphone so at the bottom you also get a sim tray slot, which is a dual sim nano slot. So you can put in two sims and use it at the same time on the left. Is the volume rocker on the right? Is the fingerprint sensor and the power button integrated into one? You also get face unlock thanks to the selfie camera and it is really really quick whether using the face unlock or the integrated fingerprint sensor on the power button, so open. Also very cleverly made this phone a mixture of shiny and matte. When you see the camera, module is like what you find on the find x series of smartphones, especially the find x3. You get that 50 megapixel sensor, so theyre not like giving away a camera module because its a flippable or a foldable phone. They have continued, giving the best set of cameras and opposed cameras are great. So you get a 50 megapixel primary sensor camera. You got ultra wide lens. You got a telephoto lens, but a 32 megapixel selfie camera on the front and you also get a 32 megapixel selfie camera. So one two three four five set of cameras on a foldable device im loving the way technology is moving and im really really happy to see so much happening in so less time and youll also notice.

This camera bump happening, and there is a slow slanted texture around the camera module making it a lot seamlessly done on the outer body of the phone and minimalistic branding on the right edge of the smartphone, which is nice last thing ill point out is on the Hinge youll see design for fine, which is like telling you straight away its a fine series, which is a flagship series now lets talk about the software. Remember in the beginning of the video i said its an almost perfect device, barring one thing now that one thing is the software. Well, the software is perfect for the country its launched for yes, the sad news is this perfect foldable smartphone, the one i definitely recommend and love is only limited to chinese market so anywhere across the world. Youre watching this video, most probably youre, not watching this video in china because youtube is banned there and you will not get it anywhere else and thats the reason it doesnt come with google services. So all the software is optimized for the chinese market. You get all the qq messengers, tick, tocks, wechat and everything that the chinese population use and they have been optimized and if you sideload, google, apps or any apps that you use in the other parts of the world, apart from china, youll feel that it has not Been fixed for this display, so once you open youtube, youll see that half and half screen is coming.

Yes, obviously multitasking and all are there, but thats again, just for the chinese audience. I loved taking notes on this one. While you know opening a browser and just swiping with two fingers and opening a note or something like to read, while watching something that is all great because its not built with google services, the google apps are not optimized and most of them wont even work. So you dont have google play store, youll have to sideload apps or you can use the app store, which is the app market by oppo to install apps. So the software is also very seamless when youre opening the screen and the continuity features really work. And i really love the animation, the animated wallpapers they have included. So, according to the tilt angle, the wallpaper is animating and which is really really nice and makes you unfold the phone all over and over again. For example, if im reading something on chrome and i fold the display, the display will be dark. But as soon as i click on it, i can start reading and continue reading. As you know, this phone doesnt come with google services. It still has android, which is android version 11, and it is based on top of color os version 12, which will now be on oppo and oneplus devices in terms of software. Optimization oppo has also given you virtual ram or ram expansion option. This device is 512 and 12gb of ram, which is 512gb of rom and 12gb ram, but you can further expand it into different options like 3gb, 5gb and also 7gb.

So imagine adding 7 more gb of ram to this smartphone. So in terms of special features, you get flexible windows, quick return bubble and a smart sidebar. Now, just because this is a foldable smartphone, oppo didnt take away any feature you get edge. Lighting you get always on display, which is a great deal. When you keep your phone like this and theres edge lighting, you know the phone is ringing, even if its on silent, because you can see those lines running across and thanks to the always on display youre, not always tapping on the phone to see notifications and time And this again saves a lot of battery, so whats powering the oppo finding well its not the latest generation of qualcomm that was just announced, because if they would have included that the smartphone would have come out six months later, so to avoid that theyve. Given you, the latest and the best that you can buy right now, which is the snapdragon triplet processor paired with a 512 gb of rom and 12 gb of ram, and you get another iteration of this device, which is 256 gb and 8 gb of ram. Now, again, all these units, all these options, are only available in china. The chinese pricing for the base model is seven thousand six hundred and ninety nine yuan, which makes it twelve hundred dollars, while the top end variant costs eight thousand nine hundred. Ninety nine, which is nine thousand yuan, making it a fourteen hundred dollar costing, and if you really really want the oppo find, then you should find friends in china or try to order it online and get it somehow in the indian market.

Youll have to wait till 23rd of december when it goes on sale for the first time, so this device can be bought in three colors weve been using the black one. You also get it in white and purple. The purple is a very different purple with bluish and purple trench to it. The black and white are matte and shiny at the same time. So on that note, no pun intended. I think oppo should launch the finance globally and everybody in the galaxy has the right to buy this smartphone. So the last line i would say which oppo has been saying it all over and over again, is this – is the holdable smartphone which turns from novelty to necessity? Yes, foldable smartphone can become mainstream thanks to the oppo find n, but for that oppo youll have to make it with global availability. Thanks for watching the unbiased blog.