A look at the farm were also going to answer. Some questions. Ive been getting throughout the week were also going to pick a winner for mondays, 10 bitcoin giveaway, so make sure you stick around to the end of this video to see if you won and if you want to participate in the giveaways here they take place every Monday and thursday, and the winner is always announced in the following video, how you get entered is super easy. All you have to do is like this video be subscribed to the channel and comment your bitcoin wallet address down below then tune into mondays video to see. If you won and to enter the next contest as the channel grows, we will give away more and more bitcoin now. Do you want to do a quick, walk around the farm and show you guys got all the phones plugged in? I still havent cleaned up all these cords because im not 100 up and going. I did literally just 10 minutes ago, get these nine phones and these phones in the mail theres been horrible snowstorms here in the united states, the last week or two. So its completely delayed the united states postal service from delivering mail, and i feel, like i got all of my mail in one day – and i was just super excited that it was today, so i was able to show you guys for my weekly updates. So we will get back into the farm here and ill show.

You guys some more details. Now. A lot of people have been reaching out to me about how many phones you can have on each account with the new update it doesnt matter, how many phones you have on each account. The earnings will be the same on crypto tabs website. It does say that you can have multiple phones on each account, but through tests and talking to people in the community, we found that it doesnt make a difference with that being said, that means cloud boost is no longer worth it on any level, because theres no Benefit to having the account and paying for the subscription when you cant stack phones on the account to multiply your earnings, so the new best strategy is to just have each phone individually on their own crypto tab account. Now that does not mean you have to buy. Crypto tab pro for every device. All that means is, you have to sign in on the device with the same gmail that you purchase crypto tab pro on and then youll be able to download it without purchasing it again. So i would just like to show that all of my phones are running on different accounts. As you guys can see, theyre all mining different amounts. They all have different amounts in their wallets, so thats the key um get to the rest of them here shortly. But you need to have each phone on its own account if you want to maximize your earnings, so another thing that ive been getting a lot about.

Is people keep asking me about crypto, tabs vpn and from talking to people and people reaching out to me, i found that some people are having issues downloading crypto tab. Unless you have the vpn and some people can just download it without the vpn. I personally do not use the vpn so its completely up to you. If you want to use it or not. Now one of the most common questions ive been getting is how much im earning and how much does each phone earn? Now i did a 24 hour test where i took one of these phones and mined on crypto tab pro for 24 hours, and i will cut away to that experiment. Video now so you guys can see, and then we will get back to the farm and talk about how much im earning with this whole farm so ill see you back here in a second all right guys were going to do the 24 hour experiment and see Exactly how much were going to earn in satoshi and dollar amount mining for 24 hours on crypto tab pro with the times one? Now, if you use my referral link down below this video and you buy this app for 2.49, this is the speed youll get for free. When you purchase the app you dont have to buy anything extra, so it is 10 34 at night and as you guys can see here, it is february 23rd. So we will come back in 24 hours and well see exactly how much weve earned currently right.

Now we have 906 satoshis and its 46 cents now that might change depending upon the price of bitcoin. So i will see you guys in 24 hours and we will see how many satoshis we mined see you all right. So we are back after 24 hours of mining. I just want to show you before we get going, that it is february 24th, its 10 42 at night. So it has been a few minutes past when we started last nights video, but it shouldnt affect it too. Much we now have 1 1136 satoshis. We started last nights, video with 906, so that means in 24 hours we mined 230 satoshis, which comes out to 12 to 13 cents depending upon the price of bitcoin. When you watch this and if you multiply that out, it comes out to three dollars and sixty cents per month and forty three dollars and twenty cents per year, so yeah were going to go back to the farm now so thats. What i got in 24 hours – please, let me know down in the comment section what you all earned in 24 hours, im kind of interested, where i stack up, i kind of want to know if youve earned more or less but back to the original question of How much im earning as you all can see it is profitable to just buy crypto tab pro and mine with the times one that they give you. You wont get rich overnight by mining with a smartphone, but the more phones you use and the longer you dedicate to mining, the more you will mine and the more your earnings will grow, especially with bitcoin rallying the way it is with that being said, currently, with The price of bitcoin being rated around 50k im pulling over 10 a day with no referrals, and i just want to clarify that, because theres a lot of people that reach out to me saying that this is a scam and that you only can make money.

If you have referrals thats, just not true, i mean i literally just showed you guys in my experiment that you can make money over time. If you just willing to put the time, effort and energy in, but what the most important thing whenever you go to start making your own mining farm, because ive had a lot of people reaching out to me about building their own mining farm, is you need to Ask yourself if your time is worth it, because thats the most valuable thing in life is your time you cant get that back. So ask yourself a few questions. Are you willing to hit these devices every few hours? Is it worth your time to hit these devices every few hours? How many devices are you willing to hit, and do you have the money for the startup costs? I just dont want any of you to get involved with this and realize that you dont have the money or youre not willing to put in the time to do it. This isnt, an automated system – you do have to hit it every three hours. So just keep that in mind. Im gung ho for all of you guys to start your own mining farm. I think everyone should, but just make sure you do your own research and know what is involved before you just start buying phones and start putting all your money into it. The last thing i want to go over in this video and i dont want to touch on it too.

Much is sdp mining. A few people have reached out to me about why my phones look different than theirs, and the answer is that im sdp mining and what that is is its just an older version of their algorithm that they used a few years ago. Only people whove been with them for a long time or a while have access to this theres. Only a few differences between the sdp mining and the newer version mining that we all have now. The main difference is that cloud boost on sdp mining was a one time payment. You only paid for it once and then you never had to pay for it again. Now you have to pay a monthly subscription fee for cloud boost im, not really going to talk about sdp mining anymore, just because its not available and new users cant download it. So theres really no point to talk about it, but, as you can see, i only have a few devices running on this. All of my other devices are running on the new algorithm, so this is what my videos will be based around with that being said, guys im probably going to wrap up the video. As always, all of my referral links will be down below this video. If you want to automatically downl ten dollars into your account, so now im going to switch over to mondays video and we will pick a winner uh. But let me let me just say first that if you want to join my crypto tab mining poll, its super super easy to do.

All you got to do is uninstall the app that you have click my link, reinstall crypto, tab pro and then sign into your account and youll be automatically connected into my mining pool. You wont lose any money that you have and your balance will carry over. So yeah with that being said, im going to switch over and were going to pick a winner for mondays video make sure you guys put your bitcoin wallet address down below, so you can be entered into the next giveaway. Everyone got it all loaded up here. Lets pick a winner for mondays: video good luck to everyone. Please make sure you put your bitcoin wallet address down below to be entered into the next one and come back on monday to see. If you won good luck, look there! You go all right. This is going to be our winner.