If you have answered yes to any of that, then this review is just for you. This is the uni, hurts tick. Tock review so lets start with slow unboxing uni heard. Stick talk came to review in this dry box without labels, but these are just the first examples for us reviewers, since the phone has not yet gone on sale. Officially, so lets take a look on the contain of this box. There is our new smartphone Music in the box. We find the usb type c adapter and charge cable. Then we have a usb type c: otg adapter for 3.5 millimeter audio cables and the sim card tray removal tool is also included and for the end we have left with the fast charger itself Music. This presale test pack did not include any documentation, but the released version undoubtedly will well that was contains of this box. So lets move on the smartphone itself. The uni heard stick talk is described as a unique 5g dual screen, raj smartphone, but while most devices with dual screen form factors have a folding displays, the tick tock has two district screens, the main display and the smaller circular sub screen on the back. So this is the tea talk from uni hertz, which is, as you can tell, a ratchet phone, but with a very special feature: thats right. We have a rear display, almost a smartwatch looking display here on the back of this phone, but before we get into the rear display, which is really the highlight of this phone lets, talk a little bit about the phone itself.

It comes with the dimension 700 chipset on the board, along with 8 gigabytes of ram memory and 128 gigabyte of internal storage and the 5g capabilities, with a 6.3 inch full hd display, which does look nice and crisp and with really decent colors. Yes, it is lcd, but it still looks great and to not forget to mention a notification led is also here, in addition to a really great interior design, which is not only visual but also simply superior to the touch here on the side, we also have a Two red buttons that can be shortcut for any application or function in the mobile phone. You choose great thing: tick, tock 5g runs on android 11 os twitter, near stock ui, and it works very smoothly. It also comes with a large 600 million power battery latest wi fi, bluetooth 5.1 and a 5g band support nfc and either ar blaster. We found on the top of this phone thats nice fm radio is also here. The phone comes with the 48 megapixel rear and 8 megapixel front cameras. When we talk about cameras now lets look at the photos and the sample videos that we make with this phone and they look pretty good. For me. Lets see Music do Music, do Music, hey Music in general, the smartphone functional industrial style, black color, shim, trended corners, effective use. The plastic steel body is what we expect from a tough smartphone. That means ip68 and durability, standards for typically roger phone that you might see on my channel, so it gives.

Why is this phone so unique is because of that rear display, and not only it is a circular display like a smartwatch. It is a touchscreen display. So, as you can see, you can actually circuit to various modes here: music, camera – and you have the watch face itself and if you may not know, ive got a really into watches these past years and you can see on my hand now. This is a kind of cool combination of my passion for phones and watches all combined into one phone. Its pretty cool and youll have a number of settings for the sub screen that you can adjust so double tap to turn it on flick to screen on. You can have it on with the main screen. So when the main screen is on, this will be on 16 of different clock faces here that you can use for the back here. As you can see, you can also create your own. You can also see and choose a background and you can take a photo if you wanted to use and you can take your own photos for this feature. Availability to use music and you can actually choose which app will actually select for music here and you can pretty much adjust your music on the back of the phone. You want to take a real display selfie. You can actually do that it, which is that unicorn stick talk, lets face it its something that you cant do with many phones on the market, except for the mi, 11 ultra, so thats a pretty outstanding feature as well.

This sub screen is 360 by 260 celsius. It is lcd, but it will do the job its pretty much going to be the same type of display. You see on the lot of smart watches here on the back of this unicorns tank top. I have a couple of rugged phones in the past, so it seems like a good idea to check just how robust the uni head stick. Talk is primarily the tick tock is ip68 water resistant, as the description reads, its no harm to make a splash on your phone tik tok is able to re, stand dust dirt and sand and survive up to 1.5 meter underwater for up to 30 minutes. The big draw for this phone beyond its robustness and waterproofing is a secondary display known as a subscreen. It is a circular display over an inch in the animator as well as displaying the time the screen doubles: the scroll indicator, notification window music player and camera quick and easy task that you dont need to pick up your phone for a perfect for this display. You can also leave your phone face down and check the time in many things or perhaps get a quick glimpse of the time. There is a screen time out setting in place, so the display isnt permanently turned on the two red buttons on the side of the phone. Add extra functionality to device by the default, the lower red button wakes, the sub screen from a standby mode, while the upper button toggles the torch, and if you dont, like the 16 pre installed clock faces, you can also set your own background with impressive benchmark and A sturdy robust casing, the unheard stick, talking, pressed and a sub screen clock might be the deal breaker as all you guys, if you wanted a really low cost way to get every display on the back of the phone.

This may be an option to consider, and this uni heard state talk is a kickstart mode right now. I will share the link in the description of this. Video definitely go checking it for pricing and availability thanks once again to unicorns to send it to this. One hit me up in the comments: what are your thoughts of this phone, and do you like the idea of having watch face on the back of your phone? Is this just a gimmick, or is it something that could actually be useful for the daily needs hit me up in the comment section? I love to hear about it and that will be all for today.