I didnt know about it into a subscriber of mine. Hit me in the comments. Well, it was a few of yall who hit me up in the comment section. Like yo t, you got to check out the spigen geo armor 360 and i was like you know what let me head over amazon and let me go ahead and cop. It man, a lot of you, probably think i dont buy my own cases still. Yes, your boy still buys some cases, all right. Everything doesnt get sent to me. So i went out and bought this with my own money. So were gon na go ahead and check it out now, as you can see here, geo armor 360.. I did the whole speaking case line up speaking and saying nothing about it. I dont know whats up with these cases that speaking dont say nothing about man, thats. Actually amazing so lets go ahead and take a look at this case. This is going to be a full coverage protection case. All right so were gon na have to take our speaking tempered glass screen protector off. Alright, we got ta go naked on the screen. For this, because this is a case that has an included screen protector kind of on the top of it all right, so lets go ahead and get into it lets go ahead and take it up by the packaging. Let me throw that to the side over here. Now this is my first time ever looking at this case, ive, never known anything about this case ive seen something similar like this for, like the iphone 7 plus years ago, all right, so this is gon na, be my first time even checking something out like this.

So lets go ahead and check it out. Lets uh get everything off of it. So, as you can see right here, it says remove sticker. So one thing that were gon na do is gon na go ahead and separate these apart. Okay, this is gon na, be your two part case. I know kind of out of the norm when we talk about speaking man, so on the inside, you get your gallium nitride. I could be saying that 100 wrong, gallium, nitride, probably butchered it. You know im good for butchering words, man. The charges that i use from speaking man were going to go ahead and toss that to the side we do get some lens and screen wipes. All right just make sure your screen is clean and everything before it goes up. In this whole plastic, shell were gon na, throw that to the side and, like i said, we get our front side with that included, screen protector, no its, not tempered glass, its more of that plastic styles, creme bruto yall know the old school style screen protector. So lets go ahead and bring this over here. Iphone 13 pro ah lets go ahead and take off that perfectly installed tempered glass cream protectors, man. This is why i keep extra ones on deck, because i have to take these screen resets off to do certain videos like that. So lets go ahead and set this right here to the side and lets go ahead and take a look at the case itself.

So if you look at the inside of this case, it looks kind of familiar to the tough farmer. All right, we already know the tough armor is one of spigens most protective case. Now. Is this still the most protective case after looking at this bad boy? Because if you look at this man with the two part case design, i think this right here probably is one of spigens most protective case at this moment. So, yes, you have some of that same shock. Absorption material on the inside take a look at the buttons right here. You get that cut out for that new toggle raise volume up with those air slots, as you can see flip it over the bottom. You got accurate cutouts there. Power button also raised up with the air slats and uh yeah thats, basically design that goes on the back. It basically has a textured design. You know it has a little bit of texture to it over here. You get that. You know that the accordion sound i dont know what that sound is. But yall know what im talking about with that sound and you get that raised little camera protection all right, so lets go ahead and remove this sticker off of here. So it says, remove sticker were going to take this off and we are going to take that off. So very very clean were not really going by wiping the screen off because the screen protector just came out of there.

So we just basically gon na set these to the side and lets just go ahead and slap. The phone in the protector now im pretty sure we go. No, we dont do it like that. We go screen first back on the back, all right so t come on. This is your first time so lets pop this on here. Boom make sure thats on and then youre gon na, just pop this in this case right here, all right, all right, let me get everything go around, it make sure everything is snapped into place, make sure everything is cool and there it is here. It is man the spigen geoforce 360.. Did i just butcher that name yo gia armor 360.. I tell yall. This is my first time man yall get the raw authentic me. When it comes to these videos. You guys see some mess. Ups man, but lets just go ahead and take a look at it here. It is man in the full protection on this case, so its safe to say now that the tough armor really isnt the most protective case anymore, when it comes to speaking, got these 360 armors right here. Man so lets go ahead and take a look at lets. Go ahead and do the butt just good nice mute, toggle switch. You can easily get your finger in there buttons very nice and tactile no issue there flipping over the bottom. You see your cutouts are spot on there and that power button, nice and tactile, and you see that camera is recessed down up in there.

Now take a look at that late on the table protection i mean: do we even have to talk about it? This thing right here has a nice lip that goes all the way around and of course, you do have that included plastic screen protector up here now, im not a 100 sure what the drop rating is on this case, but i can probably tell you right now: You can get your clumsies on and be perfectly fine with this case right here. I dont think itll be an issue when youre talking about protection all right, this 360 protection. I definitely feel like its pretty good, and then you look at the corners man. You got that reinforcement on those corners, so if you were to drop it, those corners are going to take some absorption and your phone is going to be pretty much protected. Man so nicely ontario protection and everything like that now. How does this case fit on the phone? Because you know when two part cases old school back in the day you had these stick two by two style cases, then itll be creaking and doing all type of crazy stuff wiggling. But when were talking about this man, this thing fits like an absolute glove. I mean nothing is moving. You really have to sit there and really pry this plastic off in order to take it off, but once all the plastic is fitting flush into the grooves of the actual case itself.

This thing feels amazing, no droopy edges no case sliding around. This is a very, very snug case on this iphone 13 pro, so very nice job speaking when it comes to this, i dont even have to do the pull and tug test, because even when coming down here, you cant even pull it off easy from the frame Right here and when it comes up the top, you can pull it, but you have thats how you get the case off, but once all of that is snapped in and everything is in the grooves excellent excellent fitting case now. How does this feel in your hands? Now, for it to be a protective case like it is, it keeps a fairly thin profile. I mean when you look at it thats, not that thick when youre talking about a case that has 360 degrees protection, so when youre holding it in your hand, it definitely feels like you have a good case. You definitely have a case on your phone, but i dont feel like its overly bulky. All right, i do feel like it does feel good. I can almost use this case if i wanted to have that extra bit of protection for whatever i may be doing out there. I wouldnt have any problem using this case because, with the 360 degrees protection that it gives its not overly chunky or anything like that so good job right here when it comes to keeping it as thin as possible, offering the most protection as possible.

Now everything, besides that man, nice texture on the sides here, it has a little bit of texture im talking about a faint bit of texture on the sides to probably help a little bit with that grip. Is it the most grippy? No, but this rubber material on the outside definitely does feel good to get a little bit of a little bit of look right there on the corners. You just saw that, but it does feel good. I mean its decent, i feel like it has enough grip where it wouldnt feel like its just super slippery right at your hands. So no mag safe magnets in this one, all right so were just rocking with the regular wireless charging so dropping down on regular wireless charging. As you see, that works fine, just for giggles and uh lets bring the mag safe over here and lets see if magsafe charging works, so nothing on magsafe all right so well, you can get it positioned right and you can see it will work with regular wireless Charging and if you have something like your anchor mag safe battery pack, is it powerful enough to still work on this and nah it charges it, but it doesnt stay up here at all. Right, like the mag saver, is completely blocked. When you are talking about a thick case like that, so sure you can probably set it down on it and itll work, fine like this, but actually walking around with the battery pack on the back.

I dont think its happening with the speedo spigo with this speaker. Armor 360. – all right so yo check it out very very nice case from speaking giving you that 360 degree protection giving you that extra more protection extra more giving you that more protection than the tough armor man. I think this is an excellent choice for somebody who just needs a little bit more and also i forgot about it. Man lets take a look at this screen protector. So if you have the screen protector here and you go to your settings, there, isnt any like super noticeable gap between the actual screen and the screen protector itself. You know some of those old cases. Man back in day, you can press it and literally feel it clicking and clicking, but with this one you dont have a noticeable gap so scrolling and everything like that is 100. Fine. Lets open up your camera and lets look at the the selfie quality, real quick. Let me snap a selfie. I look sleepy, as i dont know what that sale, because it is like seven in the morning, but the quality doesnt look like it is hindered at all. The quality looks just as good as i feel like if you didnt have a case on the front, because you do have a full protection screen protector that goes all the way around the outside. So, just using it and everything like this, i feel like its perfectly fine, you can scroll scroll scroll and it doesnt feel, like you, have a hindrance of a screen protector being on top of it, so excellent, excellent job.

From speaking with this 360 case, you have a nice one right here, man dont, be we trying to hide this case man. You got a good case right here, make sure you definitely show it off man. So here it is man. This is it man, the spigen armor 364, the iphone 13 pro very nice case. If you need that maximum level of protection – and if you like speaking, then you definitely might want to check it out man, so you already know i will leave the links to each and every one of the iphone models that this is offered for. Make sure you do all the youtube things man make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn that bell on so you dont miss out on any future videos on the channel all right. So until next time man yall be safe, catch you on the next one.