The new phone strikes back some of its predecessors, less necessary features to focus on offering its core features at a more affordable price. Like the original nord, the oneplus nord ce is only getting a release in europe and india, while u.s buyers instead have the nord n200 coming later this month. The question for all of them is whether oneplus has tripped back one feature too many, or has it found the right balance of price and performance? If the oneplus note ce has plenty to offer from a specification standpoint, it looks pretty good too. You have a choice of white, blue or charcoal link for the base models with the 12 gb variant coming in silver. Oneplus. Note c has an s2h or led display on the front, with minimum bezels selfie camera in a hole punch to the top left of the screens in a rear camera bunk that arranges their sensors into a line like the original knot. There is no official ip rating for the dust and water resistance and no wireless charging. The oneplus note c measures 159 by 73 and has a thickness of 7.9 millimeters. It weighs just 170 grams that makes it thinner and lighter than the oneplus nord. By far margin you will enjoy holding this phone in your hand, especially if youre a fan of compact phones. The screen on the note c is probably its best feature measuring 6.43 inches across the diagonal. It uses amoled technology to deliver vibrant, largely color, accurate images that are matched for any phone in its price bracket.

It has a full hd plus resolution of 2400 by 1080p and 20 by nine aspect ratio and a 90 hertz fluid refresh rate gone. Is the gorilla glass protection of the oneplus knot, but oneplus is bringing dragon trail grass protection here it isnt as durable as corning gorilla glass, but it does protect the screen from picking up scratches easily. The display here is a flat one, unlike some of the flagship phones from oneplus. It is a crisp and sharp amoled display with nice viewing angles. The phone is also hdr certified, which means you will be able to stream hdr content on netflix youtube and more. The amoled display also brings a pleasant experience with deep blacks and excellent contrast and sharpness. However, the colors on the oneplus note c arent quite as eye catching as weve seen on some other mid range phones like the poco f3 or the xiaomi 11x. While it might not be the brightest panel, the phone gets the outdoor brightness fairly well to read unless direct sunlight, Music performance is another area where oneplus had to step down in order to keep the price low and make it more affordable than the oneplus nord. The device is powered by qualcomm, snapdragon 750g octa core chipset. It is an octa core processor clocked at 2.2, gigahertz and the graphics are taken care of by the adreno 619 gpu. The snapdragon 750 g is a capable chipset which does perform well when it comes to day to day tasks such as opening multiple apps at once, switching between them and playing a few games, we did not feel any lag or jitter during our gaming time.

Cameras have never been the headlining feature on any oneplus smartphone, be it the flagship or mid range phones, but that did not change a bit. With recently launched oneplus 9 series on the north ce. You are getting three cameras on the back and one camera on the front: one less camera sensor on either side compared to the oneplus nord. There is a 64 megapixel main camera within focus of 1.8 aperture. The company did not specify the sensor, but it is from omnivision and not sony or samsung. The primary camera also comes with electromagnetic image, stabilization eis and clicks the image in 16 megapixels resolution by default, the secondary 8 megapixel camera has a 119 degree field of view and a focus of 2.25 aperture. It also supports eas and lastly, you get a 2 megapixel mono lens, with a focus of 2.25 pressure. The camera also includes a bunch of shooting modes, such as timelines panorama, slow mo video portrait, nightscape and pro mode. The portrait shots on both the front and back cameras come out well with good edge detection. You can shoot up to 4k at 30 fps and 120 fps slo mo videos and video recording was good, but it was a bit shaky due to the lack of ois. The eies does a good job by keeping up and outputs a decent video with good hdr and audio pickup. The nord ce packs a 4500 mah battery a jump from the 415 mah unit on the oneplus nord, while the battery size on paper is just above the average.

The overall battery life that we managed to get was excellent once fully charged the device can easily. Last one full day with heavy usage and a day and a half if youre a moderate user. This is the best battery weve got on the oneplus phone in a long time. The average screen time during our review was close to 6 hours and 30 minutes, and the best we managed to get was 8 hours, which is nuts. Our general uses include all day interactions on whatsapp slack mails, a few minute of calls youtube music streaming. Gaming and social media surfing, and that will be the theme of my verdict on the oneplus note ce for the money, its perfectly good performance is solid, the display is excellent, build and design are on point and the camera delivers crisp well exposed photos in most circumstances, Combine that with a superb battery life and you have a phone that takes all the right boxes.