It was actually a very good phone. Initially, i gave it for my mom specs. The great thing about this is that its very affordable and the specs were pretty good amoled, full hd, plus eye care display eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal storage, five thousand milliampere battery 33 watts fast charging touch trampling rate i 180 yards, pull up on Gaming delegation and speaking of gaming secret features kind of performance fps, and you can also reply messages directly to messenger in game, wow and thats. Why, for me its worth taking a second look: kay donna im, full review, oppo a95, opposite beans and youre watching unbox. Ladies Music, so first of all you design, mona oppo is calling it the oppo glow design cussing out like a glosha, i think the magic feminine design, no mention black color. If you want a simpler, much more manlier, the opal glow design. Has this rainbow effects liquid smoothing back? This is made out of plastic, but in bad news, which is awesome, also 2021. Well, im. Sure glass body is 20 21 and its totally okay, because i am plastic body, i mean fingerprints or smudge. I love that betting out magic sliding shot slippery, but if you want the extra grip legendary case that still looks nice, the phone is very thin. Seven point: ninety five millimeters and very light 175 grams. The phone is neither too big or too small kash and kasha 100 again headphone jack wired headphones and yes, this phone is dual nano sim card slot, plus mirror micro sd card slot for expandable storage, summary competing in solito.

On top of the 128 gigs of internal storage and oh by the way, im bloody, oppo, sobrant, oppo a95 – it has the oppo quality. No standard is too high. 28 000 drop tests. 150 temperature shock tests at 500, 000 power button. Press tests test tests Music. It is a 6.43 inch, 1080p im gon na display number ninety point: eight percent screen to body ratio 180 hertz touch something rates: a game mode manager, 16 million colors, 92 percent dc ip3 at 100 srgb and get this 409 ppi paja, which is super high quality. Super high res display and immediately say youtubes and netflix everything will look beautiful. You know youtube is now 1440p or 4k, not sure why Music it looks pretty nice and sharp, actually sober movies, its just that magnetic speakers, and this will actually help it plus dark mode. Paso but youll not want a high refresh rate display per oxy for me, ill gladly, trade, the high refresh rate for better life and most important display. Now, when it comes to graphics now display and when you think about it, your combination of display, plus high refresh rate and possibly for this price, you can only choose one for me, its omelette, always over high refresh rate. It not only gives you more battery life, but also better looking pictures better, looking graphics in mobile legends and call of duty gadget impact mastermind seo over high refresh rate, especially when the brightness guys so brought important and brightness, especially outside it, was able to output up To 800 nets of brightness, ultra graphics right out of the box, and this one supports it right away aptly on super optimized special for this game as the resolution by default in basically mobile legends phones resolution, even though merciless graphics, he did the lessons resolution by default Resolution, graphics, very optimized, although its not super smooth, most ultra graphics.

I am playing this at high graphics, now, im ready, but its resolution, the best looking most graphically impressive, looking mobile legends game, ultra graphics, important smoothness, well, my graphics card Music is not too powerful. Now, snapdragon 662 processor, and with that gameplay is high graphics on mobile legends on a performance pace. Hertz touch sampling, making 180 hertz to save the battery life benchmark from 208 000 points, making 211 000, which is a minor speed bump. Also, how about a game space mode new feature within the game itself, which is this panel swipe left on your cpu gpu percentage and even your fps? You can also block notifications, reject one of the better graphics. You can get on a mid range device better and not the best champion mobile legends plus call of duty. This phone will not disappoint graphics still. The lowest graphics is okay for this phone and 30 frames per second and, of course, 48 mp triple camera setup metabolism. 2Mp depth sensor and 2mb macro lens parasite on the main camera, especially the bokeh effect. Very convincing no highlight was not taken on a mid range phone, although color could be better now. In contrast, smooth very similar to my very dark places, white balance, iso shutter speed just not very advanced ultra steady mode, something that is usually found from the operino series for only 15 999 pesos. It is a very decent gaming phone, a very decent camera phone im. Pretty sure this is going to be a great phone to buy for christmas, hinting in the game and the best question, always indian specs, but its software, no its reliable, initially applications.

It has the latest color os 11.1 android 11. update updates, which you dont find on other phones under 10k 20k. And if you want to see that video by subscribe below, hit the bell icon so that you dont miss any of my great content.