How are you, I hope you will always be given smooth healthy sustenance, always and always protected by the almighty God amen. Now Im still here, who will continue to provide reviews of the best items at affordable, prices., Okay, friends. Everyone here I have a holder which I Think is really good, even though the material is plastic, its really sturdy.. That means, for example, if we use this on a cellphone here, then, for example, if you have a cellphone that is thick and wide, for example, the Sony XZ2 Premium, which Ive reviewed before., You can really use this right. Moreover, we know that the back of the Sony is a bit convex so its hard to fit, and it really fits because here you can see that the back is locked very tightly and here for the backrest., the cell phone really soft. So do not worry if your phone eg blister y, The red red part, is different from the plastic. If the plastic is hard Im afraid the red red beret is a bit like rubber, so it really protects your cellphone that you want to put in the holder.. Apart from that here, we can see the right and left its a grip. Yes, you can we use for who do not have a tripod it, for example, or for outdoor activities. Here really can make stabilization. So the video you it will not shake Yes, be. Yes, passable safe from shocks so be able to present the effects of smooth look at the video presenting smooth in the video.

At the same time continue. We could also, for example, be set vertically like this or megangnya like this. According to the needs of, you wrote gitulah, yes well, my friends here were full really, yes, we could see if, for example, there are three slots. Yes, here there are 123, we can incorporate three additional items that let you insert an additional GoPro camera mic or lighting. Yes, there is also a port here. Yes, here there are 4 ports, 2 ports above yes, us beside it. There is also one below it. There is also one so here, if its like me, you can insert it into a tripod. So, for example, if, for example, here you can use it like before using a vertical model, for example, if you want to insert a mic here, you can also ask thank you for an example friend friends. Here I had the lighting guys staying enter just because weve lighting was usually right, weve already eh, underneath it I already automatically. So you know shaped box. So now you can enter the mic shape like this key aja here and already locked up neatly like so So. If, For example, if you want to take it everywhere, its really lazy bring a tripod to just take videos outdoors, you just fold it neatly inside its wrapped in a bag. You can just raft it when you get to the location, its really simple right. You can add 1 more item here.

. You can also do vertical mode like before, and you can insert a tripod so lets try to insert it into the cellphone.. Well, here lets open. It first friends make sure its really loose. Then we pull it. We pull it. According to the size of the cellphone friends its like this, you lock it friends on the back. We turn it to the right if it really has to be strong. Here. Now lets see friends if, for example, this holder is really really good, he can firmly tie his cellphone right here.. It doesnt really fall at all. Try it Lets go back in a moment now he doesnt fall friends, so its really safe for you and you dont have to worry. If, for example, your cellphone suddenly drops, while you are shooting isnt it friends, because its really strong here happy really buy like this. You know how much you dont have its only Rp. 50000 Wow amazing. You can already enter a lot of items here. It can also be very multifunctional. You can enter cellphones one whose size is wider than this. You can also dont worry if the cellphone is scratched. You can protect it again using a softcase if you want it like that. A video from me thank you for watching this video until it runs out. Dont forget to subscribe, like and comment on this video.