So here we go Music, hello, Music, Music, so without any further ado lets open the packet Music, which is very, very, very good from their part, okay materials that is very Music. Music. Music, Music is basically charge your phone Music Music, so this is supposed to be technos entrance, music, Music, Music, Music, 192 grams Music Music, which is also in the same range of other phones, Music, Music. Again, its a common feature of all the phones nowadays, its very very uh comfortable, i think its very comfortable. You get a manufacturer Music, 6.6 inches Music, 16.76 Music as a it will be very fantastic experience for you. As far as the display is concerned – Music, your brand Music, Music, 2.3 gigahertz Music Music, which is also expandable with micro sd card to 500 and 12 gb. So let me tell you also that this is a single camera setup on the rear. We have a 50 megapixel ultra clear Music is technology. 8 megapixel is phone casa for your amazing selfies and just standard. In fact, 8 megapixel is amazing. If you really want to use this phone again moving forward, which is amazing or its. My other standard feature says: do normal standard features just like in digital Music, Music, Music, Music? You know it has a it has a dts, sound features or bucky way, scene, just a headphone, jack, headphone, jack and im sure under opposite equalizers or sorry features Music, but the most important part is the price and the cost.

So your phone after wholesale for just 89999, yes techno, spot 80 – comes with just a price of 8999 and you can get this from amazon. Amazon will launch water 15 december swap amazon is for auto Music techno bowler that this phone is very, very good for people who love gaming. You know who loves gaming watching movies online streaming online. Skip pixel discover its perfect for this screen visible its perfect for this price range. I hope you like the video um Music will be very, very happy to do that ill, see you again.