Everybody seems to be doing it. You know its its great. It allows people to get in touch with a community, allow them to explain their their thoughts and all that. But when it comes to vlogging gear it can get very pricey. You know. If you want the right, tripods, the right lights, microphones, stabilizers stabilizers can cost you a fortune if youre going to be buying them directly for like an slr dslr mirrorless camera um. But i found this one the other day, and now this one is called smooth x and this one is actually incredible and its on a budget, so Music. So – and here we are, this – is vip scdkey. This is the place im going to show you where you can wear a windows 10 pro oem key for next to nothing. So what we need to do is go up to search and type in windows. 10 click on enter and well be able to see it. There so thats microsoft windows, 10 pro oem key global, its the global one. We need so, as we can see, ive converted the great british pounds just for myself, because im here in the uk so as we see its currently a 14 pound of 48 pence, its already been re reduced from ‘ pounds and 43 pen, so youre already getting A massive saving if we go down the click on buy now and then what we need to do is go to the promotion code.

Now, if you type in the promotion code skjt on the screen right there, there we go. Youve just got yourself a massive. Even further discount, which has reduced it down to 10 pound 14. ive, just saved myself 4.34. It doesnt seem like a lot to start, but if you think about it, you go to microsoft website and you spend 150 250 pounds on an oam key youve. Just wasted yourself a lot of money. There pick your payment option. Mine is paypal and ill be back in a second. So there you go. I have made my order. Your orders be created successfully and ill jump back to the command center in about five seconds, and there we go. There is my order, as we can see, purchased on december, the 3rd 2021, so you know ive purchased it just to show you guys how easy that was. Remember skjt when i click this youll get two numbers. The bottom left. One will be your order number and the middle one directly under will be the windows. Key mines going to be blurred out. Yours wont be so im going to click on get the key, and there we go. As i said, youve got. Your old number youve got your windows number and then you have obviously the timing that you purchased your item. Dont worry mines, blurred out yours wont be so what we need to do from here is actually go through the process of activating this.

So im going to highlight my code and im going to click on copy top left hand, corner im going to click on activation, so activation settings and then what its going to do is tell us where to go from here. So it says: change product, key im going to click on change and then in this box were going to copy were going to paste the code we have just copied so control and v theres my code. There were going to click on next window, actually going to check to make sure this is a verified key as soon as its done now. We can go ahead and convert it so, as we can see already now, so it says by activating windows. So you get the best experience free from interruptions, so its actually check the product key to make sure its genuine as it is from here. All you need to do is click on activate, so click on activate just like office 2021. So, as we can see, we have we have office 2021, professional plus cd key global here right now, as we can see currently its at 47 pound and 29 pence. So if we go over to buy now, what were gon na do is you know whats coming skjt, so from here im going to type in skjt and there we go youve just saved yourself, another 14 pounds and 19 pence on this, so its currently down to 33 pounds and 10 pence, but yes, vip, do supply those amazing keys, but they also do so so much more as we can see in the top panel, we do have our steam games.

We have orange and games as well, which is also incredible with a lot more other things going for it. We have you player, playstation, pc and also gift cards. Now you cant get gift cards here that are already out of re reduced price compared to what you would pay for either in store or online as well, so thats also a great thing. Vip scdkey do offer. So if you head down the links in description, all the links will be there, so you can go check them out for yourself and just remember if you are building that amazing new pc this year, please head over the links in description and get yourself a windows. 10, pro oem key for next to nothing so ive wanted to take a look at one of these for a long time, but nine times out of ten, i refuse to pay the price for what something like this can cost. So what i decided to do was have a look at amazon. Obviously, black friday sales came in very handy, and i found this. This is the smooth x and this is obviously a stabilizing gimbal for your smartphone. So lets take a look. Ive already had this open ive already played around with a bit because i was excited so lets. Take a look. So first of all were greeted with the stabilizer im just going to pop that one side, so we can actually have a look at the other accessories that came in this box.

Have a look at the accessories, its probably just going to be a charging cable or something like that, which i believe so yeah all we get. Is we get a? We have oh usb type c, a usb type c charger cable, which is nice to see uh. We do have a little card here. This is a little service card, so if you have any issues and then we also have quite an extensive user money which i will not be reading so then we have this stabilizer. So i have to admit, first of all, looks really really good, so im not going to tell you how much i paid for this. But if you head down the links in the description, youll be able to find out and youll be as gobsmacked as much as i am, but it really is nice, so ive got to unlock it first, which im going to click it that way, rotate it over And then ill lock that back in im gon na peel, some of the stickers off that are on the side, get them stickers off, and this is pretty much what were doing. But if i rotate that it extends now that that alone is actually pretty cool. So that already is, is up there, so im going to put that back down now and then im going to lock it back so as you can see its pretty cool. So what were going to do is have a look at the front, so we have a mode which i believe is for a mode record, and then we also have the movement.

This is going to allow us to actually move the joystick when its actually in motion, and then we have the wt. So i believe this is for zooming zooming in and out so on this side of the arm. We do have the type c charger im really glad this is actually charged by type c. I didnt expect that and then, on the other side, we do have the on off switch as well as four led indicators telling us what were charged at on the bottom. Here we do have a screw thread. Some of these do come with um what theyre called uh smaller tripods, which quite nice i didnt get one. I probably will order one if this is as good as i believe its gon na be and then on the top. Here we have the mount for the actual phone. Now this is thick with rubber. I have to admit it does actually have quite a large amount of uh gap, so its gon na fit pretty much all phones, so im gon na quickly grab my phone and there is an app to download for this, which, which is called z wine cami, which Actually comes up like this, so im going to put that there im going to put turn my bluetooth on and then what im actually going to do is turn this on. So, if i click the on off button, there we go. I believe this is turned on.

I think its turned on. We shall check in a second im gon na pop. My phone in here. I think the first thing it tells you to do is get your phone set up in the center. So the easiest way to do that is lock this and then try and swivel it all the way around. So just like that, as you can see its not hitting anything so im just going to get that locked in there and then and then i believe so a little bit so im going to go to camera mode, im going to click on connect and then hopefully It should start connecting give it a minute. Oh there we go, we are connected and im going to click on shoot. So what were going to do is im going to turn this to unlock it and there we go. So i need to change the camera angle. For this, because this is going to be interesting – actually no im going to record on my phone so so currently recording pretty much whats going on in the room right now, im im currently recording so cameras up there ive got everything set up everythings a little bit Messy because im trying to organize all my products, but that is pretty cool, so i have it on the extension bar so im holding it like that and its just like whoa, so im moving this around and it is very stable. So if i want it vertical click, it twice and it goes vertical.

If i want to go back landscape click it again, but then if i want to keep my hand in a certain position like say that – and i want to move it around so i can do and then just click the m. It goes back and then i can just pretty much show you guys whats going on so the brand new desk, the video that we did the other day we got on the desk, which is absolutely incredible, and i have to admit this really is cool and then The brand new microphone as well the blue yeti microphone, which we are going to be doing a video about very soon just im. Currently using it. I have to admit its incredible: oh yeah theres the new dslr camera. There we go. I think ive got it sorted now, so ive kind of got it targeted towards my face. So i can tap ill sit down, so ive got it kind of targeted towards my face, but the good thing is, as i move the gimbal that is pretty steady and then i have the gimbal in my thumb as well, so i could actually rotate this from Wherever i want so say, if its something a little bit different or if i need a different angle, thats pretty cool, actually im pretty happy with that. I got ta admit when you actually go down and check the links in the description for how much this actually cost.

You can be pretty surprised so, like i said it does extend as well, and then i can just turn that towards me there so its even further away. We can see the awesome pc going on there, the peak up and the water bottle, video that i did on that longer and then i can just turn this towards me. Thats really cool. I have to admit that is really cool, so if i click m, so if i do move it, so if i move it over there then click. The m button automatically comes back to me, which is pretty cool, and then i have a record button as well, or i have my zoom button. So my zoom button, one works obviously im on front facing camera, but that is pretty cool. So if i go back to my other camera, oh sorry about that guys, i got a little bit distracted trying to play with it on my phone. It really is. It really is basic, but it really is cool as well like i said it does extend out when it does extend. You have full uh tilt, oh wrong way. You do have full tilt on it as well. So youre, not gon na, have to worry about that. Its gon na be stable in your hand, it responds to your phone and its just incredible. It really is simply turn it on and off as well just by holding the on off button, and then it turns off, and then you can lock it in.

That turns down, and that goes to unlock nope – does that go to lock yeah that goes to lock and there you go thats all nice pack of the way, and it really is a cool piece of tech. I have to admit so definitely thank you very much for smovex uh for making this. It really is incredible and i have to admit great product if youre a vlogger or anything like even a youtuber and youre looking for something to review. I definitely recommend this. If you head down the links in the description, youll see what i mean by the price was incredible: now, surely it cant just be me that thought that was incredible now, if you go down the links in description, therell be a link there, where you can find This so you can go check it out. I got this on amazon, where you go check it out and actually see what i paid for it, and youll actually realize that its incredible you know: ive ive ive got stabilizers for my camera and that cost me three. Four five hundred pounds – and when i came across this, especially when it comes to using it with a smartphone, was absolutely incredible. It really is amazing, like i didnt expect it to be charging by usb type c. I didnt expect it to be the connect to the app like. I showed you on my phone that easily and it really is smooth and its simple and its easy and it locks down into a very small compact place.

So you can just put this in your bag: youre ready to go it doesnt, take up a massive amount of space. You can still connect different tripods to it. I believe they come in a few different versions where you can get the tripod already bought with it, or you can obviously already use your own, but i definitely recommend if this is something youre looking for when it comes to either vlogging or just simply, you know, Go live on tick, tock or whatever. I definitely do recommend going to grab one because they are incredible and it looks really nice as well. You expect to spend you know such little money on something where theres going to be flaws, theres going to be issues, but it is actually incredible. So im glad i actually got this if you want to go check this out. Links are in the description so where you can actually get these from, but in the end of the day. Thank you very much for todays sponsor, which was vip scdkey, like i said, right to start the video regarding them all their links are also in the description. So head down there make sure you get there before christmas and you can get some amazing deals on some windows. 10 pro oem keys, but in the end there dont forget the like, subscribe and hit notification bell. So you dont miss on any of my further videos.