. Since then, a lot of situations and developments have occurred. Regarding the manufacturer huawei. Today we are going to look into the product and then talk about the pros. The cons and the conclusion. In that order, hi this is hongwan from south korea. Thank you very much for watching the video. It will be super awesome if you could maybe push that like button or dislike button down below. You can also share your thoughts through the comment section below or maybe subscribe to my channel okay lets get down to business. This has two cameras at the back and one camera at the front. At the back, we have a 16 megapixel camera and a 2 megapixel depth camera on the front. We have a 8 megapixel sensor camera the battery capacity is 3340 milliampere and the screen size is about 6 inches. The smartphone is currently running on the android operating system. 8.0 oreo, which we are going to talk about more later in the video with that being said, lets talk about the pros pro number one, the price ill say this was the biggest reason why i bought this. In early 2018., the price was 200 us dollars. 200 u.s dollars for a decently quick smartphone. It seemed like a pretty good deal at the time, especially considering the tax regulations in korea, because this was under or equal to 200 u.s dollars and it was shipped from the united states. The 10 sales tax was exempt based on the united states and korea.

Free trade agreement also known as the fda pro number two, the headphone jack. This might be dependent on your personal preference but um. I listen to podcast or music frequently and my personal opinion is that having a headphone jack is so much better than not having one. If you are an avid listener like me, because by using the 3.5 millimeter wired headphones, i dont have to spend time charging and maintaining two extra devices in my projection. The wireless headphones and the charging case. Yeah i mean the wireless headphones, do look cool and i own a set as well. They are convenient because you are not going to have wires all tangled up, but traditional wired headphones do have their own advantages. Pro number three: the expandable storage slot, a lot of android smartphone manufacturers started to follow what apple has been doing for a long time, which is making money by selling storage space. Its just unfortunate and sad to see many flagship. Smartphone manufacturers nowadays seem like they have successfully removed a feature a little by little to make more money at the cost of customers, money and convenience. There is a saying in korea which goes it means give a disease and then give the medicine in another word, create a problem and then sell a solution. First, they removed the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack so that they can make extra money by selling wireless bluetooth earphones. Second, they remove the micro sd card slot for expandable storage so that they can make more money by selling storage space and third, they remove the charger from the box, based on the reason that they care about the environment.

As i said, they would create a problem and then sell a solution, im not saying thats wrong or anything, because the primary objective of any private company is to maximize profit and satisfy its company shareholders. But as a consumer, i like the fact that this huawei honor 7x smartphone has a micro sd card slot for expandable storage. Now lets talk about cons. Before i start talking about the cons, i want to make sure to let our subscribers and viewers know that i have to follow the rules of the game here, just like anywhere else. For that reason, im going to have to avoid saying certain words out loud because the system doesnt like it. When i see those words, so please keep that in mind. Call number one: the camera taking photos with the 16 megapixel camera is not excellent, but its fair shooting a video with it might be. A different idea, though, take a look at this footage, its pretty self explanatory, its dizzy its its hard to look at also, even when the camera is stationary, the video shows some horizontal lines going from left to right. Moving downward like an old big and heavy crt tv car number, two the lag granted. This is a 200 low to mid range smartphone, but the lag is definitely there, especially when running an app that has graphics. Let me demonstrate this by using an application called iq. Iqr, which shows the air quality levels around the world, based on the united states air quality index.

Con number three: the security issue. Before i bought this item. I knew from the get go that this device might carry some security risks, but it got worse over time. As you may remember, a couple of years ago, the president of the united states has banned the sales of huawei products in the united states. On top of this, the united states federal communications, commission fcc has designated five companies, including huawei gte hikvision, as an unacceptable risk to national security on american tech. Giant google also banned huawei from using android opening system, which is the reason why this device is stuck on. Android 8.0 earlier with no software and security updates in the future, the last but not least, the brand can you tell which one is rich in this photo then? Can you tell which one is rich in this photo? Okay, finally, can you tell which one is rich in this photo? Personally, i dont like anything fake. I dont want them to represent me. I dont want to be associated with them. I dont want to go near them. I want to be associated with words, like cooperation. Teamwork and truthful speaking of the huawei brand. Do you know what the name of the company means huawei in the language is written as huawei, which best translates to protecting or defending for the people. The character hua can also be found in the term, which means people or heritage. The conclusion, the huawei honor 7x is indeed a decently equipped smartphone with a 16 megapixel main camera for just 200 us dollars.

It offers an amazing value. Overall, it has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that i like it, has a micro sd card slot for expandable storage that i like, and the camera is fair for shooting photos, however, because of the huawei brand and what it stands for im having a problem getting rid Of this device in the korean used market, i had this device listed for the past 26 days and its still not stunning, and i think the asking price is pretty fair as well considering its the korean used market 55 year starters.