But the smartphone really stands out in the race thats. What were gon na find out in todays video, hello, everyone? I am prabhjot kaur and youre watching vgr india today, im gon na give my long term review on the samsung galaxy flip 3 that ive been using this phone over a month. Now so im going to take you through what i like the most and what could have been better so without much further delay. Lets get started Music so lets first quickly talk about its look and feel well. I must say that once the phone is in your hands, it will definitely attract a lot of attention because of being the foldable smartphone whenever you are taking it out from your pocket to take the calls or check the notifications, it does really look cool to flip. The phone and flaunt it thats, one of the good point plus the size, is so add that it fits perfectly well in your pocket, small bags for women, small clutches and in your hands as well. So i have your all black color, which is good. The body is such that it will not never attract any kind of smudges or fingerprints, but if you really would like to put a cover on it well, the market is flooded with really cool covers for flip three. So before you even open, the phone youve got a small display, which is 1.9 inch panel, which shows notification time, calls messages and can also click your selfies isnt that a wow factor.

Well, the point i really liked it comes with a lot of customization features where you can, according to your convenience, can customize the display, also very quick and convenient one to use on the sides of the display. Youve got two camera lenses of 12 megapixel each well about that ill. Talk about when ill be sharing my views on the camera. So when you open the phone, you get the flexible display on the z flip, which is the start of the show developed in house by samsung. It is a 6.7 inch full hd oled panel. The company has tuned the screen for a 120 hertz of refresh rate with a peak brightness of 1200 nits. The display has hdr 10 plus support. It has a punch, hole designed to accommodate a selfie camera. Well, the crease is noticeable whenever you swipe in the middle, but it is barely a distraction. The thing which i feel could have been better was that the phone with this kind of width is small which, when, while watching a video, you stretch the frame, so it cuts the view which i feel is kind a little iffy, because the viewing angles are disturbed. I felt with some of the videos when i was going through some video streaming apps. Otherwise the hinge will not disturb you at all. Much like i said before that the colors come out really well, you will have a blast and good experience while watching videos on the phone samsung has been thoughtful with software customization too well, based on android 11, the highlight of samsungs one ui screen is the flex Mode just rest: the phone on the table with the flex mode on and you dont have to worry about anything you can make video calls do conferences, just work on the phone like that, so its kind of cool yet convenient, while the flip 3 is more about The style samsung hasnt compromised on performance, the south korean brand, has gone with the qualcomms snapdragon 888 chipset.

It goes without saying that the phone handles any game you throw at it at the highest settings possible. Well, i said the key highlight of samsungs one ui skin is actually the flex mode flex mode kicks in when the device is half open, like a laptop, for example, if you open the camera in the flex mode, the live frame moves to the top half of The screen and camera settings slide down to bottom half. It is a very neat feature, but currently only a handful apps support this mod samsung software team is actually working towards making more apps compatible over the time. While talking with the camera, the galaxy z, flip 3 comes with a dual camera setup, one lens of 12 megapixel, which is a standard and another one, is also 12 megapixel with wide lens, owing to its unique form factor. The flip 3 opens up many possibilities in terms of photography for starters, in the partially open position, the bottom half of the phone works like a tiny tripod. It is perfect for capturing time lapse. Videos you can just place it on a table. Do your video calls or video conferencing, so this flex mode kind of things comes very handy like, for instance, i could actually shoot some after placing it on the back of the steering wheel of my car and talk. While talking about the picture quality, the lenses work really well during the daylight, the pictures do come out crisp and sharp, and the quality is really good of the picture.

Samsungs latest phone also offers an interesting twist on selfies, while the 10 megapixel camera that sits on the punch hole is quite good. However, if that doesnt cut it for you, the phones, external display will also help you to frame a selfie shot using the primary 12 megapixel camera. The galaxy z, flip 3 can actually record 4k videos at up to 60 fps. The results are great with plenty of detail. Moreover, thanks to the optical image stabilization, the videos turn out quite smooth talking about the battery. Well, the only place which i had a little problem also if there is one department where the flip 3 drops the ball, it has to be the battery life. The flip 3 is a compact device, so there is no surprise that it holds a small 3300 mah battery. Having used the device for long. I can tell that it does not last over 12 hours on a single charge, while this may not be a problem in the current work from home scenario, once the offices start, opening up youll probably have to carry a power bank along with you. I feel every time you open the flip its the battery that drops so theres a place where samsung needs to work a little well. The final verdict is the samsung galaxy. Flip 3 comes with elegance and yet a very cute, looking smartphone, with a capability of attracting a lot of eyeballs because of its flip opening style.

And it is so compact that you can easily slide into your pockets. Small bags and you are in no tension of the space well, the latest processor and the smart features are very handy and works conveniently well. Just the battery is the area which needs a little bit of improvement and talking about its price well, its the year. Ending time – and you are getting a lot of good deals on this smartphone, so if you wish to buy this cute little flip 3, then you must check out the deals and get the device for yourself so thats all in this video hope you like it. If you are, or anybody who wants to know or is interested in buying samsung galaxy z, flip 3, then you must share the link of this video thats all for now, thanks for watching dgr india.