I think it is uh and we did their little phone or smartphone a macro lens, and this was a pretty inexpensive macro lens and we were uh. Pleasantly surprised on the image quality that came out of it so well, they said they sent us another lens yeah, and this one is there a pixel extra short focus six times: monocular monocular, monocular, telescope lens two reviews: four and a half stars: uh 65 bucks u.s. So again, good deal. This is it right here, point three meters to infinity point three meters so for a little telephoto, thats, actually quite close, uh hd, excellent, color restoration, and there you go. They have it here, shes just like using it like a like a little mini telescope, so im thinking. This is something we mount on our on our on our phone and uh its this close to the action, i believe all right lets. Uh lets lets see whats in the box and uh go. Try it out: Applause, Music, all right! So weve got our phone here. Weve got the apexel uh field of view. 8.6 degrees range of focus, 0.3 meters to infinity optical magnification six times. Lens correction is 3.0 elements: seven groups multi layer, its equivalent – i guess 32 millimeters to 102 millimeters and is about 130 grams in weight. Yeah. You guys are seeing it right. There thats thats the good old box with some stuff on the side, yup yup yup and the back okay.

Curiosity, because again, oh this one comes in a little case. Oh i like that that i like yes, i do so you do get a little uh. You do get a little uh instruction manual there you go so yes, it does have a little phone mount, which is awesome and i guess you can use it as just a little little mini telescope. I guess but color looks good happy, but this is this. Is it right here check that out nice little soft case with a little carabiner? If you want to hang that on your backpack or your belt, or whatever okie dokie and inside here, is your cleaning cloth, which is nice and were taking the case off, because i always find that you want them to sit flush. So unless you have a really thin case, you probably want to be caseless. Okay, well just put that there. This is gon na go on and again this just like on their macro lens. This is like slidable, so you can unscrew this to get it. How you need it right, so this pops up and then this i believe, can slide up and down yeah its tight. You just you just kind of slide it up and down to get it over top of where your camera is so, for instance, were gon na. Go were gon na go on this one. I believe so like right. There im just trying to line it up as good as i can, and then you just kind of snug this up so that doesnt bend just tightens it.

Voila cool right, its not perfect, but its its fairly close, and then this this is the this. Is the binocular six six by twenty the little little focus on there? I guess one side would be like that point. Three and one side would be infinity. This comes off little rubber little rubber, and this comes off the one side so its hard to tell honestly like well thats just that screws back and forth. That must be like i dont even know i dont even know im taking this off. I dont know which side, which side is the side that your eyes go in, oh its, that side right there and then theres like thats, focus thats kind of cool, even if youre like, i need a little binocular that gets you close. This must be maybe its a just to make sure like its a dot, maybe its like a diopter, so that its can get focus so that you, because thats all i can think of, is it doesnt really move. I think thats more, like a like. I said like more like a diopter so that just in case your eye doesnt see properly in focus, but it seems to be like one one stop for distance now. The other thing you have to be aware, but it looks clear, ill give it that that looks clear, okay, so this this yeah, so when its in all the way that would be a diopter when its in all the way theres threading there, you guys may be Able to see the threading inside there, but theres threading and theyre starting here, so this just goes on like so just screws on the other thing.

Im going to do is ill just bring up my camera here because maybe thatll just make it easier. So first first thing to realize: im just trying to get it in its spot because of the optical stabilization. It takes a little bit of getting into and you are seeing in this spherical right. So the spherical here. So you can see there. But as i move it up, lets see here ill, just kind of maybe see if i can bring up my screen recording, so you guys can just take a look at what im seeing here and you guys should be able to see it now. I can move this there. We go just to hit focus boom right there, so theres like focus, but as far as clarity goes thats, not bad. You can get that right there. I should just shoot a little bit of video right like that and thats in that up and down mode right there. This is what youre, seeing thats actually fairly fairly sharp now heres my question: if you had this on this lens right, my three times because thats three times right there, so just so just so, you guys can see right so im going to just take a quick Video uh thats thats three times video right there, so thats on the three times on my phone, so im going to stop that actually well just keep it recording and ill put this. On top of that, once i can figure it there, we go, maybe yeah yeah! You can see how close i am now right, like thats.

How close here now trying to keep it. Steady is one thing, but it looks. It looks great now you have to realize when you come up here. Youre gon na have to use a little focus to hit focus right there right on my little okay, thats and again, clarity, not bad. If you can keep this thing manual, focused though right, but clarity is pretty decent surprisingly, and if i turn it this way right and lets go lets save my room here. Same idea lets just find that focus right now. The key here is uh, being able to like thats focus there. Youre really gon na have to have a tripod thats like super steady. So this is three times right there all right cool and if i take the lens off thats how far it normally sees with the three times, yeah thats, thats, thats, crazy, okay, uh, im gon na put it on a tripod and were gon na were gon na. Go outside and uh play around with that, just just to see what kind of image we can get so two secs well well be right back all right, so weve got the phone by itself and again, what were gon na do here is just bring up some Screen recording hopefully, and can the camera and the screen recording go at the same time, maybe so anyways, especially with video youre looking at that is kind of your standard. Well, just get you a little bit of a recording, so thats your one times and then, if you go to three times were about there now.

What i want to do is angle. This up, i got the other lens, in my hand, were going to angle this up, so that i can see that little bird house right there kind of put in a center of screen, okay, so thats as close as im getting to it right close as im. Getting to that little bird house right there, okay, so well, stop that and my lenses are over there and were on the three times again. Let me just see if i can get this on here, probably all right, so there we go, we got, we got the birdhouse lets, bring it up a little higher. Now again, you got ta remember this is not gon na, be the best piece of glass ever, but let it unshake and there you go. Look at that thats all right right and you have to play around with the focus of course, because you know it is manual but thats. I think thats, okay, well considering what it was you know, especially if youre using it like they say, almost like a set of binoculars monoculars. This get you nice and close to something like that: okay, thats cool, so we got nice focus now. The thing is, it also says that it can do close focus so lets lets bring this down here and first off well angle: it down at uh that yeah theres that wood with that garbage bag so well just kind of get it there same idea, figure out Our focus right kind of right there were close now its not going to be perfectly sharp, because you know for one its hard to hit focus.

I think well try to get the lens to help, but thats were getting. It were getting focused, okay, thats, not bad and then well come down even closer, so 0.3 meters im trying to figure out where 0.3 meters is uh lets lets come down here at this piece. This little bit of snow im thinking were getting close. Im thinking were getting close, oh we got to be like there. You go so thats thats, not thats, not too bad. I think, and your depth of field really is just so tiny and youre trying to make like minute. You know changes just to see if you can get it so thats. I think thats about as close as im getting, but you guys can see the distance there that im hitting focus so its kind of within that distance and further so im im shooting. I think that piece of snow like right there that one right there yeah thats, okay, thats, all right, you know and if i were to turn this around just to come this way. Okay, same idea lets just find theres that tree and what you kind of want to do is just kind of get focused there, so you can kind of figure out at least where you are so, where is that tree branch right there so well follow that up Kind of in this area – and you can just get really – you can get just kind of kind of neat shots kind of.

Has that just look to it there you go thats, not too bad. They just really have to be completely like static right. You cant be moving this around by any means, but thats im. Okay with that that looks lovely, especially if you get it a little bit further away where you dont necessarily see the flaws. Yeah thats, okay, cool im gon na just take a photo here, just to see same idea, and you really want to come into using it inside that three times, because when youre in the single you can kind of see what youre, what youre getting here right. Youre getting this kind of stuff, but come on hit your focus. You can do it there. Okay lets come down the side of the car, get that back tire there right just be like lets, focus in on the tire there we go somewhere in that range. You actually do get a really nice kind of depth of field on it because of that all right. Yeah lets go inside. Oh okay, uh, im, gon na, say im gon na, say thats, actually pretty impressive. Now, just like any of these lenses uh, not just these lenses. Any of these, you know smartphone accessory lenses, lenses that you can kind of add to it. When you go into the extremes like this one, for instance, or the macros, or anything like that, they are theyre specialty lenses without question right. These are lenses for very, very specific purposes, and i think this is actually really is a great way to get into it, because weve done some testing on.

You know cheap macro, smartphone lenses, weve done some on some cheap uh telephoto lenses and simply put there theyre cheap right. You can tell the optics arent great um, theres a lot of uh vignetting and a lot of color fringing and a lot of all kinds of stuff um and, if youre looking at something for a specialty just to see if its of interest, you know you want To at least have a certain level of quality, or else youre going to look at it and be like no, i dont know i dont want to do this, because the image is absolutely garbage, but i dont think youre going to get that with this now realize This is a manual lens uh. It has to be on a tripod like so, and you want it to be steady, because whenever youre zoomed in at that kind of zoom, any any kind of vibration or movement is going to be magnified a great way to get into it. If youre, unsure or if youre like itd, be cool to have one of these lenses. For that odd time that i just want that that extra reach and it could be because youre taking a photo or a video or it could be just because you want to use it as a little like monocular monocular binocular. I guess its monocular right because it works doing that too, its its actually quite cool um. 60. 65 bucks. I think it is for this yeah decent im, okay with it for sure all right, guys, uh links down below to this if youre interested, uh and and thats it for me today, um not very many videos left for this year.

No, no! No! No! No! Not at all all right, my friends, links down below like comment, share, subscribe, hit the little notification bell and well see you fine folks.