We go on the soon on the patina holder, vivo v23 series from the patina launch panel. So next year, fifth of january, on the verna vivo v23 series on the launch panel. So in the vivo v23 series, vivo v23 and v23, pro random models, plus in the v23 series, 23, so another color changing design on the contour so already on the number one plus pro in the color. Changing designer overlook in the hands on videos is a lot of the particular yeah, so the color changing on the pattern. So we will say the first time on the india first color changing smartphone on the foreign two hundred processor on the container and rendered the smartphone name on the ufs 3.1 type storage variant further and lp ddr4x standard ram on the condor, so 8gb ram and 12gb Ram and 120 gb 250 gb in the most storage 4200 image of battery with the 44 watts of fast charging support. Okay and the vivo s12 pro 4300 mh battery and same 44, watts of fast charging support on the condor and overall smartphone specs and design ways. Like 7.36 mm of a thickness and 171 grams of overall weight or and we go s2, less 7.